Vertical Forest

Of updates and other such madness

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

By popular demand, I shall now proceed to update this blog. The bigger question is, with what…

Well, first off a few weeks ago I finally release a (mostly) complete version of Flowpad, the tournament registration software I’d been working on since spring. That was a big relief, as I was beginning to think I’d never finish it. That isn’t to say it really is “finished”, metaphorically speaking, but its worked fine for about 6 tournaments so far 😛

As for Christmas, I received a black iPod nano from my parents, along with a ton of stuff for my car from my aunts and uncles (jumper cables, antifreeze, fix-a-flat, snowmelter, emergency oil, a tire pressure guage, emergency blanket… you name it, I got it).

There hasn’t been much else going on, aside from being lazy and playing battlefield 2142 for about 4 hours today (which I gave to patrick for christmas) 😀

Well, this has officially been the most boring post I have ever written, I just don’t feel terribly humorous at the moment 😛