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YouTube5 v2.6.2

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Its taken over a month for me to finally find time to fix YouTube5, during which I have had time to fully remember why I hate the default player. But, as of now, it is fully working again! You can now watch Vevo videos and all YouTube videos without flash even installed. Most people have probably stopped using this plugin in the meantime, but hopefully many of you will reactivate it and continue using it.

For future reference, if you would like to receive notifications when YouTube5 is updated, follow me on Twitter @verticalforest.

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  1. Hey,
    thanks for updating Youtube5. I’ve used the Flash Player since Youtube5 had stopped working

  2. THANKS a bunch Connor for your excellent product and fast-enough maintenance of it.

    GOOG and the $1B they net every month can go suck it.

  3. Hell yes! Thanks so much! A month isn’t really that long, it’s awesome that you are still paying attention to this!

    Was the break all due to Google or was it something else? It kills me that some companies are still forcing Flash down our throats for no reason at all besides advertising (Google, Facebook sorta, Pandora, etc. etc.)!

  4. Yes, Google finally enabled flash detection on their site (I have no idea why it took so long), and they changed the way videos with ads were handled.

  5. Will this youtube 5 work on my ipad 3? I have a lot of respect for guys like’s all about computers now, and we all need ya! Keep up the good work.

  6. @Melanie, no, I’m afraid it won’t work on an iPad, only desktop Safari supports extensions for now.

  7. Hello, I noticed a couple of days now (or so, I don’t recall everything I do) that the youtube5 extension wasn’t working anymore as all it does now is put itself on load after I start hitting play.
    Kind of odd, but then, it seems that the whole Youtube site has become allergic to AdBlock, so it may be a bad combination of extensions/configurations that I have.
    Has anyone happened to have the same symptoms as me?

  8. Hey SKBo, I’ve been having problems with YouTube and YouTube5 for a week or so, but I love YT5 and still feel a “they will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands” sentiment. (Is that healthy?)

    I hope we might see a resolution to the problem so I can keep avoiding using Flash.

  9. Please add popup support too! I.e. Thank you!

  10. can you make it for chrome or have it for chrome… i think is amazing,, i just to have it on safari but i dont like safari any more…. help.


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