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YouTube5 has become far more popular than I ever imagined it would! I’d like to say a general thank you to everyone who has commented to make suggestions or just express appreciation for this extension, its a great encouragement to know it has been useful to so many people. Several months ago I had hinted that I was in the process of developing a new version of this extension, and I’m excited to announce that it is finally ready! This version is an almost complete rewrite, and includes many improvements over the first, including:

  • A custom designed HTML5 player to replace the usable, but very limited built-in player.
  • Support for Vimeo and Facebook video.
  • The ability to switch video resolutions within the player, without having to access Safari’s preferences.
  • Support for downloading videos from YouTube and Facebook.
  • A fully functional volume control, rather than just a mute button.
  • Support for displaying the video’s title, author, and source, in a video overlay, along with a link back to the video’s page on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

You can see the new player in all its glory below:

And with the new overlay activated:

To download a video to your computer, right click on any of the format names and click “Download linked file”. Unfortunately, this only works on YouTube and Facebook, Vimeo is a bit smarter about blocking downloads, so you’ll simply get an “Access denied” error. This version also uses a different method for replacing flash videos with their HTML5 equivalent, which is much more reliable and also works on dynamically loaded videos, such as videos posted to a Facebook profile. The extension should update automatically to the new version. New users can download YouTube5 here.


YouTube5 will always be free, but if you would like to donate you may do so using PayPal with this link Please note that this is my personal and business PayPal account, hence the name “”.


  • 2.1.0: Added option to disable autoplay of videos on, along with a system for displaying video errors.
  • 2.1.1: Updating support for YouTube after changes to their internal URLs. Thanks to gugod for the fix!
  • 2.1.2: Fixing YouTube channel pages after URL changes. 2.2.0: Fixed Vimeo and Facebook support again, added revert to original player link, made clicking on the video play or pause, added persistent * volume level, and enabled 240p FLV option for YouTube. Note: For FLV video to work you must have Perian installed.
  • 2.2.1: Minor update to make the new “use original player” link display when an error occurs.
  • 2.2.2: Fixed Vimeo support and enabled HTTPS on YouTube.
  • 2.2.3: Fixed Facebook support, and added a hack to make videos on Facebook work even with flash uninstalled.
  • 2.2.4: Hacks to enable on Facebook and YouTube with flash disabled.
  • 2.2.5: Fixing YouTube support.
  • 2.2.6: Fixed YouTube support after their update on 8/3/2011 broke YouTube5. Thanks to vinnyrose for the fix!
  • 2.2.7: Supplemental update to fix an issue preventing embedded YouTube videos from loading. 2.3.0: Moved player out of an iFrame, which fixes issues with YouTube channel pages and several other sites. Added system to display the video title * and author before it is played.
  • 2.3.1: Minor bugfix for player size detection that affected compatibility with the YouTubeWide extension.
  • 2.3.2: Major internal refactoring, and fixing Vimeo and Facebook support.
  • 2.4.0: Added pop-out feature to allow viewing videos at a larger size.
  • 2.4.1: Fix for YouTube compatibility contributed by dlh
  • 2.4.2: Fix for YouTube compatibility.
  • 2.5.0: Added keyboard controls and new fullscreen appearance.
  • 2.5.1: Adding support for YouTube start times.
  • 2.5.2: Hiding mouse cursor whenever the controls hide (fixes fullscreen mouse cursor issues).
  • 2.5.3: Minor visual improvements.
  • 2.6.0: Adding plugin blocking functionality, improving keyboard shortcuts, and fixing Facebook support.
  • 2.6.1: Fixing issue with blocking iFrames.
  • 2.6.2: Fixing support for Vevo videos and most of YouTube.
  • 2.6.3: Fixing issue with YouTube when plugins are disabled.
  • 2.6.4: Fixing issue with duplicate audio playback on YouTube.
  • 2.6.5: Fixing clicking on suggested videos on YouTube.
  • 2.6.6: Improving compatibility with Feedly.
  • 2.6.7: Fixing support for YouTube. (there is more to this update, more on that later)


Q: What videos will work with flash completely disabled/uninstalled?

A: At present, only videos on and simple embedded videos will play if you do not have flash. This is because many websites (including Facebook) detect whether you have flash available before they even attempt to display the video. This makes it impossible for YouTube5 to intercept the video and replace it. I hope to find a solution to this issue, but for the now you will need to have flash installed for these videos to work.

Q: Why is there no 480p resolution option for YouTube?

A: The 480p resolution is encoded with flash, not H.264. For the HTML5 video player to play these videos, you would need to have a special codec installed for Quicktime.

Q: How do I download a video with this extension?

A: Right click on the name of the format you want in the info screen and click “Download linked file”. Or see this video.

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  1. Nice extension, but i have some feature idea/suggest/request etc. :) When youtube5 converts embed video, we lose ability to get URL to share and Fav. button. Is it possible to add some buttons (maybe below player?) that will allow those features to get?

  2. Love it, I had been in the HTML 5 beta, but this is much better, as I get to see all videos.
    I do have a suggestion, when you view a video, playback starts immediately, that’s sometimes quite annoying.
    Adding an option to turn off auto-play would be a fantastic addition to this already fantastic extension.

  3. Hi there!

    Very nice extension, thank you for that!
    Here 2 little questions:

    1.: Is it possible to control volume of the video with an slider, as in the Flash-version of YouTube?
    2.: Is it possible to change quality on the fly with a menu in the video-window?

    Maybe these are 2 ideas for the next version. Would be very cool if you can implement these features!

  4. First of all: thanks a lot for this great extension. It has been making my life easier and smoother for a while now :)

    Are you able to port this extension to Chrome? I can’t decide whether or not I ditch Chrome because of it’s greatest handicap: flash video…

    Thanks :)

  5. Hi, I think this is one great extension. Is it possible to build something like this to support the megavideo ? Contact me if you want some help about the possible “Megavideo5″.

  6. Rui-

    Chrome has a similar extension that is superior in some ways. Sadly, Chrome’s HTML5 player isnt that great. Anyways-You can check out the Chrome extension here:

    Would love to see YouTube5 intercept JS the way Video5 can!

  7. Any chance you could look at the scaling behavior one more time? Your most recent update fixes the full screen stretching problem, for which I am very thankful! But, when viewing a video that’s imbedded, it scales to fit the player size horizontally. This looks fine for widescreen video, but 4:3 video gets unusually tall. If you could either rework it to scale to fit vertically, that would be perfect. You’ve done a great job so far, and this is by no means a bug, just a feature preference. Oh, one last thing: I know that they’re not standard qualities, but it’d also be great if you could include the 280p and 480p qualities in the video quality setting. Thanks so much for the extension. It’s great!

  8. I have tried it, yesterday it was working now it’s not. I am on version 1.2.4 and it keeps loading, I have to disable the YouTube5 extension so I can watch the video. Please issue a fix.

  9. There’s a bug in comments…

  10. Hello, I have just learned Youtube has realeased a new player for integrated videos. Could you support this new player by replacing it with the HTML5 player (QuickTime on OS X) ?

  11. It is written here :
    Also, actual player doesn’t work anymore.

  12. The player doesn’t work anymore :(
    Can you please update it? This extension was the reason I was using Safari.
    Also, any chance of a firefox version?

  13. Will there be a fix to get this working again? This would be great!

  14. @iPotable, I hadn’t heard of this until now, I will definitely look into it.

  15. Just to update, the 1.2.5 version update address the issue. Thanks for the quick update, really love this extension :)

  16. The Update isn’t fixing the issue here? :/

  17. I really like the new design of the today (?) updated player, and it works much better and fluently. And even with more sites.

    Excellent work, thank you for that great extension!

  18. Awesome update, YouTube embeds are even awesomer now. Problem is I can’t get it to work in Facebook yet. Are you aware of any problems with Facebook?

  19. Can I please ask for two things, one is a must have.

    Please remember the volume setting, I also have youtube videos down low and with this extension it resets back to full volume for every new video I go to.

    Second is the option of whether videos autoplay or not.

    Other than that superb extension and thanks a lot for making youtube a better place.

  20. Marvelous new version! Thank you!

  21. For some reason, after installing the new version none of the youtube videos want to work. They have the nice new overlay that you’ve implemented, but the “loading” spinner just keeps going and the video never loads. The navigation bar + scrubber doesn’t even show up. The previous version was working great for me. If it matters, I don’t have flash installed at all. The only thing that is different is the new version of this extension.

  22. This is an awesome extension!

    One minor Facebook bug report: When you go to one of your photo albums on Facebook and click “Add More Photos”, Facebook uses a flash overlay element for the “Select Photos” button (to enable the user to select multiple photos in one go), the extension seams to think this element should be an html5 video and promptly tries to rewrite it when it should just let it be.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  23. Is there a way to download videos from YouTube while using this extension?

  24. awesome

  25. Hi there!
    Very nice extensions!
    Thank you so much!

    btw. create a donate button here!

  26. It turns out that another extension, Incognito, has an option to block embedded YT videos from tracking you. If that option is unchecked, the new version of your extension works correctly. I had it checked before and it worked with the old version of your extension. Hope this helps provide some direction if others encounter issues.

  27. A bug: If you have ClickToFlash and YouTube5 installed in Safari- then YouTube5 will automatically play the YouTube video whilst ClickToFlash still has the “flash” overlay covering it, you end up with multiple copies of the video playing. Is it possible for YouTube5 not to automatically play? (Autoplay is never a good thing- partially when you are in public)

  28. No full screen in Leopard (despite having QT pro). Boo!

    Other weird issues:

  29. Hey!
    Just wanted to tell you I love your extension! Great, great work, especially with version 2.
    Minor feature suggestion: When clicking anywhere in the Youtube Flash player, the video would pause / resume, and double-clicking would prompt it to go into fullscreen. If you find the time, that would be nice to have implemented, because the controls at the bottom are quite small.
    Otherwise I can’t encourage / thank you enough for your great work! You really made it possible to ditch Flash completely in Safari (with Chrome as a backup, using its own Flash plugin) – as suggested by Steven Frank

  30. Connor,
    Thanks for a useful plugin! I tried version 1, and saw that it didn’t support timecode linking:

    When I saw v2, I figured I’d give it a go, but no luck again. So now, a comment to get in touch. Is it possible to support that? Without it, using YouTube5 becomes a trade-off, instead of nothing but a gain.

    Here’s hoping!

  31. I love this plugin for Safari.

    Feature request: It would be great if would be included in the list of Flash videos to be replaced by HTML5 ones.

  32. Thanks, very nice extension!

    Is it possible you can add a button for youtube movies to expand movie Window to a what bigger size rather then switching to full screen only?

  33. Oh, one more thing I just noticed: It’s very common for YouTube videos, especially music videos, to be available in certain regions only. If it’s on the YouTube site itself, it’s not a problem, but when trying to access an embedded “forbidden” video, all YouTube5 does is show the spinner on black.

  34. An option to disable autoplay would be nice. Otherwise, a very nice extension.

  35. Nice extension – works well for me, but YouTube keeps warning me that my Flash is out of date (I don’t have it installed at all). Looks like this warning is in a div with the id “flash10-promo-div”. Maybe your extension could set this to display:none?

  36. Excellent. Thank you.

    Love the new version.

  37. Love the extension, but on full screen you cannot see the buffering progress.

  38. Can somebody point me out? I didn’t get it work but just spinning circle.
    Do I have to uninstall flash in order to make it work?

  39. I’ve tried this on vimeo and youtube — so far it’s worked on vimeo, but I can’t get it to work on any youtube video. I just get a spinning gray progress indicator. Very odd. Maybe it’s because I removed flash from my system?

  40. Thanks, great work on the update!

    I’m loving the new interface, and it’s definitely showing better/more reliably on YouTube.

    As already pointed out, the progress bar doesn’t show up in fullscreen mode.

    If you’re looking for suggestions on making the UI better, I’d suggest looking at this:

    Some of the nice things about it are:
    1. Progress bar in full screen
    2. Double click the video to fill the browser window
    3. CMD (or CTRL on Windows) double click to fill the full screen.

    Cheers again :D

  41. Thanks for the fantastic extension. Just a quick bug report– I can reliably make Safari crash with YouTube5 enabled when I visit . With YouTube5 disabled it works fine.

  42. Great job, I love this! Would be great if you somehow could check for ClickToFlash (Safari Extension), and maybe try to do your thing before ClickToFlash sees the Flash-object. I would like YouTube5 to handle all the video players it supports, and ClickToFlash to step in only when there are no HTML5 alternative available. You could say I primarily want to use ClickToFlash to block ads, and use the HTML5-player from ClickToFlash when YouTube5 is not available.

  43. Regarding my post above:

    After consulting ClickToFlash developer Marc Hoyois I realized all I had to do was adding “ moogaloop moogalover” to the field “Allow Flash from sources” in the ClickToFlash settings. That way ClickToFlash will ignore Flash-objects and YouTube5 will take it from there.

  44. HELP !!! still youtube5 doesn’t work with youtube for me….
    only on vimeo !!!

  45. Same here, just one big spinning circle for youtube and I currently get nothing with Vimeo

  46. Installed YT5 minutes ago due to John Gruber’s recommendation.

    First thing I noticed: I do miss a “watch on YouTube/Vimeo” shortcut. I prefer watching embedded videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

    Would be great to have that little trick :)


  47. This extension works very well for me. I would also like to make the suggestion to implement an option to disable autoplay.

    In addition, while the videos embedded at are technically being played by this extension, the video itself is not displayed; the area on the page that would normally display the imagery remains blank & only the audio comes through. Perhaps this is an issue with how google codes the page, but I wanted to share that bit with you incase you know of a possible fix.

  48. The new version is AMAZING! This is the first time I’ve ever donated to a project with Paypal. Thanks a ton and I hope you can continue development!

  49. For me, Youtube works fine (OS X 10.6.4 & Safari 5.0.2).

    However, I always get the nagging alert “Upgrade to Flash Player 10 for improved playback performance. Upgrade Now or More Info.”. Is there any way to hide this? I do have GreaseKit installed, so if someone knows how to script, it might be a nice complementary thingie to Youtube5.

  50. me too, but i think it’s a problem of youtube’s servers.

  51. Hello,

    is that possible to have it working with (the french’s youtube)

    that will be great !!!


  52. Love the extension as I despise flash. However is anyone else have trouble playing embedded Vimeo files? Even with the extension enabled I am told I need to download Flash.

  53. It used to work before on my PC before I reinitialized and reinstalled Safari 5.0.2. Now it doesn’t load any video and crash. Maybe it’s the new update of your extension, because some hours before it worked very well without Flash and before I reinstalled Safari.

    I don’t want at all install Flash on my PC so if you could find a sollution it’d be great!


  54. Bug Report:

    An amazing extension indeed, but it breaks creation of new photo albums on Facebook, where the “Select photos” button is actually a flash movie that handles multiple file selection and upload to the server. With the extension enabled the button appears as an endlessly loading (spinning) black movie area. So each time I want to upload photos I need to disable the extension and enable it again afterwards. Not very convenient…

  55. THANK YOU for this. I have tinkered with other extensions and having flash in various states of being installed and uninstalled until your version 2 of this extension. I have since uninstalled Flash and have absolutely no reason to regret it.

    The interface is almost perfect and the performance is as expected. Youtube, both on-site and embedded work perfectly. I am currently watching some embedded Vimeo videos with no issues.

    I haven’t yet been able to get Facebook videos to work for whatever reason (FB tells me I need flash installed), but I don’t really care enough to try to figure it out.

  56. @kerl Is this still an issue? I updated the extension yesterday to not replace anything but videos on facebook.

  57. not working on youtube for me. still the little spinning circle. vimeo and fb work just fine.
    running 10.6.4 with latest safari 5.0.2. any idea ?

  58. It seems to hijack Facebook Page Insights

  59. I’d like to 2nd the importance of supporting timecode linking: timecode linking:

    Here is to hoping it is possible.

  60. @Connor Just to confirm that the update did indeed solve the issues on Facebook. Thanks!

  61. Having same problems as Tuan Anh Tran, even moreso. I completely uninstalled Flash from my system and all I get is the spinning progress wheel with Youtube videos plus Vimeo and Facebook embeds do not work at all. I am prompted to get Flash Player instead. Wondering if there is anything else I need disabled? This is the only extension I am running so there shouldn’t be any conflicts; on the flipside of that, should I have any other extensions installed? Seems to be working fine with some folks so it’s rather mysterious why I am having zero success. (FYI: OSX 10.6.4 & Safari 5.0.2)

    Looking forward to a Flash free web experience.

  62. I find that my screen dims and screen saver turns on while watching videos fullscreen on youtube using this extension. Is this just me?

  63. I’ve uninstalled Flash entirely and both YouTube and Facebook YouTube clips work fine. The only thing that’s not working is Vimeo. But that’s not a big problem. Not compared to how much smoother the overall internet experience has become without Flash.

  64. Youtube5 for Google Chrome? Please! ;)

  65. Really nice plugin!

    But one thing bugs me – the size of the player on Youtube. If you switch to the bigger player (using the Flash version of Youtube) you still get a small player using this plugin. Would be really nice if it would be possible for this plugin to sense the mode and adapt. Also, an option to view in a separate (resizeable) window would be nice.

  66. Nice extension. It would be even better if it would allow videos to continue playing in fullscreen mode on ‘Monitor 1′ while being able to continue working on ‘Monitor 2.’

  67. OSX 10.6.5 and Safari 5.0.2 here without flash installed. Youtube works 100%. Vimeo embedded works, but vimeo on-site tells me I need flash. Facebook always tells me I need flash.

  68. Hey there, this extension is wonderful for OS X. Truly much better experience than flash. I have on suggestion though, could this be expanded to all websites. There are many websites, such as NPR and The Onion who have HTML 5 video / audio that work on the iPad. They have iPad sites and are forced to use HTML 5. Could this extension mimic the iPad in some way or expose that HTML 5 content?

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  69. How about putting the video centered horizontally and vertically in a black div that has the exact same size of the replaced flash box? The videos (often) takes up less space with this extension and things looks a bit odd.

  70. I had some problems with extension in youtube (only the little spinning circle). I resolved it!
    I have OSx 10.6.5 and Safari 5.0.2.
    Follow you this steps:
    1. deactivated the extension in Safari
    2. deleted flash player with tool called “Uninstall flash player osx” (I found it on adobe’s site).
    3. Reinstalled flash player and reactiveted the extension in Safari.
    Now it work 100% on youtube on my mac!

  71. Great plugin and it has helped me keep flash off my computer. Just one request. Can you make Vimeo work?

  72. I’m on a high pixel density monitor so I have “Never use font sizes smaller than 12″ in Safari’s advanced settings. This causes the counter to wrap so I can’t see how long videos are.

  73. Hi man,
    i have one idea ( :

    Can u add keyboard binds?
    For example, i mean
    spacebar = play/pause
    < > = seeking


  74. This is an amazing extension! Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into creating this, and then release it for free.

    I do have one request though, can you please make it work for videos on a site I like to visit,
    I didn’t look into it much, but it’s definitely easier to integrate than for Facebook or Youtube.


  75. Hi!
    I just wanted to drop you a message here, because I am so grateful for your work. Yesterday I bought a brand new MacBook Air and I just didn’t want to install Flash and the HTML5 beta on YouTube does actually not play to many videos, and now I found this. It works very well so again thank you and keep it up :)

  76. Hey, with the new embed-code from vimeo [1], I always get told to download flash, even on my own site [2], and this is after removing and re-installing the extension. Is there any way I can help to debug this problem? Just contact me, I’m glad to help.

    [2]: screenshot:

  77. The only thing missing is a way to show the wider video player

  78. After you finish watching a video, YouTube5 goes to the info-screen overlay (with video info. and resolution options). If you replay the video in this situation, the overlay stays active and you need to manually close it.

    I think the info-screen overlay should auto-hide in this situation.

  79. The player doesn’t seem to support the YouTube time shortcut, meaning having say #t=3m08s in the URL would jump to 3:08 in the video. Would be a nice addition.

  80. Hello. I might be ridiculed but is there any way you could make 240p option available? If it isn’t too much work?

    You see, you might live somewhere you have great internet speeds, but many people still rely on slow connections. This is more so in the developing world. 240p is the only setting that gives bearable playback speed on my connection. I am sure there will be others who would be delighted to have that option.

    Nonetheless, the extension is wonderful. Thank you.

  81. Great extension, but when the fullscreen is turned on it doesn’t prevent the display from going into sleep mode

  82. This does not work on Facebook. Although Click To Flash would work, this does not. Please check your Facebook support.

  83. “OSX 10.6.5 and Safari 5.0.2 here without flash installed. Youtube works 100%. Vimeo embedded works, but vimeo on-site tells me I need flash. Facebook always tells me I need flash.”

    Same here.

  84. Hi mate, thx for the extension, really cool, use it everyday.
    The thing is, a few things could be upgraded: adding 480p resolution (which in case of low signal is a good compromise to me), more keyboard possibilities (spacebar= play/pause, even not in fullscreen), and fixing a really annoying bug : when I leave a page on which I was playing a video, even if I’m on another page, I can still hear the video! It does not happen that much, but when it does there are two options: go back to the page with the video (does not always work) or simply quit Safari, which is a bit extreme.

    But, hey, you’ve done an awesome job dude, especially the design of it, waoh!

  85. Michael Harper Nov 28th, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    I keep getting a weird display issue with YouTube videos that YouTube doesn’t make available on their HTML5 player. I’m not sure what’s causing it. Here’s a screenshot:

  86. Michael Harper Nov 28th, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Ah, well, I was running without Flash installed as John Gruber had written a guide for. Installing Flash again returns the correct YouTube5 player. A temporary fix, but I’d rather have no Flash at all. Still, your extension is fantastic.

  87. Love the extension! But could you put in an option for It’s disabled by YouTube5 because it’s YouTube and it’s Flash, but it isn’t the standard YouTube videos.

  88. Thanks for YouTube5. It rocks.

    PS : YouTube5 for Chrome would make me a very happy man

  89. I really like this, but it kills functionality of a plug-in called CosmoPod, which downloads videos of various formats from lots of different websites. I imagine sorting all this is a major PITA! If that were fixed, I’d definitely install and donate. Best of luck to you in developing this.

  90. Fantastic, very nice job, cheers!

    Mr Clicky

  91. Hello,

    Do you have any plans to build the plugin as an extension for Chrome/Chromium?



  92. It’s possible to add support for the youtube-nocookie domain? Some sites use it for embedding (it is included in the options offered by youtube) and the videos are not visible with this extension.

  93. I second Daniel Corban….YouTube videos on their site no longer load/play with this extension due to some new Flash detection. Embedded videos are working.

  94. Yep Daniel and Kyle are right, YouTube have changed the Flash detection.

    Would be great to see an update when you get a chance.

    Love this extension :)

  95. “The only thing missing is a way to show the wider video player”

    Came here to mention this too. I don’t use fullscreen much, but use the wide view for the bigger picture usually.

  96. Hi, it seems YouTube5 doesn’t work anymore. I have another friend who’s had the same problem so it’s not just me. Could it be that YouTube blocks the extension somehow? After all, their baked in ads are not displayed with your extension AFAIK.

  97. Hmm I guess I should have read the comments above before posting.. Just wanted to say that you should put up a paypal link so we can donate to show our appreciation for your extension. Really, it makes a big difference for me. I’ve paid for much lesser things.

  98. It could be great if youtube5 prevent the monitor from going to sleep in fullscreen mode.


  99. I’m having problems too but I’m getting failures with some embedded videos as well :(

    This works

    This doesn’t

    Hopefully this can be fixed, this extension has become essential to by computer use.

  100. Yesterday I discovered that my safari extension was no longer working. I thought it was an internal blockage by YouTube. I attempted to update the extension through safari’s preference pane, but no luck there. The version I was using was YouTube5 2.1.0, this no longer works with YouTube.

    I just re-downloaded the extension today form this site, now I’m running YouTube5 2.1.2, and everything works again. I would suggest to users to just reinstall and make sure you are using version 2.1.2. That was a close one!

    The best feature by far is direct MP4 downloads, no more having to convert flash videos.

    good luck.

  101. great extension

    would be nice if supported youtube playlist. Is here any way to get that done?

  102. Hello, This awsom extension seems to hurt som jQuery scripts on many sistes,

    for example it completly destroys the JQZoom script ( found here:

    please fix it !

  103. Any chance we can catch the timecode links? ie in comments: “ahahaha funniest face at 2:10″

    Works perfectly in Flash, but not on this :)

  104. Great Extension, I love it!!
    Would be even better if there is an option to disable autoload :-)

  105. Hi,

    Thanks for the awesome extension. I’ve noticed one issue with some videos provided by 3rd parties (potentially linked to those third party sites). For example:

    With the extension enabled, it only sees the embedded player as disabled and doesn’t fall back to Flash video.

  106. I don’t know how long YouTube has been offering this, but they now allow you to embed YouTube videos using iframes. Would it be possible to make YouTube5 compatible with this new embedding scheme? All I get is a spinning wheel right now.


  107. Damien Vielpeau Jan 2nd, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Youtube5 is my favorite safari extension, thank’s for your job.
    It will be prefect if a double clic on a video or a trackpad will permit to switch on fullscreen, is it complicated to add ?

  108. Great extension, love it!
    Some music blogs embed youtube in a special way, where you can only see the bottom bar. Your extension is not compatible with that, unfortunately (transport bar not shown).
    Could you adapt the extension that it works with those websites, too?
    Cheers! Ben

  109. This is awesome. A great extension, but there is a serious bug with college humor. take a look enabled and then disabled:

  110. I think the extension is broken on Youtube and Vimeo (UK) – I’ve had this for a few days now… The preview image loads but once the play button is clicked I just get the spinning (loading?)wheel and no playback even after several minutes. Clicking the “Use original player” the video plays immediately.

  111. I am not sure if this has already been suggested, but would it be possible for you to add support for converting HTML Widgets placed on websites (like the one I linked to) from Youtube to also be converted to HTML5 video for playback?

  112. Awesome extension! Thanks a zillion! Just like the last 100 commenters, I only took the time to say thanks here because I have a request :-) (No offense to the last 100 commenters; too late? oh well.)

    It would be amazing if you could incorporate AirPlay support into YouTube5, so video could be streamed to new Apple TVs, or Macs running the free Airplayer utility from Erica Sadun. See That site has AirFlick, which is a client library for sending video to a display, and AirPlayer, a server that emulates what the Apple TV does by playing incoming videos.

  113. Great plugin, but I have problems with the volume: by default, the volume of all videos is set at 1% (very soft). Is this a problem with the plugin or something else?

  114. Hi, YouTube5 extension 2.2.1 version not working on

  115. Would it be possible for you to add whitelist option? Thanks.

  116. It appears that YouTube5 doesn’t match against embedded playlists, for example:


  117. Hi,

    This is my favorite Webkit/Safari extension by far! Would you consider adding AirPlay support to make it easy to send HTML5 video from within the browser to iOS devices like the Apple TV?


  118. Hi!

    I’m the author of a jQuery gallery plugin called “Exposure”. One of the users of my plugin notified me that the plugin breaks in browsers that have YouTube5 enabled.

    The problem can be seen here:

    Try viewing the gallery above with and without YouTube5 enabled and you’ll see what I mean.

    I hope we can work together to solve this issue.

    Best regards,

  119. Looks like Youtube5 is blocking some sort of a new(?) iframe-based version of the embedded Vimeo player from loading.

    Example here:

  120. Err, looks like Markdown screwed that url up. Shortened version:

  121. Awesome extension, thank you !

  122. Breaks image zooming on many/all web pages. To reproduce, try zooming some of the product images at Also happens with two other extensions (ClickToFlash and Ghostery).

  123. Silvano Dotti Feb 3rd, 2011 at 3:27 am

    Till an hour ago I was a happy user of Cosmopod and some other Mac apps to dwnl videos, then somewhere I read of your HTML5 way. Being I an iPhone user I was curious to try it and installed YouTube5 on Safari despite my Mac warns about possible harms.
    … now I don’t succeed in downloading neither with it nor with Cosmopod which no more works.

  124. Great extension! I have one bug to report and one feature request.

    First, the extension doesn’t work right on CollegeHumor websites. It seems to try to convert the video to an html5 version, but can’t actually do it, and so either just spins forever or plays an incorrect video from youtube.

    Secondly, can you add an option to show the name of the video on the initial screen? (when it’s displaying the big play button before it initially loads). I usually like to see the name of what i’m going to watch before I hit play.

    Thanks again!

  125. @Silvano, Simply uninstall the extension from within Safari’s preferences.

  126. Great work. cpu usage on my macbook air went from 50% to 17% when playing 1080p videos. keep up the good work

  127. I want to say that YouTube5 is one of the best third party things I have installed on my Mac. My computer runs cooler, I have longer battery life and so on.

    Everything was perfect until I bought 24′ Apple Cinema Display. I connect to it MacBook (aluminum model form late 2008, C2D 2GHz/GeForce 9400M/6GB RAM).
    The problem is that when I play any HD video in HTML5 (either via YouTube5 or Vimeo HTML5 player) in fullscreen mode it gets extremely laggy.
    I thought it’s because higher resolution than in built in MacBook display (1280×800 vs. 1920×1200), but then I tried to play fullscreen HD video via Flash player and it runs smoothly. HD videos that I have on my hard drive also play fine.

    So I’m a bit confused because I thought that HTML5 native support for playback causes that videos are played smoothly, and on my MacBook connected to that display it is the other way around… Why is that so? Is there any way I can fix it? Or maybe the support for HTML5 video is still to be improved?

    I hope you will reply and clarify that for me.

  128. Just came across a site that the YouTube5 extension seems to mess up. It’s at the Stuck off website. When I load a page with an image of the decal, the image displays briefly but then shrinks and disappears (ie. try Very weird as the problem is with an image and not a video. But the problem goes away if I disable YouTube5.

  129. I’m not sure if you’re aware yet, but full-screen button doesn’t work in Lion.

  130. YouTube5 is unable to load the HTML5 video from this:


  131. Facebook videos do not play using YouTube5 if you have Flash uninstalled.
    “2.2.3: Fixed Facebook support, and added a hack to make videos on Facebook work even with flash uninstalled.”
    I guess since it’s a hack, I shouldn’t really expect universal functionality. I appreciate the work towards that goal though. YouTube5 has been such an amazingly helpful extension. In fact, it’s the ONLY extension that I use :D

  132. I think Vimeo support is broken again.

    Hey, here’s an idea: in the time between you knowing about something broken and your fix, why don’t you turn off the feature and let Flash handle it? Would make for a much smoother and stable experience.

  133. The fullscreen button shows but does not work on Mac osx Lion

  134. This is amazing!

    But theres one HUGE flaw!

    No youtube wide button!!!!!!!

    The only way i can make the screen bigger is if i full screen or return back to the old youtube flash style with the option it gives me and make it wider then go back or search a new video. Its nice to see it saves it once you do it. But once you exit the broswer and do it again its a small size again and i have to repeat the process. PLEASE IMPLEMENT A YOUTUBE WIDE BUTTON!!


  135. Found another website that is having problems. The website is Wong Fu productions. When you go to their video page ( and click on a video, normally it would pop up an overlay that contains the YouTube video. However, if I have YouTube5 turned on, the overlay will briefly appear and then shrink to almost nothing. Visit the site to see what I’m talking about. If you turn off YouTube5, then everything is ok.

    I have 2.2.4 installed.

  136. Matthew Marney Mar 14th, 2011 at 1:06 am

    Is there a way to have the videos loaded/buffered, but not start playing?

  137. If I open this URL and YouTube5 extension is enabled, I can’t get image enlargement. First, all small images on the left side are at the bottom, and a big image at the top. When I hover mouse cursor over the small laptop case images, all small images move to the top, and the big one moves to the bottom, and then when I click on the small laptop case images, they appear enlarged and immediately disappear. I have to disable YouTube5 extension to see those images. Can you optimize extension’s code?

  138. Doesn’t seem to work on Facebook here. Also the fullscreen isn’t working. Running Lion.

  139. facebook does not work . i have y5 2.2.4 and safari 5.0.4 on mac osx 10.6.6

  140. YouTube5 still incorrectly thinks College Humor videos are Vimeo videos. Can you fix this?

  141. Would you kindly make YouTube5 support subtitles and possibly inside-video-links at YouTube?
    Other than that I pretty much enjoy your extension. Thanks for your hard work Connor. That’s all for now.

  142. Oh yeah, another small request is disable display dimming/screen saver when the video is playing.

  143. I managed to get the player to fill the width of a typical page with the following user styles (save as a CSS file and choose it from Preferences > Advanced > Style sheet):

    div#watch-main { margin-top: 170px !important; }
    div#watch-player iframe,
    div.youtube5player video {
        width: 960px !important; height: 560px !important;
    div#watch-sidebar { margin-top: 10px !important; }
  144. Videos longer than 100 minutes have a slightly messed up time display… see this for example:

    Thanks for your work!

  145. Is there any way to auto-play the videos on Youtube immediately, or a few seconds after buffering starts, similar to the original Youtube?

    I am using Safari if it makes any difference.


  146. I Forgot to mention……………Thankyou for your hard work.

  147. Awesome. Been using this since released. I remember Facebook videos used to work near the beginning, however ever since a few releases back, it stopped working. Just installed the latest one (few seconds ago) and Facebook still uses its Flash swf to play its videos. [sad panda]

  148. What’s changed in the new version? Please update the Changelog.

  149. Hey Connor

    Nice extension I’ve been using for a few months. A few comments:

    When I play you-tube videos with your extension there’s sometimes a situation where I want to manually move the playhead forward. Youtube 5 extension precludes that.

    Say you leave a web page the click back to reload the page and you want to see just the last 10 seconds of the video. You can’t drag the playhead past what is loaded. Speaking of which shouldn’t html5 video actually be cached locally when you reload a page no requiring a reload from server?

    You explained how there’s an issue with Vimeo videos, yeah I always had that issue so had to switch Vimeo to original in prefs.

  150. There seem to be some changes on the Youtube site once again. The YouTube5 extension (2.2.5) is clashing with the YouTube Video Downloader (v. 1.1.4) by Jonathan Lynch. Meaning, if your extension is activated, no download button is visible. If your extension is deactivated, the download button is back again.

    This has happened before and back then an update (of your extension or Jonathan’s I can’t remember) fixed this. Can you fix it again? Both extensions are indispensable.

    And thanks for your work anyway!

  151. Please update the Changelog.

  152. It appears that YouTube5 does not respect the “t” parameter in YouTube URLs, which start the video playing at a specific timecode.

    As an example, “&t=4m22s”

  153. Huge fan of YouTube5, but I have one big issue that kind of spoils the experience: It won’t work with a YouTube “channel”, like

    Picking a video from that channel (John Atanasoff — Computer Revolutionary), I can see the video via , but not via , which is the view of the same video on the Computer History channel.

    If there’s a problem with embedding the YouTube5 player in the channel page, I wouldn’t mind if YouTube5 munged the URL as a solution. It’s not that huge a deal to have to hit the ‘back’ button after viewing the video.

  154. Seems like it doesn’t work anymore? Update pending?

  155. Hello,

    My autoplay function is not working correctly. If I go to a youtube video it will not start playing until it has filled its buffer up to approx. 50%. or not at all. I want it to play straight away, just like the official youtube player does. Can I change a setting for this?

    Thank you.

  156. what about extending the extension to ?

  157. your excellent extension doesn’t work since today (Safari 5.0.5 & Mac OS 10.6.7) it’s very unfortunate because also the standard YouTube player is doing wrong things (no full screen and wrong cropping),do you know of a work around?

  158. Agree with the others, this extension is great & would be made better if fullscreen mode prevented display from sleeping (like the Youtube flash player does).

    Thanks for the cool extension! :)

  159. The full screen button never works for me.

  160. clicktoflash’s html5 replacement allows 480p on youtube with Perian installed. Could youtube5 implement this feature? I like youetube5′s player over clicktoflah’s but my internet connection cant handle HD at all times. :/

  161. Did you know that clicktoplugin does more or less the same thing as Youtube5? Do you plan to develop it further? or to join the efforts?
    Do you think that Youtube5 is still useful? I find the other one (for the time being) better.

    Thank you very much.

  162. Adding, would be great if we had the option to set the view size if video is a Youtube video watched on Youtube’s site.

    A new feature to Youtube’s site to increase the size of the video without going fullscreen. Would love it if this plugin enabled that size by default (or allowed the option to).

  163. [...] 7. YouTube5 [...]

  164. Hi I’m very sorry that i can’t contribute right now with this project, but I’ll like to say that I love this extension, thank you for your work I hate flash a lot but now I can’t forget all about this plug-in with this extension. Really a great work, as soon as I get a Job i wil Contribute, I promise. Thanks again

  165. if there is support for 240p with Perian installed, why not 480p? the html replacement for clicktoflash allows 480p, but this doesnt?

  166. Hey mate,In fullscreen mode,the area where you change the volume and time slider thing doesn’t disappear after some time. Can you fix that please,it’s really annoying.

  167. [...] for Safari can be downloaded on the author’s site. YoutubeWide can be downloaded on the official Safari Extensions Gallery or on the author’s [...]

  168. Hi! Can you fix the fullscreen support? When I click the fullscreen button on my PPC iBook (10.5.8, Safari 5.0.5) doesn’t happen anything.
    Thanks for this great extension and keep it alive!

  169. Youtube5 2.2.5 DOES NOT WORK with the extension A CLEANER YOUTUBE. Is there anyway you could update it? These two extensions make youtube SO MUCH better. Thanks for a great extension! I have been running flash free for several months now thanks to this your extension.

  170. This really could use an exception list to disable it on certain pages.

  171. In the Safari 5.1 beta when you take video fullscreen a scrollbar appears on the screen.

  172. As of a few days ago, videos played with the extension are no longer playing full-sized in wide view.

  173. Hello,

    I couldn’t find a contact link, so I’m putting my bug report here.

    The latest version 2.2.5 of YouTube5 has stopped working for all Vimeo videos. I’m running Safari 5.0.5 with no other extensions.


  174. Sadly, this makes my old black macbook (1,1) completely freeze sometimes. I’m pretty sure it’s this extension, because it happens right when I click Play on a YouTube video. Maybe it’s a conflict with my old integrated graphics chip.

  175. I would add that it doesn’t happen 100% of the time. Maybe once or twice a week.

  176. Thanks for the extension, really makes the day less annoying. :)

    Two minor things I that bug me:
    - When you hover over volume, the icon jumps a bit and gets misaligned. It should stay put and just show the volume when hovering over it, even with the volume slider visible.
    - After playback, when the info overlay is shown, if you press play again, the overlay does not go away. Especially irritating when trying to make sense of a short, detailed clip.

  177. Youtube seems to have changed something (again), the player gets all screwed up.

  178. Hello,

    I would like to report a problem I have since I upgraded to the last flash version (or maybe it’s just coincidence): Vimeo videos don’t load properly. Sometimes they load, sometimes they don’t. I think it has to do with the player I’m using (Vimeo gives the option to switch between flash and html5 player).

    Another problem I have is when I watch videos on facebook. After the video ends, the window tops everything else so if I click “share” for example, the facebook box stays behind the video. The only option here is to reload and share it without playing the video first.

    Other than that, great extension, thanks for your work ;)

  179. Looks like this extension is killing Redfin house slideshows. If you take a look at a current listing on and then go from one pic to the next and then back to the first, the image is blank. Turning off this extension will cause the problem to go away.

  180. When using YouTube5, and A Cleaner YouTube, I’m having issues with the video flashing, then vanishing completely from the page… Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  181. When playing contents from 3rd party sites, Freezes Lion, i.e. mac become irresponsive I only have to force restart Mac. Killer add-in.

  182. YouTube5 2.2.5 doesn’t work with Safari 5.1 (7534.48.3) and Mac OS X 10.7.

    YouTube video does not play smoothly (when it does play).

    More information available; just ask.

  183. Since the method of embedding is compatible for non-Flash users, it would be nice if there was an option to disable YouTube5 for such content, and only have it kick in for the old style embeds.

    Regardless, it’s awesome! THANK YOU!

  184. Are you working on an update for Safari 5.1 and OS X Lion? Possibly to resolve a few bugs that I have come across.

  185. Why the source code is not at github as with facebook extension? It is scaring to use a closed source one which change the bahavior of safari!!!

  186. Hi, thank you so so much for producing this extension – I have just installed Lion and can now consider going Flash-free thanks to you!

    I’d also like to request a feature for the extension – YouTube currently displays a banner message “You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe.”, it’d be great if this could be hidden by the extension, possibly by just setting the div containing the banner to hidden?

  187. Hi, I’ve just upgraded to Lion and there is a conflict between the YouTube5 2.2.5 extension and the audio plugin used by the Twelve South Bassjump software which causes the web page to crash when trying to play a YouTube video in HTML5. I’ve sent feedback to Twelve South also.

  188. Hello,
    Could you add HTML5 support for the Dailymotion Video Website please ?

  189. Youtube videos does not load anymore with the Youtube 5 extension :( Update plz?

  190. out on youtube since tonight ?!
    thanks in advance for the fix if the extension need one ;) .
    best from france.

  191. Yes it’s out for me tonight too.

  192. Out for me as well….


    Really like YouTube5, so hopefully this can be worked around!

  193. Agreed. No videos on Youtube are working as of today.

  194. Not working for me either :(

  195. Yup, youtube is dead for me as well. Looking forward for an update…

  196. Yeah, stopped working for me yesterday evening as well… Too bad, this is really an amazing extension…

  197. Same here.. :-(

  198. not working for me either. safari 5.1 lion

  199. yep. YouTube5 seems broken with YouTube

  200. Out for me too

  201. Wow, i have a same problem too. Youtube just not loading any video, what i’m need to see. I
    think only me have that problem. :( Please fix it! Youtube5 is awesome tool!

  202. for me too. And my iMac freezes when I try to play it in flash, widespread problem it’s adobes/apple fault. I hate them! Just bought me a new mac and then this!

  203. Noooo the plugin stopped working for me, it never loads YouTube videos and I’m forced to switch to flash. I hope you can get it fixed soon!!

  204. Yeah, it’s out for me too.

  205. seems like for me it broke when i upgraded to safari 5.1

  206. Dead on all sites.

  207. Just confirming that this is dead on all sites. Also, since I upgraded to the latest Safari (I am on Snow Leopard), fullscreen performance is a little stuttery (I don

  208. Also, definitely going to donate after a fix. I love this extension so much. :)

  209. Youtube doesn’t work for me anymore. Please fix it, guys. Thanks in advance!

  210. What’s up with my favorite Safari extension? I’m not able to watch YouTube videos today… :/

  211. Nevermind. I guess that the update never comes out (this is a bit outdated extension). I’ve found an alternative – FlashToHTML5 ( which is working flawlessly.

  212. Same problem. Only “use standard player” (or whatever it is labelled) works.

  213. Hi,

    As of yesterday, YouTube5 stopped working for me. Safari won’t play YouTube video. The progress wheel spin forever, but nothing actually plays. I disabled all the other extensions I had installed just to be sure it’s not a conflict problem. Also, I’m not running Glims or any other special add-on.



  214. Dead here… :(

  215. Dead for me as well. Is YouTube actively disabling this extension?

  216. Not working for me since yesterday

  217. Yeah, it just died for me as well. I uninstalled all add-ons in case of a conflict, and it still wouldn’t work. I got one video to load on Vimeo, but that’s it. Thanks for designing this, it is more useful than adblock!

  218. Demian Turner Aug 4th, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    yep, just stopped working … :-/

  219. Stopped working on YouTube yesterday but still works for Vimeo. Have had to revert to joining HTML 5 beta on YouTube (which doesn’t go fullscreen) or setting Safari user agent string to iPad (but some YouTube videos aren’t available on mobile).

  220. It was working great until a few days ago.. not sure what happened.

  221. Not working on YouTube here either. Would really love a fix since this is the best youTube HTML5 player out there.

  222. The same thing… :( This is a great extensi

  223. Same here. It’s not working.

    Maybe Google realized people weren’t watching crap advertising and blocked the plugin?

  224. Hi! first of all, i really appreciate you doing this. it is simply genius! however, i recently updated to OS X and it isn’t working anymore.. hope you get to make a new version that is compatible to the newest OS.. thanks!

  225. Hey, me too. I think they were working yesterday, but now, nothing.

  226. It looks like YT has changed the parameter names that this extensions depends on to function. I suspect the author just needs to update these parameters to reflect the new YT version and it should function again.

  227. I can confirm here too, it’s not working anymore. What’s going on?

  228. Second the bad news: non-functioning for the last couple of days. I

  229. Same here, although problem is only with Youtube videos. Vimeo still works fine.

  230. I was just able to watch an embedded Vimeo video, but they just won’t play on Also, like the rest of the people here, YouTube stopped working for me (embedded and on This must be a pain for you, Connor, thank you for your efforts!

  231. Won’t load Youtube videos for me either. Did they change the site?

  232. The YouTube5 Plugin stopped working (For Youtube Videos) :-(

    Thank you for your support!


  233. Upgraded to Lion and now YouTube 5 won’t work. I always have to click on “Use original player.”

  234. same here, i can’t access youtube. all i get is the spinning circle

  235. peter paul mary Aug 5th, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    Love to see the current Youtube problem fixed :)

  236. The plugin isn’t working for me anywhere any more, either (for a few days now). What happened?

  237. YouTube sucks so bad without this. Hope there’s an update in the works.

  238. For some reason it worked for a few seconds. It used the html5 (like it was enabled in youtube/html5). I changed the video from 360p to 480p and the cpu spiked. Decided to refresh the page and it was dead (not loading).

    Went to to enable the html5 version. When I tried to watch a video, the cpu stays at 90%, so the video looks horrible and stutters.

    I’m wondering if Youtube is making some changes (affecting this extension).

    Hope the developer can sort it out soon.

  239. Does NOT work for me also.. it keeps loading forever.

  240. It’s a shame this isn’t working right now. I really loved using this extension; hope you’re still working on it!

  241. ditto, not working anywhere :(

  242. Per Grenerfors Aug 6th, 2011 at 2:34 am

    The extension doesn’t seem to be working correctly anymore. I’m guessing YouTube has changed how it serves up videos or something. I really like this extension so I hope for a fix soon.

  243. Hello, this extension no longer works with “click to flash” extension on the new 5.1 Safari on OS X Lion.

    Before the new update, I used the old “click to flash” plugin (not the extension) and together with Youtube5, it worked like a charm.

    Now I can only have the click to flash extension or the youtube5 extension enabled, otherwise the youtube5 extension doesn’t load the movies.

    It would be nice to have it work back together at the same time, I’m not quite sure if it’s your fault (since the clicktoflash also replaces flash by h.264 html5 when available and also provides a unified player, not as good as yours).

  244. Is there a fix coming for this? :)

  245. Yep, totally dead for a few days now.

  246. dead for me as well. i can’t live without this extension..!

  247. Jakub Świadek Aug 6th, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    Extension doesn’t work anymore.

  248. Youtube5 does not work anymore. Pleas fix, it was a great extension :)

  249. Same problem here.
    Only flash video available, no joy with h.264.
    This, btw, could be a youTube related problem as the same happens with iphone.
    Cannot play any web you-tube based video.

    Anybody noticed the same?

  250. Just install click-to-flash from official extension lib for Safari. Youtube offers h264 instead of flash ;)

  251. I have the same problem with some of the previous users. This (great) extension has stopped working. Not on facebook, neither vimeo, nor youtube. (in the latter, there is the spinning wheel, but no video thereafter)

  252. Will there be an update for this extension? It doesn’t seem to work anymore.

  253. Is this being worked on? A progress update would be much appreciated.

  254. YouTube5 needs to be updated.

  255. It’s the same for me : it doesn’t work anymore ! :(

  256. Please update! I miss it so much. Best extension for Safari!

  257. Just uninstalled the plugin and realized Youtube is playing embed videos in html5 (without youtube5 plugin). For youtube website, still asks for Adobe Flash.

    Still (used to) prefer Youtube5 plugin to play videos.

  258. Woo!!! Thank you for the update!!! :-D It’s now fix!! All is right with the world again!!

  259. Not compatible with Lion. It keeps loading (spinning wheel) for eternity. Please update as this extension is a lifesaver!

  260. Problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most powerful reason to migrate from firefox to safari. Tank you Guys!

  261. It’s working again! Thank you! But still when it is active the FastestTube download button is not visible. It’s either

  262. Thanks for the update, all is well now. I’ve made a small donation and recommend others do the same if you’re able.

  263. Demian Turner Aug 9th, 2011 at 6:16 am

    Great, thanks for the update! To get it working I had to uninstall youtube5 then reinstall it, updating within prefs and auto-update did not work for me, probably safari prob.

  264. Thank you so much for the update! This extension is basically the only reason why I use Safari. Like Demian, I had to reinstall it since auto-update wasn’t doing anything.

  265. Yay!!!! It’s working again, great, thank you!

  266. Thanks for the quick YouTube fix.
    One more request: You fixed videos not starting on Facebook if no Flash was installed. Could you do the same for Google+? (Need an invite?)
    Now to the Donate button!!!

  267. PS: Just noticed that your Facebook hack doesn’t seem to do the trick any longer…

  268. Vimeo hasn’t been working for me for a long while. This latest update solves the problem with YouTube videos, but I just can’t play videos on vimeo; all I get is a black box where the video object is, no controls, no nothing. Anyone else experiencing the same?

  269. Does this work with OS X Lion?

  270. Where do I find the fix? Safari says I’m on 2.2.7 and it still does not work for YT videos.

  271. Is there a way to use space to start/pause videos? If not, could you add that when you get the chance? Thanks a bunch for this.

  272. This extension works great for me unless i’m in Private Browsing mode. Then it just spins and spins and doesn’t load the youtube videos. If I take it off Private Browsing, then it works again. Anyone know how to get it to work under Private Browsing?

  273. Hi, embedded video are not working more now, could you fix it ?

  274. Thanks for an excellent product! Awesome! Absolutely essential for me.
    But I have a feature request. Could you include a “Open in QuickTime Player”-link? That’d be great since it’d unattach the video from Safari.

  275. Hi, YouTube5 is great. I was trying to get my wife to use it but apparently it causes problems with and If you try to mouse over an image of the product it is supposed to show you a zoomed in version which tracks the pointer. The tracking is broken with YouTube5 enabled. Here’s some example pages for you to try:–Bermudap276.html

    Is there a way to whitelist these sites so that your extension ignores them?

    Thanks again!

  276. Thanks for making this extension. It has been very helpful.

    Can support for videos from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report now be added as well?

    Both TV shows have now added HTML5-compatible versions of their web sites at and

    I find these videos are frequently embedded in Facebook so if the HTML5 version could be loaded from Facebook that would be great.

  277. Bug with this on youtube’s “channels”. If you start a video, then click a different video heading on the right hand side, the new video/thumbnail loads in the main window, but the old video is still playing

  278. YouTube appears to have broken the extension with an update today. Vimeo continues to work perfectly (have not tested Facebook). Now the extension only works if one deletes all youtube-cookies and enters the url for the video one wants to watch. This must be repeated for every video one wants to watch. For some reason the cpu load is 3 times as high as it would normally be. I’m running 10.6.8 with Safari 5.1 and no Flash anywhere.

  279. in safari 5.1 and (Mac OS X 10.6.8) youtube5 does not work when private browsing in on. Worked like a charm on the previous version of Safari.

  280. Having the same problem that Daniel just posted.

  281. Dude, the extension is great, thanks so much!!!

  282. Would you mind checking Steam video game promos at and see if you can get them working?

  283. Nice Extension, I love it!
    Here’s my request, I want the “Auto replay” function, thx!

  284. is it possible to make a replay button in the HTML player ?

    because all extensions are not working with youtube5 (normal).

    thanks in advance ;).

  285. with “replay” i mean a LOOP button.

  286. Very broken since before Lion. My issues: Again embedded videos don’t work, sometimes going to full screen results in a white screen instead of the video; other times going full screen puts the normal sized video on the upper left corner. Also, it’s not unusual to have spinning beachballs when trying to load pages with embedded videos. What happened to the extension? It used to be terrific!

  287. I cant even download it =( n tired of seein videos buffering can u help?(my internet isnt slow)

  288. please add a 480p option!! it would make this extension PERFECT

  289. Also, when clicking “use original player” the normal youtube player will play but you can still hear the sounds from the html5 player…

  290. I hate to sound silly but youtube doesn’t work now. Looks like they updated their flash player.

  291. He’s correct, YouTube5 no longer works. However, quite a lot of YouTube videos are still viewable because of YouTube’s recent efforts to implement HTML5 delivery a lot more than they used to.

  292. Thanks to Jonathan for pointing this out! I wondered why some YT clips worked while the majority does not (any more). However, if at all possible please provide a fix if you get the time to do so, since your extension is just awesome – I like it very much! Thank you very much for this cool software!

  293. I’m sorry but I can no longer get the YouTube5 Safari extension to work properly. This is a very recent phenomenon. Not only doesn’t the player window show up, but the extension is causing what player window does show up to give extremely jittery and staggering results when that window is enlarged to fill the screen. This problem is fully persistent even when I turn off all extensions in Safari. I suspect this is a bug in Safari. If I turn off YouTube5 within its own window, I am successful in stopping the jitter/stagger problem and videos again play fine.

    My best guess is that something changed at Google/YouTube’s end that damaged the functionality of the extension and causes the resulting play window to be compromised, preventing adequate playback.

    At this time I have disabled YouTube5 in order that I can watch ANY full screen video properly. I hope you can figure out what happened. If there is something I can do at my end or any help I can offer, please let me know.

    :-Derek Currie

  294. I can add that I did very recently update to the latest Flash player plugin, in case this is the cause of the problem. However, note that I did entirely uninstall Flash with NO improvement in the playback problems or the lack of YouTube5 window. Reinstalling the latest Flash did not improve anything either. I also tested with the Shockwave Player with the same lack of change in the problem.

  295. Worked for me until yesterday. Since today it’s broken :-(

  296. This extension has brought new life to my PowerBook G4. IT would be sweet if this worked on other flash based video sites…

  297. I WANT a 480p option. PLEASE!

  298. Youtube5 has suddenly stopped working properly… it was working fine this morning but then suddenly the screen is very small?

  299. This is what happens when we try to view videos now! Started this morning…

  300. @Mark, sorry about that, a small bug with some changes in how the player detected the size it should use. Version 2.3.1 fixes this.

  301. @Connor, thank you so much!

  302. For some embedded Youtube videos, they do not use iFrames and thus does not play using YouTube’s native HTML5 player. Is it possible for your extension to convert these into iFrames instead of using the custom HTML5 player?

  303. Awesome extension, I just donated $30. Thanks a lot and please keep up the great work!

  304. @Will, it would be possible to do this, but YouTube will still use Flash for videos with ads or restrictions even if the video is embedded as an iFrame. I’m sure someone else could implement such an extension, but I’m afraid I have no interest in doing so.

  305. I’ve been using YouTube5 with some of my own CSS styles for a while, but recently after the update, some of those rules just won’t work anymore (border-radius, etc).
    I wonder if it has something to do with anything you changed?

  306. @Connor Right now your extension does not replace native YoutTube html5 players, which is what I expect. What I propose is, first convert to iFrame, then if the iFrame still tries to load Flash Youtube, then your extension should do what it does now.

  307. Can you please add support of Kickstarter videos? Is it possible at all?

  308. @Ryan, All styles are now marked as !important so that they override the styles in websites. You will need to mark your styles as !important and use more specific selectors than I do.

  309. @Will, Ok, I understand what you mean now. I’ve given a lot of thought to the role of YouTube5 in relation to the native HTML5 players of YouTube and Vimeo. At some point the state of HTML5 video will probably reach a point where I can stop developing this extension, but in the meantime I decided to always replace embedded videos with my player, mostly because I prefer its appearance.

    However, I understand why you might want to use YouTube’s own player (suggested videos and other features), and I am not opposed to adding an option for the behavior you mentioned, depending on how difficult it proves to be. I won’t promise anything, but I will try to include it in the next version.

  310. @Stepa, Kickstarter’s video system looks pretty simple, I should be able to add it without much trouble.

  311. @Connor, very recently I’ve begun having an issue with YouTube HTML5 video playback. The player takes longer than usual to fully appear, and when it does the video is frozen (or never starts), the timer doesn’t advance, but the audio continues to play. I’ve got the latest YouTube5 extension and the new Safari 5.1.2. (I have the Flash plug-in completely uninstalled on my Mac, so I can’t test video with the extension disabled, although Flash is working within Chrome, for whatever that’s worth.)

    Are there any known issues with the new Safari update and/or the recent YouTube re-design? Could another extension have suddenly started conflicting with YouTube5?

  312. I should add that the issue I described above happens both on the YouTube site and with embedded videos on Tumblr.

  313. I love this extension. It’s significantly speedier than Flash on PowerPC Macs especially.
    But I’m still trying to figure out how to download a Youtube HTML5 video with this. It just doesn’t seem to work unless there’s a Flash file on the Youtube server.
    The funny thing is I was trying a lot of different things at the same time with this extension and I accidently downloaded an HTML5 video I wanted, this one…
    It is a strictly HTML5 Youtube video, there is no Flash equivalent apparently on Youtube.
    But I had Realplayer Downloader running at the same time I was playing around with this extension and it showed up in Realplayer Downloader for some strange reason after I’d played around with the extension many times.
    But after a reboot, I cannot duplicate the download of this. Strange. Any thoughts?
    The instructions on how to download a video don’t seem to work. I don’t see download linked file anywhere while right clicking. What am I doing wrong?

  314. More… I can still download most other Youtube videos via Realplayer Downloader and I do get an MP4 file as a result which is far better than an FLV file, so thank you for that functionality. That’s just amazing. But I’ve yet to figure out how to download anything through the extension itself.

  315. I would love it if YT5 allowed the option to only kick in when Flash was missing. Some sites style their videos’ iframes directly and when they do, YT5 ruins the styling of the page.

  316. @Joe, see the new video tutorial above on how to download videos.

  317. Why can’t this extension hijack the Flash-checking process on Facebook? I have Flash completely uninstalled on Safari, so when I try to view videos on Facebook, Facebook complains that I don’t have Flash, and so YouTube5 can’t inject its player. Is this fixable (while keeping Flash uninstalled)?

  318. Hi, just kind of curious that if it is possible for YouTube5 to implement a “loop” aka “endless replaying” function?

  319. Nice extension, Like Ryan’s comment just above, a loop function would be awesome for those of us that find some nice music on youtube we want to loop in the background. Is this difficult to add?

  320. @Conor @Ryan: I failed to override the styles after all, so I ended up repack a version only for myself, hope you don’t mind.
    By the way here’s how it looks:

  321. Hey! I love this extension! The fact that my comp doesn’t run as hot and thus my fans aren’t as loud and thus I don’t have to turn my sound up if I, for instance, wanna watch vids at night. That’s all cool.

    The one major problem with it that I have found, though, is that the video skips ahead to the 50 second mark when entering fullscreen.

    1. Click on hyperlink to get to videos page.
    2. Video starts playing.
    3. I click the fullscreen symbol.
    4. The video skips from wherever it was to the 50 second mark regardless of it having passed that mark or not.

    I thought I’d list what exactly is happening in hopes that the clarity will help you debug this great extension! Thanks again!


  322. @Chris, I’ve never observed this issue, nor has anyone else encountered it, so there isn’t much I can do, sorry!

  323. @Ryan, @Chris, yes a loop system should be possible. I’ll look into it.

  324. @Jonathan, Facebook checks to see if you have flash installed before it even attempts to load the video, making it impossible to hijack. My attempts to fool FB into thinking flash is installed have failed, so while this should be technically possible I have not succeeded in accomplishing it.

  325. Today, I found HTML5 not working with the Flash video on Open Culture ( I thing that this is incredibly ironic if it is because of something that Open Culture has done. I suppose that it could be a problem on my end but I tend to doubt that since everything is new and up-to-date.

    Is this just me or do others have this issue?

  326. I should describe the symptoms: With extensions (and HTML5) on, there are blank spaces where video should be. No amount of clicking around causes anything to happen. With extensions (and HTML 5) off, the original Flash player is evident and functional.

  327. @ Connor: And yet now it’s magically fixed… :)

  328. Is there any chance you could add a blacklist where the extension won’t change out the flash? I am having troubles with the extension on this site, here is an example of the video not rendering properly:

  329. Please make it for Google Chrome!

  330. Sorry, already made! Thx for this extension!

  331. [...] Youtube 5 [...]

  332. Hi; couldn’t find a contact/support link so I’m posting a bug report here. The CSS on overrides the video title and YouTube user tag hover states, making them beige on this page only.

  333. The plugin doesn’t seem to work for me on the Youtube page for videos anymore. If I view an embedded YT video on another webpage, it works. But if I go to that video’s Youtube page, youtube’s own HTML player takes over (and it’s awful!!).. I’d much rather just keep using the player provided by your extension. Anyway this can be fixed?

  334. Facing the same problem as ChrisG83 :S

  335. please add the ability to play and download >1080p videos from youtube (4k and such)!

  336. Hi,

    Am I the only one noticing a possible recent change of YouTube that disables YouTube5′s option to download videos? Actually it feels like YouTube5 is not involved anymore in displaying YouTube videos.

  337. @Connor, any chance of getting something like this working for the BBC News site ( Most of their videos are available in HTML5 but even with flash uninstalled on Safari it insists in telling me to download Flash. The only option at the moment is to switch my User Agent to “Safari for iPad”. On the iPad (and with the user agent switch) the site is otherwise identical, except that (most) videos now work. It’s infuriating!

  338. Someone may have mentioned it, but when I am using the extension, my playlists do not automatically advance to the next video.

  339. Trying to get You tube videos to my ipod without having to have wi fi. It would not even let me download your app. Too bad.

  340. Great Extension! I did find out that it was causing one problem for me.

    The in-page slideshows (not fullscreen) on do not work when YouTube5 is enabled.

    Hope this can be easily fixed or there is some easy workaround to keep the YouTube5 extension enabled and just disable it for these type of slideshows.


  341. Here’s another instance where YouTube 5 2.3.1 fails to show the video:
    Apparently, CNN has changed something.

  342. OpenCulture is still showing blank space where a movie should appear:

  343. i have issues using youtube wide at the same time as youtube5

  344. There’s a weird frame outline to the right of the video now. It’s definitely a YouTube5 thing, because it disappears when you toggle it off.

  345. I’m going to give another vote to Space for play/pause, if only when full-screen. It’s bloody irritating to tap space to pause a video and instead get a “bonk”

  346. Hello. Amazing extension.

    1) Add an option to not show in the star of every video Use Original Player
    2) For some reason on YouTube the videos can’t play in the middle size option that’s on the middle of the screen. Fix it.
    3) When I firstly installed it, it played the videos in the middle of the screen but because the default YouTube player has the bar above in your player the the bar auto-hides creates a space from the video to grey background to white background.

  347. It seems that vimeo doesn’t work anymore since the new version

  348. Hey all,

    is it possible that youtube is broken again ?
    the player only works for me on embedded videos of youtube on other sides, but on youtube itself I’m back to good old shitty flash….
    any ideas ?

    thanks guys.


  349. Surprised to see that the option to download a YT video does not use the actual name of the video as the filename. Other extensions are able to parse that out, can YouTube5?

  350. Hi. It seems that with the new Vimeo page, the HTML5 video player isn`t working, it shows a message in each video you want to see “404 Error loading Vimeo video” and you are forced to use original player. This does not bother me as much as youtube videos, but I was getting used to it to the point I prefer it, even that the “Love”, “Share” and “Later” were unavailable. Maybe with a fix you could include this features now (:

  351. Extension seems to have stopped working for me. I don’t see an update, so I’m no sure if it’s just my system or the extension itself.

  352. I’m more and more seeing Youtube’s own HTML5 player instead of the extension. Maybe they changed it, but it still doesn’t work well. Can we get rid of that? Pretty please?

  353. @Chris @Connor I’ve had the same issue (50 sec skip on full-screen) for several months now. I just today realized it was one of the extensions for Safari (I thought it was Safari itself). I have YouTube5 2.3.1 also. This happens not only on YouTube videos, but any video that uses this plugin (even random 3rd-party sites, probably embedded video from the major sites).

    @Frank I have the same problem. The website is, not the one you listed.


  354. Hi there! Great extension. I don’t know how often the developer reads this page, but there’s one thing very broken about this extension.

    As mentioned above by one of the users, whenever the video (e.g. on youtube) is fullscreened (by clicking on the controls on the bottom right corner), it will very frequently turn completely white fullscreen. None of the on-screen control come up, and the only way to exit is by pressing escape. This happens very frequently and can be annoying.

    I hope the developer will find a fix for this problem. Love this extension though.

    • F
  355. Hi Frank,
    this is a bug in QuickTime/Safari since Lion, Apple has yet to fix it.

  356. Hello.

    Some youtube vids don’t have the “i”. why is this so ? I am using a Macbook Air with the latest specs. I wish you could reply to my email the soonest.


  357. The player has a bug for videos over 99 minutes, the numbers get displayed like this:


    When it should be 121:39 or 2:01:39.

    I watch some videos that are 6 to 10 hours almost every week and this is annoying.

    Thanks for the great extension.

  358. Am I an idiot? I have downloaded this extension twice and nothing has changed. What’s up?

  359. Here’s an image of the bug with videos longer than 99 minutes:

  360. I just downloaded the latest version, which installed fine.

    The main reason I wanted YouTube5 is that I was having problems viewing some YouTube videos that others have no problems seeing (I’m using Safari on a Mac under Lion). Here is a video that won’t play for me (it starts and then keeps starting over with new picture):

    Anyone have any ideas? If so, please email me. Thanks!

    Bob Champion

  361. Hi!

    I’ve been using YouTube5 for about a year, love it!

    I have had a problem recently with youtube videos continuously loading (even when it says they’re fully loaded).
    Living in Australia, and having data caps, this is a problem as i’m churning through my data allowance.
    Could you possibly have a look into this?
    Frank’s problem (above, 25/02/2012) also occasionally pops up.

    Also, is there any chance of Airplay integration? Hope i’m not asking too much!

    Thank you very much for your fantastic work, it is by far my favourite safari extension!

    Kind Regards,


  362. Seems like its broken now. It plays the crap html5 version. It takes ages to open the video and reminds me of Flash (fan spinning).

  363. @Zev, thanks for the bug report, I’ve fixed the color issue in the next update.

  364. @Bob, I tried the video you mentioned and it work fine. Perhaps the problem is some other extension?

  365. @Emm, please give an example of a video where this happens and I’ll look into it.

  366. Love your extension! It has never had a problem for me except recently. Whenever a video loads, it will sometime load just a few seconds of it or half of it. But never the whole thing. I just have to refresh the page and it plays correctly. But its a bit annoying none-the-less.

  367. My brother mentioned YouTube5 being broken and demonstrated it to me, I

  368. The example on this page works fine, so I

  369. I’ve been having the same issue as Alexei, but it only happens on the YouTube site, and even then only on certain videos (for example, if someone – like one of the assorted VEVO music-video posters – has a special YouTube page template, YouTube5 works perfectly). Embeds still use YouTube5 perfectly well.

  370. Anyone else getting “404 error loading Vimeo video” whilst this extension is enabled?

  371. Hey,
    the videos on seem to break the video controls. the navigation shows, but clicking it seems to just pause / play, so it doesn’t click the controls it appears.
    I hope you can look into it…

  372. Recently, more and more videos have been only showing up using YouTube’s built in HTML5 player instead of your player. They will load very slow with YouTube5 enabled, but if I disable it, they will load fine (this may be a placebo effect though).

    Here are some videos it happens for me on:

    Now that I think of it, could this be a weird interaction with the Safari Beta?

  373. I’ve loved using your extension for YouTube but since the past week or so, more and more videos on YouTube are playing through their HTML 5 player (which sucks!), instead of your extension. What is going on? The YouTube player takes much longer to load (both itself and the video), it stutters, and it doesn’t have a simple option to download the video. How can I get your extension to play YouTube videos again? I’m using the latest version 2.3.1

  374. I am having trouble with the Vimeo player in HD, it shows an error. Using the original player, which is HTML5 now, works like a charm though. Disabling Vimeo for YouTube5 or using the SD video format also makes it work.


  375. Hi all, same problem here with that Youtube HTML5-player. I simply opted out of this here (although I can’t remember opting in…) and everything is fine again :-)

  376. If you’re having trouble with youtube playing with the youtube html5 player please try going to and opting out of the youtube html5 test.

  377. I’ve noticed the past few days weird behaviour with YouTube5. When scrolling on a page with an embedded video, Safari will lock up for a moment as the video is scrolled past. As well, videos will randomly (every 5-10 seconds) freeze video (audio still plays) and lock Safari, but switching the active app to something else and back to Safari fixes it (which is an inconvenient fix for watching fullscreen). I don’t know if this is due to an update with YouTube5 or with the Safari 5.1.5 update that recently came out.

  378. Thanks David, opting out of YouTube HTML5 fixed the problem for me. Previously, all videos were loading using flash.

  379. This is a small suggestion. Sometimes you go to sites that embed the Youtube video, and you see empty space where the Youtube controls would generally be at the bottom of the video. For example, I get it when watching this video:

    Could the HTML5 version of the video that is substituted for the embedded Youtube video get vertically centered, so that rather than having a large gap at the bottom, it at least has somewhat intentional looking smaller gaps on the top and bottom of the video?

    And thank you, this extension makes the web experience just that much better.

  380. Great extension. Please in the future add the ability to change the viewer size other than just the normal small and full screen size.

  381. Thanks for your great extension. Seems that Vimeo changed something, and now YouTube5 v2.3.1 can’t find the video content there anymore.

  382. I’ve just installed this extension and succeeded in downloading a Youtube video on my first try. Question, though. I’ve been trying other videos and have found that some do not have the “i” information button in the upper right-hand corner while others do. Can anyone tell me why this is? Is it the poster’s choice to have it or not, or am I missing something in the settings of Youtube5? Some can be downloaded and others cannot — that’s just the way it is? Sorry, I’m a total novice at this. Thanks.

  383. Hi there,
    I have been using youtube5 on safari for a while now and I like it very much. is there anyway I could enable the wide player on youtube? thank you.

  384. a loop button would be so awesome.
    i saw you’re on it.

    can’t wait :( .
    this again for this plugin.

  385. I’ve been looking into porting this to Chrome. I love it in Safari (for the smoothness, low CPU usage and downloadable videos, and I really hate Flash). I’m familiar with writing Safari extensions and have been trying to familiarize myself with Chrome extensions. I attempted rewriting the code with conditions (if Chrome, do this, if Safari, do that) only where necessary, to make updating the plugin for both as easy as possible. My first attempt failed though, as the global page to injected script communication is fairly different between Chrome and Safari.

    Anyone else with more experience care to tackle this with me?

  386. Hi,

    Could it be possible for you to add https support for the plug-in? A lot of people (myself included) are starting to suffer from our ISP’s traffic shaping of YouTube and other video websites

  387. Full screen its broken in the last Mountain Lion Dp3 Build

  388. [...] over to Vertical Forest and download the Safari extension Youtube5. This will replace the default Youtube video player with [...]

  389. Excellent extension. Fixed my ongoing youtube woes that have been going on for the past month. I think it’s unfair that HTML5 video is being blemished by youtube’s crappy html5 players.

  390. [...] Safari 5 user? Use this. Been using it for years. [...]

  391. Apple fixed this bug in the last build of Mountain lion 12a206j, full screen its working fine again with youtube5

  392. HI!! first i wanna congratulate you for this great work! i just have a few days using it and it awesome! faster videos and without all the new “features” that are only anoying in youtube.
    What i really wanna do is warn you about a bug youre probably yet aware: when i activate the fullscreen the volume downs to half and the video jumps to the second 50, thats the only inconvenient i apreciate.
    and finally some feed: i would really love a more Quicktimish interface!! i mean that clicking the image appears/disappears the controls, pause with space key, change the aspect from original to fullscreen would be really nice and even being capable of using the forward and backward buttons would be georgeus!!
    Again thanks for this awesome extension, and ill be waiting for the next update

  393. i would love to have these features:

    1. Double click for full screen.
    2. Change of player size without going to preferences (if going to preference and changes to 480p works, haven’t checked)
    3. able to click on links that appears after the video finished to play another video.

    still i will stick with this extension instead of youtube HTML5 Beta which sucks.

  394. Work great. I hope this extension will support Facebook Video soon.

  395. Great extension. I had trouble getting it to work on my Macbook. It was because I had at some point deactivated multi-process windows using Safari’s hidden debug menu. I mention it in case someone else has a similar problem.

  396. Thank you for this, great player!

  397. [...] at it. You can disable the ad removal for specific sites in the settings. Fantastic plug-in.Free.YouTube5The standard video player on sites like YouTube and Vimeo are Flash based. As you have seen above, [...]

  398. embeded Vimeo videos are not working since a few weeks ago.

  399. i don’t know why my youtube player size shrinks.
    the width are shorter than original player on youtube.
    can you help me fix it?
    i really like to watch on wider screen but i also love youtube5 extension.

  400. Thank you for this extension! I haven’t used it much, but so far, so good. And I like the look of the player better, too.

  401. just downloaded youtube5
    mac os 10.5.8
    safari 5.0.6
    tried to download youtube video – took 6 minutes
    in your demo it took seconds
    something wrong?

  402. Vimeo support is currently broken, or at least so it seems on my machines. It just displays a 404 error message, the fallback to the original player still works.
    Maybe the code could be open sourced so more people can work on it, or make the donation button more obvious, so more people donate to keep this extension going!

  403. To be honest, your plugin has been essential for quite some time now. So thank you for your excellent work. I wanted to report that I am having difficulty with Mountain Lion’s Safari 6.0 and your plugin. I see a black rectangle, the use original player link, and an endless spinner, but the video never loads. Anyone else having this problem?

  404. My Mac (Safari 5.1.7) won’t let me install it! (Safari can’t open this file) Any ideas?

  405. Love the extension. Could you make available resolutions higher than 1080? Some videos are up to 4k (though google has recently down rez them a bit).

  406. Does anyone know if this works with Safari 6?

  407. Hey, I love this extension, but it’s been broken on YouTube for a while (maybe around a week?) now… any chance for an update? Thanks :D

  408. Hrmm… I was talking to my friend, and YT5 is still working for him, so It may be something on my end, but I’m not sure what. I tried disabling all other extensions, and it still wouldn’t work. When I click the play button, it goes black and does the spinning loading symbol, but it just stays like that and never actually loads. I made sure I’m not in the html5 beta, and joined/exited it just to make sure. I’m on 10.7 on a (2007?) MacBook Pro, was on Safari 5 until yesterday when I upgraded to Safari 6, but it’s still having the same problem.

  409. Hi,

    I came across following problem using Youtube5 plugin on Safari6: If video is hosted on DailyMotion and is embedded on any webpage, after plugin converts player to HTML5 – after clicking Play button player simply disappears and there’s empty space on the player’s place. The only way to play video is to click on actual plugin and open dailymotion site to watch the vid.

    Appreciate any comments or help on that one.

  410. wow,fascinating extension!!!THXS!!!

  411. Ok, I deleted my youtube cookies and it started working again! Weird! Logged back in, and it still works, so I dunno what the problem was…

  412. Youtube5 stopped working this morning – I could only see youtube video by reverting to ‘original’.
    MBP running Safari.

  413. masterkruffel Aug 6th, 2012 at 7:51 am

    seems that it its not working with safari 6 (tested in lion and mountain lion). just keeps loading, also download does not work any longer.
    hopefully there will be a update/bugfix soon.

    greetz and thx in advance

  414. The extension breaks in Safari 6. :-(

  415. YouTube playback and downloading is currently broken

  416. [...] all comes on the heels of Paul Haddad of Tweetbot reminding the masses about Vertical Forest’s great YouTube5 plugin. Even if you do still run Flash, I highly recommend you go grab this. It seems to make everything [...]

  417. I have noticed a small bug on Mountain Lion.

    When Safari is in fullscreen mode and I go to fullscreen to watch a YouTube video with YouTube5′s player, and then if I quit the player’s fullscreen mode, the system bar can’t be shown on the top.

  418. Could you include a option to download only the sound of a Video. Download Video as MP3?

  419. RiseDarthVader Aug 13th, 2012 at 1:15 am

    Is it possible to add the ability the change the video sizes like the options in the native YouTube player? I like to run my videos in “medium” video size on YouTube but currently the only options with YouTube5 are “small” and fullscreen.

  420. Have a look at, there is something wonky with the controls and info overlay.

  421. As of a few days ago, no youtube videos seem to load for me on any computers running this plugin :\

  422. Fullscreen is still broken in Mountain Lion’s Safari. Hlep!1

  423. It seems to be broken now, just keeps showing a spinner but nothing is happening. Any ETA on a fix?

  424. @Daniel and anyone else encountering the spinner issue: Try removing your website data for, this has worked for several other users. Go to Preferences-Privacy-Cookies and other website data-Details, search for youtube, select it, and click “Remove”. Note that this may require you to log in to youtube again.

  425. Please, add space to pause (like the ClickToPlugin HTML5 player and most of other players). That’s is the only think I miss in your awesome extension.

  426. Great extension, thanks for the hard work.

    I think I may have found a bug, though. Lately, some videos on YouTube will play twice. The audio will start for one, and then the other will start playing with audio and video. I presume what is happening is that it’s playing the YouTube5 video plus the YouTube native HTML5 player. Thanks!

  427. Great Extension!!! I love it!

  428. will there be airplay support? would be amazing, as others have pointed out already.

  429. Spinning endlessly. Most videos aren’t working anymore. I’m required to switch back to Flash to play the videos. Running 10.8.1 and it happened while it was on 10.8 as well

  430. It would be nice to be able to get the link for a video by command-clicking or using the Info overlay. Right now, it seems the only way I can get a link is to click the ‘Use original player’ link and then right-click in the YouTube video once it shows up. Any way to add that capability?

    Great extension, by the way.

  431. Okay, never mind, I’m being an idiot. Right-click the video title link. Duh.

  432. Hi, videos aren’t loading anymore on 10.8 (Safari 6.0).

    I’ll be very happy if update with fix will be released.

  433. Very Good!
    But I want support to Original Size(for 4K)

  434. I can now only see the spinning. the video never loads on any youtube videos. Always need to switch back to original video format.

  435. Safari 6 OSX10.8.1 extension no longer works for youtube – videos just show spinner and never load. Vimeo fine. Please update and save us from going back to Fl*sh or using chrome – thanks

  436. is there any way to include 4k Movies as well since Youtube offers as well 4,096

  437. Love the new pop out feature!

  438. I noticed a glitch. When auto-play video is activated in the prefs, a video is opened from a link, the video sound is actually played twice at the same time, when you hit play (which you try when the video doesn’t start playing instantly), once in the background with no way to switch it off and once on top, but you can switch that off. You still can’t switch it on or off then without again hearing it twice. So apparently there is no communication within the app wether the vid is already on or not.

  439. The extensions is really awesome! Videos played always in 720p, audio synced also on my AirPort Express – I LOVE it!
    Thank you!

  440. Hi there.

    I have a question regarding the interaction of YouTube5 and Squarespace 6 sites.
    My site is made using their new CMS and I noticed that with YouTube5 enabled there’s a pretty large gap between the video and the title of a given post.
    Your extension is the only extension for Youtube (or Facebook or Vimeo) that I use

  441. How about an option to replace the built-in player for ALL videos, not just those from Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook? For instance, plain old video-tagged videos hosted off miscellaneous web sites that would otherwise use the plain Safari player. It would be great to get your UI unified for all video playback through Safari.

    Keyboard controls would also be welcome, such as space to play/pause and cursor right/left to ffwd/rew – this is sorely missing in Safari’s built-in player. With this I could also recommend the extension to all my customers for use with an Apple remote.

  442. Hi,

    Recently, the player just sits there with the spinning thingy just spinning…it won’t play anything!

    I’ve tried rebooting my Mac and that didn’t work, Mid 2010, running Mac OS X 10.8.1 with a Samsung 830 series 120 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM

    You should look into this as I watch YouTube videos everyday and I want to keep using your extension!


  443. currently not working. any idea when an update will be coming? youtube just doesnt work for me without this plug-in. i dont know whats up with youtube recently. cant they just make a player that works? 30 seconds in every video it just starts hanging.

  444. Hi-
    I downloaded the extension. Installed it. Re-opened Safari. Was able to use it to download one video from youtube. Then when I went to download another, the feature was gone. I re-downloaded it, re-installed it. Checked my Safari extensions to make sure if was on (and it is). It’s still not coming up though and I’m unable to download any videos. Any advice?

  445. It looks that some changes on YouTube have broken it again. Loading videos does not work. Could you please investigate and possibly fix it?

  446. As Darwill reported on August 23rd, Google has changed Youtube videos to break YouTube5 2.4.0

    I hope a fix is in the works!

  447. Youtube Has Now Killed Youtube5.

  448. Suddenly it doesn’t work.
    Maybe Google banned this extension?
    This was only option not installing flash to watch Youtube videos.
    Do something, please~

  449. Hello,

    YouTube5 stopped working for me since yesterday. It doesn’t load any video on but if the video is embedded on another website everything works fine. It seems others have this issue, too, which probably stems from YouTube (I suspect it has something to do with ads but I’m not sure). Anyway, I thought I should let everyone know.


  450. Now videos aren’t played on YouTube anymore at all… :(

  451. Youtube5 just stopped working for me yesterday (Sept 13th). Was on youtube, everything ok, then the next video just the spinning circle :( Had to disable it for now.
    Running Mountain Lion 10.8.1, Safari 6.0, Youtube5 2.4.0.

  452. Seems broken now in Windows also!

    Spinning endlessly on Youtube, no way to download.
    Only way to show them are by switching back to original player! :-(

  453. Not working any more… Safari 6, OS X 10.8.1

  454. Youtube is not working. I Push to play the video and the loading “wheel” just keeps spinning.

    If I choose original player then it’s just fine and the video plays like normal.

    Any fix coming up?


  455. Something is wrong cus youtube5 don’t work anymore when i try to watch a video in youtube website. It keeps loading and loading and nothing happens, but if the video is embed it works just fine. I don’t know if is my problem or not but ty for one of the best extensions ever. (using youtube5 2.4.0)

  456. I’m getting the eternal spinny thing again :\ clearing youtube’s data isn’t fixing it.

  457. peter paul mary Sep 14th, 2012 at 8:02 am

    i can confirm that.
    not working anylonger on youtube…

  458. also to me it doesn’t work (Safari 5.1.7) :(

  459. Not working here either.

  460. Mine also doesn’t work.

  461. It stopped working for me too yesterday. Videos won’t load and the download feature doesn’t work either. I had to go back to watching them with (yuck) Flash (yuck)

  462. Confirming here as well. No longer working on YouTube.

  463. Not working for me either

  464. Can also confirm not working, black screen + spinning progress icon. Having to result back to default player, sadly.

  465. Same here. I deleted the cookies, checked that youtube’s html5 player is off… but youtube5 is still spinning.

  466. i confirm from france ;) .
    hope for a fix soon, so much a great plugin, i think this is the one i use the most in safari.
    thanks again for that extension and the new pop up feature (even i never use it, it’s cool :D).

  467. I have two users on my iMac and the extension works in just one of them. No idea what happened. I’m using Mountain Lion and Safari 6

  468. it doesn’t work anymore! please fix it! flash disgusts me!

  469. Same here. Hoping for a fix. Thanks in advance.


  471. The videos are not loading. FX

  472. ok, its a relief knowing im not the only one the plugin’s not working anymore D:

  473. I can confirm (UK) that plugin is no longer working on youtube – annoying, as I rely on it for YouTube clips. I can play them in Chrome, but the quality of the h.264 from YouTube5 is so much better.

  474. I submitted a fix for the youtube issue. You can either wait for Connor to release an updated version, or build the extension yourself (requires a Safari Developer Certificate).

  475. Many thanks for the fix dlh! Sorry to everyone that I didn’t notice this issue sooner.

  476. Aaaaand everything seems back to normal, thank you dlh and Connor! Great job

  477. Thanks! It’s working again after updating. I kept thinking it was a problem on my end. This is my favorite safari extension since it allows me to avoid adobe flash.

  478. Thankyou ^^ Kinda reminds you how much you’d miss the plugin XD Without your plugin, I’m left with Choppy video (flash player), no full-screen support and a terrible UI (normal HTML5 player), or actually having to download videos manually using the source retrieved from the activity window. I used to have a script saved as a bookmark that would switch the flash player for a quicktime player, but that seems to have long since broken <.<

  479. Thanks for the update fellas!

  480. Thank you very much for the update, I love this extension!

  481. Can you add a option to allow people use auto-sized settings on default?
    thanks great work

  482. Brilliant, works flawlessly, thank you so much for putting time and effort into the development of this!

  483. Thank you for creating an excellent Safari extension!! I’m loving my Mac even more now because of this cool extension! Keep up the great work! I’ll be looking forward to more updates you bring.

  484. Update of the recent post : Youtube5 2.4.1 only load 360p video … any above that black screen and spinning wheel

    Safari 6.0.1 – OSX 10.8.2

  485. It works!!!! The update Fixed all the problems. THANK YOU

  486. Just discovered this extension. It’s great! Video is noticeably smoother, and the easy download option is extremely welcome. Only one issue: when I click the full screen button on YouTube (lower right), nothing whatsoever happens. Using Safari 5.0.6 under 10.5.8 with YouTube5 2.4.2 on a Quad G5.

  487. Yo Bros. I’ve published before about youtube5 not well with OS X Lion last year. Unfortunately, someone removed my posting. NOW, I am using OS X Mountain Lion, and youtube5 is still not working with some links.. Thank you DLH, but I wish you could capture the following test cases..

  488. :) sorry.. I meant POSTED.. not published… ha ha ha ha

  489. YouTube is slowly rolling out their own HTML5 player on a growing number of their videos. Sounds great, except it sucks big time compared to your solution. Is it possible for you to add a preference to the extension that makes it possible to overwrite their HTML5 player as well?

  490. Hi. You have a great add-on for Safari. Thanks so much for doing it! Here’s an idea – have you ever considered adding the ability for YouTube5 to make mp3s from the downloads. YouTube downloader for Firefox has something just like what I’m talking about. That would be fantastic if you can do it. Thanks so much!!

  491. This is fantastic! Keep up the good work

  492. Thanx for this extension !

    Can you add the spacebar support to pause/play a video ?

  493. Hey Guys :),

    Please fix youtube :(

    Fucking Youtube :(

    youtube5 is best

  494. Hi there,

    Unfortunately the extension is now broken for me (it wasn’t just a few hours ago and nothing’s changed on my end since then.)

    OS 10.8.2

  495. Well, everything was going awesome (thank you very much for developing this!) but not it’s suddenly stopped working and all I get is the crap standard youtube player. I’ve reset Safari, turned the plugin on and off, reloaded the page, tried different videos, tried videos that I had watched with the plugin working, shut down Safari, reinstalled the plugin – nothing brings back the youtube5 player. Sad day. The odd part is that it stopped working without having shutdown Safari. Just tried to watch another video and it was gone.

    Let me know if there is any additional info I can give you.


  496. Ok, odd development… the extension is still working on Vimeo and embedded videos on other sites but has stopped working on YouTube. The videos autoplay the regular old flash version, the extension front end doesn’t even show.
    Anyone else having the same issue?

  497. As “JD Oct 16th, 2012″ mentioned, the videos autoplay the regular old flash version. For me too, the extension front end doesn

  498. hi, stop working for youtube-videos for me too. thx

  499. Yeah, I was just stopping by to report as well. This has happen before, generally the extension has to updated. I don’t know if it’s changes to YouTube or Adobe that bypass it. My Click2Flash isn’t working either. But they’ve both gone out at the same time for me before.

  500. Yep JD, same problem on my side.

  501. @JD
    Yes, I have the same issue as you.

  502. Yup I have the same issue … only default for original player appears.

  503. JD – I’m having exactly the same issue.

    I’ve switched to Chrome as a Stop-Gap, but I can’t use it permanently, as I don’t have Flash installed system wide.

    Here’s hoping for a quick fix.

  504. Yeah, I noticed that last night too. Several videos I tried on don’t load. I see “missing plug-in” flash up there, then I get a black box, then nothing, and nothing seems to be downloaded either.

    Meanwhile, other videos work as normal.

    It’s possible that all the videos I’m having trouble with are preceded by ads.

  505. Same issue here as JD and Joe posted….

  506. Having the same issue as JD, don’t know about Vimeo, but youtube is loading the default flash version, which causes my imac to struggle with 360p again, with the plugin working it handles 1080p without a problem.

  507. Same here…

  508. Hi
    Same as JD & Mieko
    Extension stopped working on youtube. Only load in Flash, which btw eating CPU :)
    I noticed, embedded vids still works.

  509. Hey! Thanks guys for the brilliant extension, but I just thought to let you know I’m also having the same issue here as reported by JD

  510. JD: this isn’t odd. YouTube is free to change the way their website and video playback works and this extension has to adopt to it. That’s why it’s not working atm.

  511. Same here…

  512. Same as JD & Joe!

  513. Same here

  514. Same here… thats weird, i think google have something to do with it…

  515. Almost exactly the same thing that happened almost exactly (heh) a month ago. No player window loads and the flash player tries to re-appear for videos with advertisements.

  516. See above.

  517. Actually, upon posting that comment, the problem seems to be fixed for me o-o; good timing ^^;;

  518. Hi, the plugin stopped working for me last night. Today I unistalled it and reinstalled it and everything’s working fine now. Hope this helps ;)

  519. An update has been released for anyone that’s still having a problem

  520. very simple tip but a great one none the less Berlingoski – uninstall – reinstall – fixed :)

  521. Videos on Quora stay black when the Y5 extension is active…
    See for example:

  522. Hi,

    first, thanks for the great extension. Really appreciated.

    However, I have the issue, that some videos on YouTube do autoplay, although I have autoplay disabeld in the HTML5 settings (some YouTube videos do not autoplay, a behaviour I highly prefer). I do not know what makes some YouTube videos autoplay, and some not. Is it when there is not HTML servable video-file available, falling back to Flash? However, I have Click2Flash extension, so autoplay should be suppressed in this case as well.

    Now, the thing that autoplaying YouTube not only autoplay, I also see in these cases no way to access the info layover menu in order to make availabe the download links (for different qualities, be means of right-click).

    So, some YouTube content does autoplay, and is not available for download by HTML5 typical method via the info menu. Could there be done anything with respect to this?
    Are there any other settingd involved? Like, YouTube HTML5 trial?

    One last thing: The pwnyoutube Bookmarklet was once able (before it stopped working some weeks ago) to put the title of a YouTube video into the name of the downloaded video file. Which was a tremendous convenience. Possible to see some such functionality in HTML5?

    Thanks again, amazing work!

  523. Quick update: Apparently, the solution fo making sure that YouTube5

  524. Hey great extension. Appreciated!!! Just one drawback maybe, when you play playlists on YouTube it doesn’t go to the next song, is that so, or I just didn’t catch something ? :) Otherwise IT”S PERFECT, Keep up the good work :)

  525. when youtube5 is on, video in dailymotion can not be played.

  526. Can you add in “Playlist Support” on Youtube5

  527. [...] YouTube Downloader for Mac For those using Safari, you may want to try YouTube5. It converts flash to HTML5 encoding and enables you to download the videos as MP4 and other video [...]

  528. Awesome player! It’s beautifully designed and makes the videos stream smoothly. Thanks for all the hard work :) I encountered trouble with the ‘add to’ button on Youtube though…I can no longer add videos to my playlists. Is this supposed to happen?

  529. Alexander Petrossian (PAF) Nov 6th, 2012 at 12:13 am

    Two years, no keyboard controls :(
    Please, please?

  530. Not working with most of the YT videos with Safari 6.0.2
    I already tried to uninstall & re-install it, but it changed nothing :/

  531. Loving your extension! Would you be able to make one for Google Chrome as well? All the good video download extensions have been deleted from their store. Luckily I still have one (which they haven’t removed) but it does not convert flash to HTML. If you can I would very much appreciate it!

  532. Why does not it always work? Even for the same video, it worked yesterday, then today it does not work anymore.
    For some video, it just never works..
    Great work though.

  533. On my Safari 6.0.2 on OS X 10.8.2 without Flash Player installed I’m not able to play embedded YouTube videos. It just shows black and I have to go to YouTube site directly to play it.

    YouTube5 2.4.2 installed with Autoplay videos on disabled and default format on 720p.

  534. Managed to resolve the problem: Uninstalling Google Disconnect extension on Safari, and using Disconnect (the all-in-one version, instead solved it. Thanks!

  535. Actually, can’t make embedded YouTube videos fullscreen, even though they work fullscreen on YouTube site. Clicking anywhere on embedded YouTube video actually just stops and resumes a video, like clicking the info button on top right. What gives? Thanks!

  536. I’m getting some strange behaviour: I occasionally open a video and leave it to load while I go make a cup of tea or something, but with a lot of videos, it simply stops loading just over halfway through. Moving the play position slider to the end of the loaded area will make it start moving again, but moving it back to the start makes it unload everything and start loading the video from the start again.

  537. I second Hanii Puppy’s problem, i have a slow connection at school. When the player get to the latest point buffered it just stops loading unless i refresh.

  538. Hey, the new YouTube Layout makes the video size a bit taller than YouTube5, is there a chance there will be an update to fill the space with the player?

  539. Great work here, but jus have an issue, can you make the mouse cursor disappear when on fullscreen?

  540. @Connor mouse arrow does not disappear in full-screen mode. can you please fix it.

  541. I’ve requested the ability to launch movies in QuickTime Player instead of inline the webpage, just as trailers at Apple’s trailer page do, and I’ve found out how to do it. If you like the suggestion, you have the solution here:

  542. [...] YouTube5 is a Safari extension that replaces YouTube’s official player with its custom player. It’s free and immediately fixes the problem: The developer of should be awarded a medal for making my 4 years old MacBook Air play videos perfectly again AND not making it crash after 10 minutes of watching Flash videos on Mac OS X Lion. Not all sites, but I certainly use YouTube a lot and even 1080p videos stream smoothly. [...]

  543. First of all, great extension/app, many thanks. Funds to follow.

    Feature request: If “Use original player” is selected, it is possible to display Flash settings, but it is not possible to interact with to display. Would it be possible to either: 1) fix this issue or 2) possiby more useful overall provide an icon that would disable/enable the extension rather needing to go into Safari preferences.

    With or without this feature I really appreciate the extension and your efforts. Great Job.


  544. For some reason the latest version in full screen does not hide the mouse cursor. This used to do that, can it be fixed?

  545. [...] 11)YouTube5- This is another extension based YouTube downloading which is available for Safari. You can download Videos by clicking the required video resolution which can be seen in a video. Check the screenshot given below for better understanding. [...]

  546. It’d be awesome if the overlay displayed the duration of the video along with the title/author/etc. It’s available in the DOM in the following tag, where “xx” is minutes and “yy” is seconds:

  547. Trying that duration tag again, using HTML entities for the angle brackets:

    <meta itemprop=”duration” content=”PTxxMyyS”>

  548. Doesn’t install for me at all, keeps giving me a pop up which says that it is unable to install the extension

  549. hi,

    since few days (maybe weeks), videos on youtube can’t keep fullscreen.

    i click the double arrow, then it goes fullscreen 1 second, and goes back to normal size…

    thanks in advance ;) .

  550. The extension is broken on; buttons are not clickable; it can only play/pause the video; it works everywhere else.

  551. For some reason, this great, great enhancement refuses to go into full screen mode. If clicked, the video enlarges, stays large for a second and shrinks back into the window mode again. Wtf? I’ve really come to love this extension, it keeps my Youtube experience so much smoother and simpler. Please try to give it a fix, or is it just me?
    Cheers, Max

  552. Nice extension, but same fullscreen problem here! Please fix it. Thx. :)

    “For some reason, this great, great enhancement refuses to go into full screen mode. If clicked, the video enlarges, stays large for a second and shrinks back into the window mode again. Wtf? I

  553. Never mind, I found the bug: The little tool “Network Inspector” caused Youtube5 to leave full screen mode immediately after activating it. Quitting the tool did the trick. Just in case somebody is experiencing similar issues.
    Cheers, Max

  554. Not working while “Live” events are playing.

  555. Thanks, excellent work !!! mac os 10.8.2 – macbook pro 13 (2012)

  556. Just to let you know, it seems like video playback is broken again. The spinning wheel’s spinning forever and ever

  557. Still having scaling issue on an every website: if I zoom the page in, then the Fullscreen mode scaling the video off the screen. Turned the extension off for a while. Pity, it’s a great extension!

  558. I’m not able to go fullscreen on videos posted on Facebook.

    Other than that problem, everything is awesome.


  559. *youtube videos posted on Facebook

  560. As of Feb 5 2013 the plugin stopped working. And I solved the problem the same way I had done before: Uninstall the plugin. Quit Safari. Reinstall the plugin. Fixed! :)

  561. @Berlingoski that didn’t fix it…

  562. @Malown sorry to hear that. I don’t know of any other workaround to fix the problem. In fact my way of solving it was pure luck, as I normally fix things when something doesn’t work on my mac. I’m on an old PowerMac G5 PPC running Mac OS X v10.5.8, Safari 5.0.6

  563. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You’ve just made my old mac so much more useable again :)

  564. i have up to date version. i have an clicking on my headphones (MBA 2012) when i use the window-popout-function or fullscreen mode. right in the moment i click one of the buttons the audio stops for a little moment.

    maybe you can fix this in later version. would appreciate it.

    thx and greetz.

  565. On my blog, the controls dont seems to work (slider to fast forward, etc.) any idea why? :( Love that player and the “big window” mode. I wish we could close it with Esc though.

    Thx !

  566. Oh, it seems that the plugin don’t like my responsive layout in fact. Don’t know if the 2 problems are linked.

  567. Is it possible for you to make the youtube playlist function work? that would be just great! By the way, thanks for the great plug-in use it all the time.

  568. Any chance of adding an option to automatically switch to the popout mode when you start playing a video and then pop back in after it finishes? Also, I’d like to suggest that clicking outside of the video when in popout mode should (optionally at the very least) pop the video back in. This is how most images and videos that use this style of enlarging usually function and seems fairly natural to me.

    Thanks for all the great work on this extension. I recommend it to all of my friends and can’t stand working on a Mac that doesn’t have it installed.

  569. Luv this extension, and I’m a big fan of HTML5. For future work, adding a loop/replay button would be great :]

  570. It is working for me again… I just had to clear my cache for via the preferences.

  571. Couple of problems.
    1) The mouse pointer disappears while use interacting with the menus
    e.g. download link, etc.

    2) some videos just won’t play and require the original player

    Try “Dirt, The movie” video.

  572. The “p” keyboard shortcut conflicts with Google Reader’s “p” shortcut call: if I played a video in Google Reader and press “p” after that the video pops up again.

  573. Is it possible to add “Auto Replay” button to this?? Please, answer… thanks!

  574. We are encountering an issue with users who have YouTube5 installed who are visiting our site. ALL YouTube videos are autoplaying even when the extension setting is unchecked. You can see an example here: Is this a known bug? Is there a fix?

  575. Hey

    Sometimes the video flickers when played. 720P video usually on YouTube

  576. @Adam, yup, that’s a bug, it will be fixed in the next version.

  577. Just thought I’d pass a heads up about the app MacTubes. It allows app-like support and streaming for YouTube, and looping. I spent all day seeing if there were Safari Extensions for this, like YouTube5, but nothing for Safari seemingly reliable, or easy. YouTube5 is the best support out there for in-browser viewing and downloading, just not looping.

    Thank you Connor.

  578. Filing a bug (is there any other way, than in the comments?)

  579. You ignore my first comment. Your extension is amazing, nothing gets the job done like yours. Thank you for YouTube5. Only recommendation is to add looping and start/stop time brackets, and that that be integrated with the download feature. Then, it would be perfectly complete.

  580. I know this works as I saw it the other day. Gone to download onto my mac today and it is saying an error is occurring when installing extension. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

  581. love this extension on my safari 6.0.3 on ML 10.8.3 but I’m getting a black bar across the bottom of the width of the video. Fullscreen works well but when I’m viewing it in normal width, there’s a black bar. Is this a known issue? Email me if you want me to send you a pic of what I’m describing.

    Thanks and good work for this!

  582. omg…. thank you for fixing youtube for Google.

  583. Discovered this add-on, thought it was just what I was looking for until I discovered it doesn’t support playlists. I watch many playlists, sometimes while eating or something so it would become a pain to exit fullscreen and skip to the next video. :|

  584. I suffer from being a Time Warner Cable customer and have had to block the CDN they use so that I can get reasonable speeds on streaming video from YouTube (their CDN makes it impossible to stream even 320p video). I did this by adding block requests to my iptable on my home router. Unfortunately, this prevents YouTube5 from working properly. I can turn off the plugin and access YouTube just fine, but whenever it’s on, the video never plays.

    Any chance that a future version could recognize rejected incoming IP addresses and fall back to the source video instead of the CDN?

  585. I’ve been using this extension since it came out, I believe. Anyway, I just have a small feature request. Would it be possible for YouTube5 to pause iTunes when I play a YouTube video? My lazy butt would find that super nice.

  586. If one feature I would request is that when you are download videos, it would adapt the name of the video as the filename automatically. I use youtube5 a lot for downloading so this would save a lot of time.

    Other than that couldn’t be happier. A massive thank you from me!

  587. Is it possible to add/tweak the program that when you click the button to download and then save file that it puts the name of the file in for you so you don’t always have to type it in? – Thanks!

  588. All videos on are showing up black, sound still playing

  589. Hey I am just starting out with this extension and appreciate what you have done to bring it to the world – and for supporting it and us. I am looking for a way to download Flash/HTML5 movies from other sites, though. Is there any way for this to be accomplished with your extension?

  590. This extension is great, but I really wish it could display Youtube captions somehow.

  591. Hi,this extension rocks,but,yesterday I installed clicktoflash as well,and now CTF is playing all my YouTube videos using it’s player and not yours! What to do??I really like your player

  592. “I am looking for a way to download Flash/HTML5 movies from other sites, though.”

    Marc Hoyois’s ClickToFlash, ClickToPlugin (superset of CTF), and Media Center extensions have “Download Video” commands

  593. Thank you for the html5 extension for youtube. Finally someone who is real with no bullshit. Much praise.
    I don’t know computers but you are a genius.
    You have made my life much happier.

  594. I have noticed that using this extension, video I watched in YT will not appear in “watch history”, any possible way of doing it? or maybe you will include this in the next update?

  595. Great update, thank you for not forgetting about it :)

  596. Thank you for your great work so far!
    Unfortunately the extension behaves a bit strange in Feedly. Is that a problem of Feedly or the extension itself?

  597. [...] 3: Install this extension: . This did the job. This embeds and awesome player into safari which plays youtube videos in the [...]

  598. I love you man. This extension is 1000 times better than youtube’s and plays every video. I have 3 suggestions
    if you mind.

    please do not add any other feature. don’t complicate it. currently everything is perfect.

    as safari for windows is dropped, we have safari for os x only.

    volume is not necessary. we can set volume using keyboard buttons. you can remove volume control.
    FLV is not being played on my macbook (safari 6, mountain lion). I think it is because quicktime does not play FLV.
    you can remove all FLV options (e.g. 240p FLV)

    Thank you

  599. hey, im using Safari Version 5.1.9…and now the extension not working anymore…. just a week ago it was fine. how can I check if smthing went wrong with the settings or just simple crash with latest Safari upates?

  600. solved :)

    for others who are suffering too: leave the test version (youtube automatically put you on the test version) and will work again….

  601. Hi.

    Your extension is great, and many people ask for many new features. As for me I can live without all of them (like name conversion etc.) but there is one thing which makes it impossible to use it further.

    Your extension doesn’t mark videos as seen, and they do not appear in my history, and when I return to some channel, I can’t understand what is new and what is already seen.

    If it’s possible to add this feature?

  602. Could you please change the shortcut for full screen to something else? Command+F is a Find key for safari, and i use this a lot, but every time in a page with videos, i have to move my mouse to show the status bar, click on Edit, hover mouse over Find, and then click on the “Find…”. because the keyboard shortcut will make the video full screen rather than letting me find a word in a webpage. Thanks!

  603. Videos no longer load, just an endless spinning wheel.

  604. extension is broken :((

  605. Running Safari 6.0.5, youtube videos start, but then immediately stop and I am prompted to install flash. I could never make it work on facebook.

    Is anyone else seeing this?

  606. It seems that, as of last night, YouTube has begun to force the use of their own players. The extension works fine for a second and the progress bar at the bottom shows the video being downloaded, but then the entire player disappears and is replaced with the HTML5 player, rendering most of the videos on the site unwatchable. I wonder why Google has decided to force this behavior. Ad revenue, perhaps?

  607. I’m running Safari 6.0.5 and I can’t view youtube videos anymore. It looks like it’s loading via the youtube5 extension like normal then flicks to a Flash install warning like this:

    Any ideas?

  608. The last YouTube update seems to disable Youtube5 for all the videos with ads…

  609. Hello,
    Youtube must have changed his code. Because Youtube5 no longer works. : (

    You can remedy. ? Thank you for your future answers. :)

  610. @kris

    What do you mean by leaving the test version? I’m having trouble too, Youtube automatically switches to their player…

  611. Doesn’t work anymore. :(

    No Flash installed, not in YT’s HTML5 test

  612. As of today, YouTube5′s plugin stopped working on YouTube. I do hope this gets corrected soon.

  613. As others are saying, it’s not working anymore. Also, it has never worked for me on Facebook. I have to open every video link on Facebook via Chrome.

  614. The extension stops working after the update to 2.5.4 in safari. i hope you find a solution to this soon. Thanks

  615. Extension is still working for embedded YouTube videos but not at YouTube itself as of today, 20 June 2013.

    As others have reported, your extension starts then YouTube switches to their player.

    Boy do I hate autoplay at YouTube. Hope you can fix this.

  616. Does not work as of today – having the same issue as Enon above.

  617. Confirmed. I noticed today, 21 June 2013 it stopped working on YouTube, in coincidence with the update of the plugin to 2.6.0. The preview shows up and the UI loads for a split second before getting a warning to install Flash.

  618. I noticed this yesterday. Some YouTube videos still play (though in a different player) but many now don’t, and claim to need the Adobe Flash Player. I reported this as a technical issue on the Google Product Forums. If you reply to my report or star it then I suppose it is marginally more likely to come to the attention of Google staff.

  619. As of a few days ago, YouTube began detecting flash (something they never did before) and replacing the video with the flash install message if you do not have it enabled. In response to this, I have added a rudimentary plugin blocking system to YouTube5 which will allow you to leave plugins enabled in Safari without them ever being loaded. This will make videos work on YouTube again.

    The flash blocking system can be done on either a whitelist or blacklist basis. I haven’t had time yet to write instructions on how to use it, but if you want to block flash everywhere just go to the settings for the extension, scroll to the bottom, and change the plugin blocking method to whitelist. Flash and other plugins will only be allowed on the domains you specify in the whitelist box.

    I regret that this fix does require you to have flash installed and enabled, but there isn’t any other way around this issue. I’ve tried to find ways to trick flash detection into returning a false positive, but with no success.

  620. Joacim Olsen Tangen Jun 21st, 2013 at 1:15 am

    I find that joining the Feather beta helps. You’ll lose comments and related videos, but this way you won’t need to install flash.

    Embedded videos works as well.

  621. Looks like it’s stopped working :(

  622. Thanks Connor for the quick turn-around!

    setting the whitelist to empty seems to duplicate running without flash at all, which is all I want in this world.

    Google with their $50B in the bank can afford to vend me ad-free cat videos.

  623. Oops, I spoke too soon. I see going to e.g. armor games that the Flash plugin is eating 5% of my CPU serving two banner ads.

    oh well, I’ll have to wait for a better fix I guess.

  624. Great, another menu bar item I have to remove after every update just like AdBlock. BOOOO. But your extension is awesome. YAYYYY!

  625. Hi,

    Extension seems to no longer work for me; a video on YouTube starts for a split second, but then instantly gets to black screen with “You need to install Adobe Flash” warning.

    P.S. Thanks for making this, love it.

  626. Thanks for the tip, Joacim. A minimal version of YouTube without the crap (btw, I still get comments, just not related videos and some videos never finish loading but it’s a beta), YouTube5 working again and no need to infest my system with all the crap that Adobe decides to drop in all the wrong places, with the Flash installer (and all their software, for that matter). Also thank you Connor, of course, for at least give us a workaround and a great responsive UI for web videos.

  627. Should have read before posting; anyway, thanks.

  628. dear Connor,

    remove blacklisting feature, it is ridiculous.
    also remove YT5 button before the address bar, it looks like shit.
    remove vimeo/facebook options. focus on youtube.

    and youtube still asks for flash! please fix the plugin, stop complicating it.

  629. Hey there,

    First all thanks for gifting this wonderful safari plugin. Finally, I can watch youtube videos without any distraction. However, as previous users have stated, there is an issue that is still present when it comes to playing youtube videos. It still asks to install flash but the weird thing is audio of a particular video still plays on the background. Nevertheless, itll be great if you guys can find a solution for this. Until then, guess we are going to be tormented by the flashing ‘install adobe flash’ notification on most videos.

  630. Thanks for your efforts Connor but I won’t be installing the Adobe Flash Player plugin so your workaround won’t work for me. If I want to use the YouTube website now I just set the Safari User Agent string to iPad in the Develop menu and that works. What Google has done is prompt me to take a fresh look at Vimeo which does not seem to have any Flash dependency (I had enabled YouTube5 for Vimeo videos but even when I turn off extensions in Safari it still works fine). Incidentally, the Vimeo player seems to work very well – it transitions to and from full screen smoothly and you can even toggle back and forth between HD and SD with only a slight pause. I had also enabled YouTube5 for Facebook videos but it never worked for me – Facebook always tells me I need Flash.

    So the upshot is that I have disabled YouTube5 in Safari preferences. I was thinking about joining YouTube’s “Feather” beta as suggested by Joacim but I decided to make do with the User Agent trick for now. And I should stop wasting so much time surfing YouTube anyway:-)

  631. @Joacim Olsen Tangen

    Thanks for the heads up about the Feather beta – that will be my workaround for the time being. I really appreciate Connor’s efforts to address this, but I won’t be installing the Flash plugin.

    Die Flash, die!

    Besides, suppressing comments at YouTube is actually a good thing.

  632. I jumped in too quick – like megadroid I still get comments, just no related videos list. I haven’t encountered any videos yet that fail to load; still testing.

    The Feather beta is going to be great for a friend of mine who is stuck with a very slow DSL connection.

  633. This is the best safari plugin ever created.

  634. Hey Connor, awesome, awesome plugin.
    Since you added the plugin blocking and the workaround for the Flash checking I’m sometimes getting this strange effect on YouTube where more than one stream will play overtop of each other. If I pause the video audio keeps going out of of step with the video. If I hit play again, I will now have multiple audio streams on top of each other. I assume there is multiple video as well but that they are on top of each other blocking the controls.
    This does not happen on every video, and if I refresh the page once or twice on the videos that this is happening the effect will go away and only one video/audio stream will play. There does not seem to be a pattern to these occurrences.
    Just a minor bug but I wanted to let you know.

    Keep up the good work!

  635. Thanks for the awesome Extension. But I have the exact same Problems like Cam.

  636. I could get it working on YouTube again, after I blocked the following JS in my AdBlock rules:*.js

    This seems to check the presence of Flash, and displaying an error, if not found. If the script is not loaded (and executed), the error isn’t shown and everything with the extension works fine.

  637. Thumbs up to Phriedrich! This workaround solution is working without a hitch. Kudos to you

  638. Thank you Phriedrich! that did it!! Yayyy we’re back in business :D

  639. I thought I didn’t need YouTube5 any more because the YouTube site for iPad seemed to work well on Safari/OS X with user agent string set to iPad. However, I soon came across a video that was not available for mobile – doh!

    So thanks phriedrich for getting it working again.

  640. @phriedrich

    Thanks for figuring this out. In my case, I used the JavaScript Blacklist extension to block any scripts from If the script name changes, it will still be blocked.

  641. Thanks phriedrich (and connor of course), I

  642. since the last update there is a very annoying problem with the audio track…..
    audio runs twice, but unfortunately not parallel -> if you press stop one audio track keeps running
    if you press play again -> again you hear two audio tracks starting at different time points

    using mac 10.6.8
    latest updates

    I really appreciate your work and it ran almost perfect till now. It would be great if this could be fixed once.

  643. FFmpeg hosting refers to use of free software that is used to upload, convert and encode video and audio files.
    This is because most website technologies
    that run on Linux hosting, as well as the operating system itself,
    are all open source. As far as you see that the Google bot is able to visit all your pages then you
    can probably assume that it has registered that DNS has changed to new IP address.

    My blog post; homepage

  644. phriedrich’s workaround is successful here, too

  645. Phriedrich’s solution stopped working for me – the flash check came back. So I tried Enon’s method of using the JavaScript Blacklist Extension to block all scripts from That suppresses the Flash check and allows me to watch videos but it is a blunt instrument which also suppresses still images on suggested videos etc – not that it particularly bothers me. It shouldn’t take long to work out the minimal set of URLs at that need to be blocked.

  646. Phriedrich, that fixed it! Thank you so much. Why isn’t this part of the extension?

  647. Ignore my previous comment, phridrich’s method is still working, there must have been some sort of glitch. Still, if it does stop working the first thing to try is block everything from and see if that fixes it.

  648. Same issue and same workaround as reported by Ian Gregory above:

  649. Can’t understand why it’s not working on mine, i added the rule given by Phriedrich, but not better.
    I deactivate the HTML5 player on youtube (i relaunched it few days ago).

  650. Xavier, you may want to add also this rule:*.js

  651. I can confirm that phriedrich and denofevil’s adblock solutions work today. making sure and is the key. http AND https.

  652. [...] YouTube5 [...]

  653. Phriedrich’s solution worked… EXCEPT for ‘VEVO’ videos that are on I can get every video to load properly except from any video that is officially tagged as ‘VEVO’.


  654. Big up for phriedrich.

    How the hell did you find this exception out?

    Thanks anyways.

  655. Blocking*.js make some of youtube video control not working, youtube5 works great.

  656. [...] YouTube5 [...]

  657. Hi, I have this extensions on my Safari 5.1.9 (6534.59.8)
    (All in latest version).
    And YouTube5 just don’t work enymore. I see like always the player but it not loading the video.
    That’s until I installed latest Java update by Apple.

  658. Denofevil :

    THANK YOU mr Awesome ! ;)
    work like a charm, except on VEVO videos like Youtubevevo said :/ .

    thanks again Denofevil ;) .

  659. Phiedrich’s solution worked (thank you!) but somehow all the comments do not load! Vevo seems to work for me, I just tested a couple random vids though no comments still. Could someone please figure this one out? Would be eternally grateful thanks!!

  660. The Phiedrich solution does not work for me because the URL he posted results in a 404. Could someone please tell us in plain language what needs to be done to get this extension working again?

  661. Mitch, you need to add this url to the rules of your AdBlocker.

    The * is a placeholder to match several files there, this is why exactly this filename doesn’t exist and produces a 404. It was something like “www_watch_mod-123456.js” and to match all of them, I used the * placeholder.

  662. Blocking YT comment loading can be considered a feature of phriedrich’s workaround. :)

  663. Damnit google, not everyone wants to deal with flash!

    Is there any way to allow comments in again? And why don’t more people use vimeo?

  664. Oh and I also found out you can’t thumbs up or down a video

  665. [...] YouTube5 [...]

  666. First, thanks for the plugin

  667. I think the rest of my comment got cut off! I think I’m experiencing the same issue as Cam, Hans, and Consumer. I’m intermittently getting two audio streams that are about a second out of sync. One of the two streams does not respond to the pause/play controls and keeps playing regardless of whether the video is playing or not. It seems that second audio stream will keep playing even after clicking on a link to another video. The only ways to fix the problem are to either close the browser window or refresh the page.

  668. @Brian

    It’s probably another Safari extension causing that. Try temporary disabling the “ClickToPlugin” extension, or other extensions and see if the problem goes away…

  669. Again, thanks for the plugin!!!

    phriedrich solution is working great!

    phriedrich Quote:

    I could get it working on YouTube again, after I blocked the following JS in my AdBlock rules:*.js

  670. I have had YouTube5 installed for a long time (years?) and it worked great. Suddenly, however, whenever I visit a YouTube page, it says “Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback” and has a link to get Flash. What happened, and how do I get back to HTML5 videos?

  671. The correction with adblocker is great, but there are more than just Vevo’s videos which not working.
    that’s too bad.

  672. 10.6.1 seems to be broken in Safari YouTube and Facebook. I am getting “Install Flash” error messages.

  673. Since a few days every time i watch a youtube video the player starts load the video, crashed and then youtube says “install flash player”.

    I hope you can fix this.

  674. Thanks for a new update!

    Unfortunately, Flash now needs to be enabled for the extension to work on YT (it works fine without Flash for embedded videos).

    Hope you can fix it now that YT is testing for Flash. I hate Flash and have it disabled.

  675. [...] YouTube5 (Safari exclusivamente) [...]

  676. Latest update bug… audio plays before video loads, then after video loads (very slow load btw) two audio tracks run simultaneously. Very annoying. This same bug was mentioned above by “Consumer”. Running 10.6.8, everything updated. Please fix!!! AHHHHH!!

  677. I can only second Darklights and Daves message, it no longer works without Flash…
    Thanks for the awesome extension!

  678. peter paul mary Jul 2nd, 2013 at 3:18 am

    same problem with double audio here!

  679. Forgot to mention using OS 10.8.4. Safari 6.0.5. Extension does not work ever in Facebook, fails sometimes on YouTube where the video begins playing but then crashes. I have Flash uninstalled on Safari. Your extension is greatly appreciated. It worked for a few years but no longer works.

  680. Same problem here with the video first loading then getting blocked over by the text that I need to install Flash player. I added*.js to my AdBlock blacklist and that seems to solve the problem but now the buttons on the video page doesn’t work (Like, Dislike, Add to favorites, etc.).

    Also, the Facebook video have never worked for me with this extension.

  681. How do you remove the YT5 button beside the address bar?

  682. FLASHTOHTML5 works without a problem in any videos. EVEN VEVO MUSIC!

    I suggest you use it instead of YOUTUBE5 for now!!!

  683. And you don’t have to get FLASH installed at all to use FLASHTOHTML5. Just Google extension name (hlashtohtml5) and install.

    Have a great SUMMER!

    Greetings from DUBAI’S ALLAKH!

  684. To remove YT5 BUTTON right click GRAY AREY and choose CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR… And then you DRAG button from Toolbar.

    May the power of ALLAKH be with you and your VIRGINS!

  685. YT videos not working after the last update. Asks flash to be installed.

  686. yep. goodbye to yt5 and hello to flashtohtml5

  687. Suggestion: toggle-able repeat functionality

  688. Youtube blocked this extension!

  689. @Daps0l

    Thanks for the suggestion. I only had one other Safari extension (Amazon Add to Wishlist), and even completely removing that extension and reinstalling it didn’t fix the issue. So I still get the two audio stream issues others have reported.

  690. [...] workarounds to get things going again. In the case of YouTube I just installed Connor McKay’s YouTube5 Safari Extension which had been working very well until [...]

  691. I think YouTube updated again and this plugin will need an update to work again.

  692. It is now working properly, sometimes it loads other times it loads 2 times.

  693. How Can I uninstall YouTube5 ?? Now every movies on youtube doesn’t work for me. Extentions window in Preferences on Safari I have empty after install YouTube5. Super :(

  694. For those affected by the Flash issue, I use the quietube Bookmarklet on the videos that don’t play without Flash, works like a charm. Two extra clicks though…

  695. Where is video download folder for Youtube 5 ??

  696. Enable the Developer menu: Safari > Preferences… > Advanced > Show Develop menu checkbox
    Bind ⌘Y to iPad User Agent: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > + button > Safari shortcut > enter “Safari iOS 5.1

  697. Enable the Developer menu: Safari > Preferences

  698. LOL, what a horrible comment processor!

    let me try one last time:

    Safari iOS 5.1 &emdash; iPad

    is what you need to bind a command key to!

  699. YAY Update :D

  700. 2.6.2 works like a charm. thanks Connor. die Flash die!!

  701. Quick request: Could you add TOTAL LENGTH of a video somewhere on the player so I know how long a video is before I click Play?

    Thank you for an amazing extension!!!! :)

  702. Exist similar plugin for Chrome ??

  703. @Ian Gregory, Jun 24th

    You’re right, blocking everything from was a blunt instrument, but it was temporary – I knew Connor would come through and he did!

    YouTube5 2.6.2 is working for me & I’ve removed from Javascript Blacklist.

    Thanks for the upgrade, Connor!

    @Jonathan, Jul 14th

    Thanks for mentioning quietude – that’s a cool tool.

  704. I see a YT5 button in the toolbar and Extensions says it is activated, but when I click the button, it only says, “Block plugins on this domain”. And there is no overlay on YT videos or any options to download. What am I doing wrong?

  705. Version 2.6.2 seems to prevent Netflix from being able to work within Safari 6.0.5. Any ideas? Otherwise, love the extension but really wish Google would just serve up HTML5 without the need to jump through hoops.

  706. Wheeeeee! Thank you! 2.6.2 fixed it.

  707. @Allen, that toolbar icon is only an indicator right now, it doesn’t do anything when you click it. By default, YouTube5 will not block plugins, but if you add sites to the blacklist and/or set it to whitelist mode, it will show a checkmark on sites where plugins are blocked.

  708. @Connor Well, if the icon is “only an indicator” and “doesn’t do anything”, then how do I use YouTube5 to download videos from YouTube? I have no idea.

  709. Jonathan Steele Aug 16th, 2013 at 3:22 am

    Looks as though YouTube broke the extension.. again :(

  710. Allen Watson: Click the info icon in the top right corner of YouTube5 videos, then right-click on a resolution. Select “Download Linked File”.

    Also, thanks Connor for 2.6.3, I flipped when YouTube started blocking videos again on 2.6.2. It’s still upsetting that they’re trying so hard to force Flash.

  711. @Allen, you can download videos as per the instructions here

  712. @Connor 2.6.3 works, but there is duplicated audio. 360p audio stream plays at the background even if you pause the video.
    waiting for a fix mate. we love you

  713. Echoing Jack’s issue of duplicate stream- video is paused, audio is not.

    (additionally, the tab suddenly has a play icon “|>” at the start of the label… not something I think I’ve ever seen before, and unsure who the responsible party is)

  714. (apologies, did not read far enough up the thread re: play indicator before posting)

  715. yeah duplicated audio has recently started….. app has been solid till now. thanks!

  716. YouTube is forcing Flash down everyone’s throats because that’s currently the only way they can force advertisements down our throats. Adverts are how YouTube (and their content partners) makes money. I fear the day YouTube figures out how to make their ad system work on HTML5.

    Meanwhile the war on Flash continues as I can’t get any YouTube HTML 5 video to play, extensions or not. (Flash is not installed on my system. I’ll use Chrome for those bastardly Flash holdouts I must watch.)

  717. YouTube, if you’re reading, I’d gladly pay a subscription (reasonably priced, single digits, mind you) to a completely ad-free HTML5 experience to the YouTube universe. Perhaps a YouTube + membership.

    Like the cable companies, I’m sure advertisers are a huge cash cow. Probably more so then any consumer-based subscription, which may be more difficult to pay-out to those partners who bank based on advertisements x No. of eyeballs. But there has to be a better way, somehow. Forcing people into a crappier experience isn’t going to work for anyone, long term. Fighting this war is just going to piss everyone off on both sides.

  718. great extension, but unfortunately it seems to break the Youtube Video Download script loaded in Ninjakit, and prevent the GUI from loading or download button from working:

  719. this plugin is buggy with safari 6.0.5 (mac osx 10.7.5). youtube audio repeats with a lot of videos, reload fixes it sometimes, but mostly not, ‘use original player’ function also not working, ‘block on this domain’ function also not working. thx

  720. Seems to be an issue when selecting videos from the sidebar in YouTube. The player will continue to play the previous video if uncompleted or it will continue showing the completed video even though the page and URL change. A minor issue as a page refresh fixes the problem but I wanted to report it nonetheless. (Safari 6.0.5, OSX 10.8.4)

    Thanks for keeping the updates coming! This plugin is fantastic!

  721. Since I updated to Maverick Developer Preview 6 with Safari 7, the extension stopped working but I still can download the videos even I can’t play it.

  722. peter paul mary Sep 1st, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    having exactly the same problem like Cam.

  723. i can confirm the reload issue from cam and peter paul mary.
    Safari 6.1 beta on OSX 10.8.4

    Thanks for this awesome plugin!

  724. I love this extension on Safari so much, but I really need to switch to Chrome on my mac for consistent and easy syncing tabs and bookmarks with my android phone and tablet. BUT…I can’t switch completely because there is no good HTML5 youtube extension. They all suck. I tried ALL of them, and none of them can’t come even close to Youtube 5 on safari. I remember there was Youtube 5 on Chrome some time ago, but it wasn’t updated, so it never worked for me. I really really with you make one again for Chrome that works. I like to use Mac, but I also like to use Android for mobile, and one last thing that is needed for completion is an efficient and useful Youtube HTML5 video player extension on Chrome.

    The main things I love about this extension on safari are the different player interface, and also the mid-size and full-size player zooming animations. I can’t find anything close on Chrome. I hope this extension with these features will all be coming to Chrome sometime soon..Thank you very much for all your work so far!

  725. YouTube5 does not work. It’s broken and the developer has disappeared. That’s the truth of the matter. This extension has been broken for many months and no signs of life have been seen from the developer. This extension is dead.

  726. @Mark, the extension is not broken, and I have far from disappeared. It’s actually been updated three times within the last month. Is there something specific you are having an issue with?

  727. @Suwon, I have looked into making a version for Chrome several times, but Chrome’s extension API is missing a few critical pieces to make this extension work without large modifications. I also don’t personally use Chrome, so with my limited development time I’ve chosen to focus on Safari.

  728. @Swarleys, sadly I can’t help you there, since I am not a registered apple developer and don’t have access to Mavericks or Safari 7. I can assure you that I will be immediately upgrading to Mavericks once it is released, and I will then be able to make YouTube5 compatible.

  729. Thank you for your note. The extension does not work with Safari 6.0.5. In Facebook, I get error messages to install Flash player. It doesn’t work on any other website using flash. I get error messages. it hasn’t worked for about a year. 86835856

  730. Surely you have known for many months based on the many other postings here informing you that this extension does not work. It’s been broken for many months, if not a year. It doesn’t work anywhere on any website and hasn’t for many months.

  731. @Mark Mason:

    Q: What videos will work with flash completely disabled/uninstalled?

    A: At present, only videos on and simple embedded videos will play if you do not have flash. This is because many websites (including Facebook) detect whether you have flash available before they even attempt to display the video. This makes it impossible for YouTube5 to intercept the video and replace it. I hope to find a solution to this issue, but for the now you will need to have flash installed for these videos to work.

    Have you even read this?
    If that is not the issue that it is entirely on your end and not Connor’s fault. The extension works perfectly and it always has except for a few uncontrollable circumstances.

  732. @Connor as with 2.6.5, the plugin is working like magic. you code better than all 44700 google employees.

  733. The Youtube5 extension leads to an ugly effect when using Feedly

  734. @bogenschlag, that is fixed in v2.6.6.

  735. @Connor Fantastic, thank you!

  736. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that YouTube5 seems to prevent videos at from playing – the video player never pops up. I’m currently using Safari 6.1 and have enabled/disabled extensions one at a time to find out what caused the videos not to play. ;)

  737. Safari. Today. — ERROR MESSAGE
    Cannot play media. You do not have the correct version of the flash player. Download the correct version

    Are you going to fix this, or not? It’s been broken for more than six months, closer to a year. I am asking you to be honest with us because to-date, the fact is that your Safari plug-in is broken today and it’s been broken for a year.

  738. @Mark Mason
    Did you even read my previous comment? Have you read anything on this webpage? Can you read at all?

    If you are getting errors it’s your own fault.

    Why don’t you try reinstalling Safari and reinstalling the YouTube5 extension?
    Why don’t you uninstall Flash entirely (delete it from your system)? Alternatively, you could try actually updating your Flash to the latest version!

    You are still not providing enough details. What website, what specific videos get this error message? Notice how bogenschlag posted not only the website that was having issues, but also a screenshot to show the issue!

    I honestly don’t think you’re reading anything at all. Do you speak English, or are you just using a translator to post these comments?

  739. Please add YouTube5 support for /watch_popup i.e. Thank you!

  740. In YouTube5 the maximum resolution I can select is 720p. Even if I choose 1080p in the configuration my maximum resolution when playing an actual video is 720p. Why is the 1080p option not showing in the info menu? (my MacBook resolution is set at 1920×1200 and when I switch to regular YouTube I can get 1080p but I am forced to watch a F$%@IN ad before).

  741. Just tried on my iMac and I can select 1080p (and an additional configuration exists for 4k). The problem only seems to happen on my rMBP.

  742. hey, is it possible to add option to copy link from youtube to start from current timestamp and also is it possible to add support for youtube streaming ? tnx a lot

  743. And update to Youtube seems to have disabled Youtube5 on Youtube pages :( It still works fine for embedded videos from youtube though.

  744. Hi, right now the extension is not working. Youtube5 2.6.6 is enabled but is like it can

  745. I’ll second what Hanii Puppy has said: it doesn’t seem to be working on YouTube itself right now.

  746. Yup, few hours ago it worked, now it doesn

  747. the comment field here seems to not like my apostrophe. Wanted to say:

    Yup, few hours ago it worked, now it does not.

    And that I hate YouTube with an angry smiley.

  748. I switched from firefox to safari just for this extension but now it stopped working :/ hope you can fix it.

  749. Hey Folks! Relatively new to this site. I’ve searched for answer to my problem. Couldn’t find anything. First: LOVE this extension’s ability to download and save YouTube Videos! LOVE IT! Worked a few days ago, but then all of a sudden while watching a video today I noticed that the INFO circle in upper right was gone and it had auto switched and reverted back to standard YouTube viewer; as if the extension was no longer there. I tried to reinstall but got this error: “Safari can’t install this extension. An error occurred while installing the extension “YouTube5″ I clicked the ok button. double clicked the install in upper right of my Mac’s screen. New error pops up “safari can’t open this file YouTube5.safariextz” because “YouTube5.safariextz” file has moved since you last downloaded it. Can anyone offer any step by step help on how to resolve and get me back to when this awesome program worked flawlessly on my Mac just a few days ago?

    Many Thanks! DLaron

  750. Broken for me too. I have disabled YouTube5 and am setting my user agent string to iPad to get the mobile version of YouTube. The problem with that is some videos are not available for mobile. Hopefully somebody will come up with a fix.

  751. Appears that this just happened recently? Like I said this was working for me up until just recently. I also see that there is an update to Safari available. I haven’t done it yet, but wonder if this is connected?

  752. YouTube broke the extension one more time. Now you are forced to use the POS Flash plug-in that I absolutely refuse to install on my system.

  753. Hi,

    I just installed Maverics OS and Safari 7 – the Youtube5 does not work anymore.

    Any idea?

  754. Yup, broken for me too. OS X 10.6.8, Safari 5.1.10 (6534.59.10). It worked yesterday and maybe part of today, then stopped. I get the default youtube player. I restarted the computer and got YouTube5 the first time I played a youtube video, then thereafter get the default youtube player. This really sux. ;-)

  755. Oops, also running YouTube5 version 2.6.6

  756. Hi, this seems to have broken since the Safari 7 (or Mavericks?) update. Thanks!

  757. YouTube5 recently stopped working on YouTube as well. Was working a few hours ago perfectly. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension to no avail.

  758. after i update safari, youtube5 do not work on youtube site. it works if youtube video is embedded on Facebook or blogs, but not on

  759. Not working in Safari 7.0 in Mavericks.

  760. Version 2.6.7 works, thanks Connor!

  761. YouTube5 2.6.7 works! Thanks Connor!!!

  762. Connor, you are awesome!

  763. 2.6.7 works great on Mavericks! Thanks!

  764. Works!!! Thank you Connor!!

    PS: Any chance of adding total “time of the video” so we can see how long a video is before we click play?

    Thanks again.

  765. Works again with 2.6.7. Thank you!

  766. Connor – where/how do I get the YouTube 2.6.7 update? Thanks! DLaron

  767. @DLaron, Safari should update it for you automatically, or you can manually update it from preferences.

  768. Hi Connor – great work on keeping un to date on YouTube5 – even with Mavericks… however, a problem I’ve been having recently is the fact that on my Retina MBP I’m only seeing the options for 720p/360 – before I was able to see 1080p and “original” 4K – I can select these in the preferences, but only ever seem to see 720/360 if I click the Info button on the top right of the playing video. Any ideas…? Dom

  769. Small feature request: Escape key exits pop-out mode.

    (Also, I too am only seeing the 720p option. On a 13″ MBA 10.9)

  770. It’s BACK! v 2.6.7 Awesome! Thanks!

  771. I think video is not showing up on Google+. When I click on the video, the video disappears and it becomes white. Will there be a fix? Thanks!

  772. Oh one more thing, in Youtube website, there is no animation in zooming when making the player larger. I loved this smooth animation, compared to any other HTML5 video extension. Could you fix it please? Thanks!

  773. Sorry but just found another bug. On youtube website, the video suddenly freezes while the audio is still playing. If i refresh the page, the video plays fine again, but after some time, the video freezes. :(

  774. Is it possible to add option to copy link from youtube to start from current timestamp and also is it possible to add support for youtube streaming ? tnx a lot

  775. @Connor as with Safari 6.1, smooth full-screen animation has changed with lousy application-style one.
    can you do something about it? The old one was amazing.

  776. Changes to the settings in YouTube5 2.6.7 made autoplay active again if it had been previously turned off. Ugh! I thought it was Google that had made some change that forced autoplay to be on until I checked my YouTube5 settings, because I always keep autoplay off.

    Please be more careful that future updates respect the user’s existing settings!

  777. Thanks for this plugin. Made a full transition from Chrome after many years of using it (since it’s available on Windows). I do have some issues though, like Facebook videos not working and some third party videos on some sites requiring Flash to be installed. I completely removed Flash on my Macbook and I can definitely notice the changes on battery life and performance. Vimeo and Youtube videos load perfectly.

    How do you personally deal with these issues? Do you use another browser to load them?

    Thanks again.

  778. Hi Connor,
    Video on doesn’t work, even though the player keeps trying to load.
    See example:

    Also, isn’t managing support via these blogpost comments a nightmare? Have you looked at something like zendesk to provide help and get bug reports? :)

  779. Can you make it where the playlist is right beside the player instead of below it.

  780. (small) Bug report: The User Name listed on the top left of the video when pressing the INFO button does not link to the correct channel if the user’s channel name is different from their display (user) name.

    Clicking the link will always take you to a URL that exactly matches the display name, even though the correct channel name may be completely different.

    Example: Display name: “Katty and Marty” – click that display name anywhere on the YouTube page and it will take you to the channel URL: “″
    Press the INFO button on the top right of the video window created by YouTube5 and then click the “Katty and Marty” named link on the top left and YouTube5 will take you to the incorrect URL “”

  781. bug report: sometimes when I expand the video to full screen, I get a completely white screen.

    OS X 10.6.8
    Safari 5.1.10 (6534.59.10)
    youtube5 2.6.7 (preferred video resolution 720p, all options selected except video auto-play)

  782. Something that would be handy in the plugin would be a button on the player to mark a video as watched on youtube. Videos watched in the player aren’t marked as watched automatically (which is a good/bad thing), but YouTube doesn’t offer the ability to manually mark videos as watched. It is a little annoying when I lose my place in a playlist that I’m watching over the course of days.

    @Lynn Clark: Have you tried exiting full-screen and switching back to it again? I get the same thing most of the time, but exiting and returning to full-screen mode sorts it for me.

  783. To follow-up with the error message from a month ago, I’m now getting “Invalid meta for Vimeo” for all Vimeo videos when YouTube5 is installed. The video can not be played as such, and can only be viewed when YouTube5 is inactivated.

  784. Still seeing the “Invalid meta for Vimeo” message. My comment is in moderation from December 6th.

  785. Anyone with the Vimeo issues can just click the “↵ Use original player” link in the meantime before it gets fixed.

  786. Great extension, thank you!

    2 remarks:
    - Vimeo is not working, but I see you’re already on that.
    - Could you maybe make the player responsive or obey the settings from the original player in that regard? On my site the original players are responsive, but with YouTube5 they’re not…

  787. FYI: YT5 does not work anymore on YT videos. Once you click play, the spinner just spins. No idea what’s up. Started today.

  788. This is easily my most favourite plug-in for Safari.
    Any thought on giving the player the ability to play at 1.5 or 2x speeds?

  789. On Youtube, with auto-play disabled, you can drag the video title to put a URL into another app. Recently this is being disabled by JavaScript and only works before the page finishes loading :(

  790. Thanks for great extension for Safari. I am wondering is there any chance you can add HTML5 for Dailymotion? Thank you.

  791. Hi, really great extension. I use it on an eMac and it works great! I have only one question. I have difficulties to run video in 720 HD mode. Is my mac fault? Can I do something to improve that? I have an eMac 1.42 ghz G4 with 1 gb ram.

  792. To reduce wear on my SSD that my system is on I’d like to choose the location where the temp file is stored and change it to my HDD. Otherwise this app does exactly what I want!

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