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Turning Off Rounded Image Corners on the new Facebook

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

In keeping with my common theme of modifying Facebook with custom CSS rules, this post will explain how to turn off the rounded corners on images which have suddenly appeared all over Facebook with the new homepage design.

For the majority of the procedure, see the post Blocking Facebook Ads. The only thing that will differ in blocking the corners is to add this line to the userContent.css file:

`.UIRoundedImage_Corners { display: none !important; }`

If you prefer not to block the ads on Facebook, you can leave out what the other post says to place in the userContent.css file. Once you tell your browser to use this file as explained in the Blocking Facebook Ads post and restart your browser, the rounded corners on profile pictures and such will be banished forever.

Firefox users: Firefox works rather differently than Safari and Internet Explorer when creating a usercontent.css file. You must first locate your profiles folder using information from this article. Then open the “chrome” folder, and create a file called “userContent.css” (capitalization is important). Edit this file and add the line above, then save it and restart Firefox.