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Blocking Facebook Ads

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

**I apologize on my silence for a long time, but I am no longer maintaining this script. Facebook has made changes to their page layouts to make it virtually impossible to block ads using only CSS, so the method employed here no longer works. I would recommend using a general ad blocking extension instead.**

**Updated:** Now blocks the social ads which show up in the news feed as well.

**Updated x2:** Updated for the new Facebook, and now blocks the sponsor ads on the homepage as well.

**Updated x3:** Blocks new sponsor ads in the sidebar.

I just received a request from a friend on Facebook to join a group petitioning that the stupid x-rated ads it shows be removed. Nice as it would be if Facebook would do this, realistically, I highly doubt they ever will. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you still have to look at them.

A few months ago I became so fed up with these ads, that I wrote some CSS rules that will work in any browser to block these ads. If you don’t know what CSS is, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, just follow the steps below and the Facebook ads will be banished forever.

Note: These steps are only necessary if you are using a browser other than Firefox. If you are using Firefox, simply install [Adblock Plus]( and you’re done. For those using Internet Explorer or Safari, read on.

1. Open a new text file in Notepad, Texmate, or a similar program and past the following line into it:

`#ssponsor, .footer_ad, .banner_ad, .social_ad, .ad_capsule, .sidebar_ads, .adcolumn, .admarket_ad, .sidebar_item.sponsor, .emu_sponsor, .home_sponsor, .UIHomeBox_Sponsored { display: none !important; }`

2. Save the file to your user directory or My Documents folder, and call it ‘usercontent.css’.

**Note:** If you are using TextEdit on a Mac, you will need to go to the Format menu and click “Make Plain Text” before you save the file. Otherwise, you will not be able to save it as a .css file.

3. Depending on what browser you are using, this step will vary.

**For Internet Explorer users:**
Go to Tools->Internet Options, the click on Accessibility down at the bottom right. Then under User Stylesheet check the box ‘Format documents using my stylesheet’, and then click browse. Locate and select the ‘usercontent.css’ file you saved earlier. Hit Open, then Ok, and Ok again, and you’re done. Once you reload Facebook, the ads should be gone.


**For Safari users:**
Go to Safari->Preferences->Advanced, and select ‘Other’ from the Stylesheet dropdown near the bottom. Browse to where you saved the ‘usercontent.css’ file, select it, click Choose, and you’re done. Once you reload Facebook, the ads should be gone.


Enjoy an ad-less Facebook!

I hate politics

Monday, February 4th, 2008

plural noun
from the greek “poly”, meaning many, and “ticks”, meaning blood sucking insects.

I know this saying is overused (at least by me), but I still love it.

Tomorrow is the so called “Super Tuesday”, when who knows how many states hold their presidential primaries, including Colorado. And guess who is 18 in time to vote in the caucus? Yes, yours truly. And guess who has no clue which candidate to vote for? Yes, yours truly again.

Its not as if I can’t agree with any of the republican candidates, its more that I agree partially with some, and partially with others, but not entirely with any of them.

**Mike Huckabee**: Appears to be a very committed christian with whom I have a lot in common with morally, but not so much fiscally. He’s a nice guy, but not really very conservative in the classical meaning of the word, particularly in the area of [taxes and big government]( I can’t help but think he would be just another Bush, which I don’t want. He also believes in global warming and ethanol.

**Ron Paul**: About as radical as I would be if I was elected president, (ie: abolish everything), but without much of a chance of winning, and somewhat lacking in certain moral issues, that is if you believe in constitutionally banning gay marriage and abortion. I am also highly uncertain about his position on the war. If he was leading the poles, I’d vote for him in a second, but I’m not sure if giving him a “protest vote” is really going to accomplish anything.

**Mitt Romney**: Ok morally, although I’m a bit dubious of his pro-life stance because of his recent switch. Not what I would call a conservative fiscally, due to RomneyCare and support for agricultural subsidies. He apparently supports the “assault weapons ban” as well, which in my mind classifies him as a bit of a gunaphobe (as if a flash suppressor and a pistol grip really makes a gun any more capable of killing people). The more I read about him, the less I like.

**McCain**: Oh boy, lets not get into him, NO! Ok, I guess I should say something about him, but where to start? He support embryonic stem cell research, is against a federal ban on abortion or gay marriage, somewhat supports “hate” crimes and affirmative action, believes in global warming, and is, shall we say, extremely militant in the opinion of someone who just got their selective service papers a few months ago. I’d agree with him on education, gun rights, unions, and ethanol being stupid, but that’s about it.

So the choice for me is between a fiscally liberal, hopefully christian Huckabee, and the extremely conservative, yet most likely unelectable Ron Paul. Dang it, why isn’t George Washington running?