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YouTube5 Version 2.2.6

Monday, August 8th, 2011

I apologize to everyone for the recent delay on updating YouTube5 after changes made by YouTube broke it last Wednesday. I learned of the issue late Wednesday night, but was unable to fix it before I left Thursday to be out of town for several days without a computer. I’m back now however, and thanks to a fix submitted by vinnyrose, YouTube5 is fully functional again! Please let me know if there are any issues with the new version.

Update: It looks like I spoke too soon. The original fix broke support for embedded videos; I have now released version 2.2.7 which should get everything working again.

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  1. Where can it be found? the “update” in Safari doesn’t show anything new, and the link on your own website is still the old one.
    Tried checking github, but afaik there’s no new downloadable package either?

  2. Oh, I’m stupid. Just found out the UI doesn’t update properly. Showed 2.2.5 and not .6 but when I switched to a different extension pref screen and back, 2.2.6 was shown.. restarted Safari to be sure and: yup, works again!

  3. Thanks for the update. works fine but it doesn’t seem to work on embedded clips elsewhere.

  4. Thanks Connor!

  5. Many thanks for the fix

  6. Thanks for the fix, and thanks for revealing just how much I miss your software when it is gone! I’m glad I donated!

  7. Thank you for this update, really appreciated!

  8. Thanks for update the best extension in the world!!!

  9. “Thanks for the fix, and thanks for revealing just how much I miss your software when it is gone!” …it’s that simple, we totally need this. THANK YOU

  10. The Vimeo implementation seems to be broke. If I turn off Vimeo option the flash player will show on Vimeo but if I Enable for Vimeo videos I get a black screen in the video area on Vimeo and no controls.

  11. Woo hoo! I found a YouTube downloader that works in Safari 5.1 on Lion! Finally! After trying like 5 others. For real.

  12. There seems to be an incompatibility with the “FastestTube (by Kwizzu)” extension, which is a YouTube downloader. In order to see the download menu that FastestTube provides, I must temporarily disable the YouTube5 extension. Not a big deal, and probably not tops on the developer’s to-do list, but thought I should mention it.

  13. When YouTube5 is enabled for YouTube videos, embedded YouTube videos on play audio only with a blank, white screen, and if you minimize the embedded video (that is only playing audio), it keeps playing when it should automatically stop.

    This is using 2.2.7 in Safari 5.0.6

  14. I downloaded YouTube5. How can I tell if it is installed?

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