Vertical Forest


Saturday, June 21st, 2008

I suppose it really is time I posted something to this blog, just to make sure everyone knows I haven’t spontaneously combusted or anything…

Two weeks ago I was gone for a week up at our church camp, Camp Elim for a Servant Leader Training week, which is essentially a work/prep week for volunteering as staff there during the summer. Everyone split up into teams for the week and rotated through various jobs at the camp (maintenance, kitchen, dining room, cleaning, etc.) along with learning how to run the various activities the campers can participate in (obstacle course, canoeing, archery…). I’ve worked as staff there for two years, and I went to most of the training week last year, so not much of it was new to me, but I still had a blast making friends, working, and hanging out.

The next week I went to the CHEC conference on Wednesday and Thursday to help set up and make sure registration was working fine, which it did, causing me to rapidly become very bored. So I left Thursday evening 😀 (and then got food poisoning Friday from the food they gave to volunteers, but lets not get into that)

The past week and next week I’m not really doing anything besides trying to finish up the last bit of school and work on some software projects. The week after next week (the 29th) I’ll be heading up to Summit (a kind of worldview/leadership/college prep camp) for a two week session. After that I’ll be working as a counselor at Camp Elim for a week, then going on a week long backpacking trip with them up around Leadville, followed by another week of either counseling or maintenance at camp. Then our family is leaving on vacation up to Oregon to see some of my mom’s old friends, and once we get back I have about two days before heading up to new student orientation at the Colorado School of Mines, and then class starts.

Basically, starting in two weeks I’ll be gone solid the entire summer until I start college. So I suppose you could say I’ll be pretty busy 😛

If you’re be willing, I’d be very grateful if you would pray that I wouldn’t get sick or completely exhausted, as my downtime is virtually nil 😀

So that’s my summer, what does yours look like?