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YouTube5 Version 2.5 – Keyboard Controls

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Its finally here, the most requested feature for YouTube5: keyboard controls. Its taken me a long time to get around to implementing these correctly, but its done now.

The available controls are:

Space: Play/Pause
Left arrow: Back 5 seconds
Right arrow: Forward 5 seconds
F: Fullscreen
P: Popout

Also included in this update is a rewrite of the fullscreen interface. YouTube5 no longer uses the Apple provided full screen controls, which allows it to look much nicer and function more reliably. And yes, keyboard controls work in fullscreen mode too. Enjoy the update!

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this update. I was waiting for this for a while.

    For some reason on embedded videos in FB “F” and “P” shortcuts are not working, while others do.

  2. Awesome update!!!!

  3. Thanks a lot but now the mouse cursor won’t disappear in full screen. This might seem minor but could you fix that please?

  4. This is an amazing update Vimeo it

  5. awesome!

  6. Great update, but there are some videos which won’t go fullscreen (eg. videos in Facebook Pages, reddit videos viewed with RES, etc.). Could you please take a look into that?

    This is the best extension all the same!

  7. Also, I don’t know when this got integrated, but the t=1m9s timer works now as it should!

  8. Sorry, some additional info to my 1st post …. Even buttons not only hotkeys are not working on embedded players in FB.

    Also if possible I would like to ask whether any support for dailymotion is in plans?

  9. if you make download the video will be even better

  10. Thanks!!! I recommend YouTube5 to all my family and friends! :D

  11. The normal keyboard shortcut I use to go back to the previous page or video doesn’t function. I am on a mac, and the shortcut is command and left arrow. All it does is rewind the video when I press the left (back) arrow, whether I press command or not……..I really like the youtube5, but I also really need my go back keyboard shortcut. Thanks.

  12. This extension caused a kernel panic. I can’t use it anymore.

  13. YouTube broke it today/yesterday.

    The video starts playing in the extension and then I say “you need to install flash” : Stupid google

  14. Just a quick comment to inform you that it looks like youtube broke youtube5 again :(

  15. I can confirm that I get the same behavior as Chris and Luca above.

  16. It will still download mp4 files, but movies will only play for the first minute, no matter how long the movie. I love the YouTube5 Safari extension and use it all the time!

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