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YouTube5 Version 2

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

YouTube5 has become far more popular than I ever imagined it would! I’d like to say a general thank you to everyone who has commented to make suggestions or just express appreciation for this extension, its a great encouragement to know it has been useful to so many people. Several months ago I had hinted that I was in the process of developing a new version of this extension, and I’m excited to announce that it is finally ready! This version is an almost complete rewrite, and includes many improvements over the first, including:

  • A custom designed HTML5 player to replace the usable, but very limited built-in player.
  • Support for Vimeo and Facebook video.
  • The ability to switch video resolutions within the player, without having to access Safari’s preferences.
  • Support for downloading videos from YouTube and Facebook.
  • A fully functional volume control, rather than just a mute button.
  • Support for displaying the video’s title, author, and source, in a video overlay, along with a link back to the video’s page on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

You can see the new player in all its glory below:

And with the new overlay activated:

To download a video to your computer, right click on any of the format names and click “Download linked file”. Unfortunately, this only works on YouTube and Facebook, Vimeo is a bit smarter about blocking downloads, so you’ll simply get an “Access denied” error. This version also uses a different method for replacing flash videos with their HTML5 equivalent, which is much more reliable and also works on dynamically loaded videos, such as videos posted to a Facebook profile. The extension should update automatically to the new version. New users can download YouTube5 here.


YouTube5 will always be free, but if you would like to donate you may do so using PayPal with this link Please note that this is my personal and business PayPal account, hence the name “”.


  • 2.1.0: Added option to disable autoplay of videos on, along with a system for displaying video errors.
  • 2.1.1: Updating support for YouTube after changes to their internal URLs. Thanks to gugod for the fix!
  • 2.1.2: Fixing YouTube channel pages after URL changes. 2.2.0: Fixed Vimeo and Facebook support again, added revert to original player link, made clicking on the video play or pause, added persistent * volume level, and enabled 240p FLV option for YouTube. Note: For FLV video to work you must have Perian installed.
  • 2.2.1: Minor update to make the new “use original player” link display when an error occurs.
  • 2.2.2: Fixed Vimeo support and enabled HTTPS on YouTube.
  • 2.2.3: Fixed Facebook support, and added a hack to make videos on Facebook work even with flash uninstalled.
  • 2.2.4: Hacks to enable on Facebook and YouTube with flash disabled.
  • 2.2.5: Fixing YouTube support.
  • 2.2.6: Fixed YouTube support after their update on 8/3/2011 broke YouTube5. Thanks to vinnyrose for the fix!
  • 2.2.7: Supplemental update to fix an issue preventing embedded YouTube videos from loading. 2.3.0: Moved player out of an iFrame, which fixes issues with YouTube channel pages and several other sites. Added system to display the video title * and author before it is played.
  • 2.3.1: Minor bugfix for player size detection that affected compatibility with the YouTubeWide extension.
  • 2.3.2: Major internal refactoring, and fixing Vimeo and Facebook support.
  • 2.4.0: Added pop-out feature to allow viewing videos at a larger size.
  • 2.4.1: Fix for YouTube compatibility contributed by dlh
  • 2.4.2: Fix for YouTube compatibility.
  • 2.5.0: Added keyboard controls and new fullscreen appearance.
  • 2.5.1: Adding support for YouTube start times.
  • 2.5.2: Hiding mouse cursor whenever the controls hide (fixes fullscreen mouse cursor issues).
  • 2.5.3: Minor visual improvements.
  • 2.6.0: Adding plugin blocking functionality, improving keyboard shortcuts, and fixing Facebook support.
  • 2.6.1: Fixing issue with blocking iFrames.
  • 2.6.2: Fixing support for Vevo videos and most of YouTube.
  • 2.6.3: Fixing issue with YouTube when plugins are disabled.
  • 2.6.4: Fixing issue with duplicate audio playback on YouTube.
  • 2.6.5: Fixing clicking on suggested videos on YouTube.
  • 2.6.6: Improving compatibility with Feedly.
  • 2.6.7: Fixing support for YouTube. (there is more to this update, more on that later)


Q: What videos will work with flash completely disabled/uninstalled?

A: At present, only videos on and simple embedded videos will play if you do not have flash. This is because many websites (including Facebook) detect whether you have flash available before they even attempt to display the video. This makes it impossible for YouTube5 to intercept the video and replace it. I hope to find a solution to this issue, but for the now you will need to have flash installed for these videos to work.

Q: Why is there no 480p resolution option for YouTube?

A: The 480p resolution is encoded with flash, not H.264. For the HTML5 video player to play these videos, you would need to have a special codec installed for Quicktime.

Q: How do I download a video with this extension?

A: Right click on the name of the format you want in the info screen and click “Download linked file”. Or see this video.

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  1. Thanks for this! I hate flash so this is a good thing. If I could get this on my iOS devices I would rule the interwebs! :D

  2. Whoa, the 2.0 release is very nice indeed. Thank you very much!

  3. please release an extension for google chrome, I love the UI and the coding works perfectly. I haven’t had to wait for a youtube video to buffer since downloading. I only ask for a chrome extension because it is my primary web browser and i am finding it hard to adapt to safari.

  4. My most used extension gets even more useful..

  5. Very nice. Thank you. But it seems to be not working on my facebook, do you have any advice?

  6. any chance of Firefox/chrome extension? or is there a limitation?

  7. Perfect! Much better now.. and so clean and simple!
    Only needs a “no auto-play” option and playlists support on Youtube, like the extension of ClicktoFlash.

  8. This is amazing!! Thank you so much for making it!!

  9. Seconding the request for a Google Chrome port, please.

  10. An amazing tool now even got better! Thanks very much as it makes my Macbook much more enjoyable without the “Propeller” running. Cool stuff!

  11. Works great on YouTube, but on Vimeo and Facebook I get a message saying that I need to install the latest Flash player. I’ve removed all files from the Internet Plug-Ins folders in the Home and System folders.

  12. Awesome work, is possible a Chrome port?

  13. wow an amazing app! i mean it thank you so much…hope you can do this for all of the flash sites even thoug hlike you said many ask for or look for the flash plaugin! (Y)

  14. Thanks for this! I have a bit of a problem though, I can install version 1.2.5 but it doesn’t update from there even if I click the “install” button for version 2.0

  15. The only word I want to say is: PERFECT! You’re so brilliant!

  16. I’d really really like to see a Chrome version of this too.

    Looks like someone is working on it, but it doesn’t work too well yet:

  17. One thing that bugs me about YouTube is that videos start playing automatically when the page is loaded. This is annoying because I often open YouTube links in background tabs. Could you add a feature/option that allows me to click on the video to start it playing, as I can do with ClickToFlash?

  18. Well, this extension single-handedly made me switch back to Safari again. I think that says a lot about its quality.

    The new customized player is superb. It

  19. Is there an option to disable it on Facebook and keep it active on YT and Vimeo? I have many friends who post music from Beatport or Soundcloud and all I get is the black spinner, like here:

    Otherwise I think there is nothing better out there for Safari at the moment. Honestly.

    (Okay, maybe the Adblocker ;))

  20. Great work! With the new version it’s pretty much perfect :)

  21. Thanks for a great extension. Have tried it out a little now, and it seems that the player is trying to load in i.e. players on facebook. Any solution to this?

  22. It doesn’t work for me though. the little spinning circle keeps appearing.
    Am I missing something?

  23. The full screen button does not seem to be working on the few videos I have tried. Anyone else having this issue?

  24. Just wanted to say great work and thanks for sharing it with us. Best.Safari Extension.Ever

  25. Great job! This extension is probably the best thing I’ve installed for Safari so far. It would be even more awesome if it showed HD videos bigger so that it takes the full width of the page layout. Thanks again! You rock.

  26. The only thing bugging me so far is we can no longer click any point in the video’s timeline and have it load from there. This used to work in your previous YouTube5 version, so I have to wonder if this was just a mistake.
    That said, amazing update in every other regard. Thanks a lot!

  27. Rusty: I had the same problem (the full screen button not working) when I first tried the extension out on a computer running a current version of Safari, but still running OS 10.5. When I installed it on a computer running 10.6, the full screen button worked fine.

  28. Where is the donate button? You deserve some money, this is unbelievably great.

  29. [...] site “Vertical Forest,” has just released a phenomenal extension for Safari called YouTube5. Basically, you can load it into the Safari 5 browser, go to YouTube, and see every video without [...]

  30. Hi,

    doesn’t to work for me on the Facebook site…

  31. Definitely have a look at

    I used that article and assigned “shitt cmd G” (System Preferences > Keyboard tab) for Safari (only)
    to “Google Chrome” (which is how it appears for me in the Safari Debug menu”
    and it works perfectly.

    Sweet !

  32. Idem here. On OSX.5.8 with last version of Safari, the fullscreen button doesn’t work.

    Otherwise, it’s a nice plug-in. Thanks a lot !

  33. Works really great with Youtube! Thank you! But it doesn’t work with Vimeo… any fix?

  34. most videos can be watched as html5 without this plugin; just join; but for those, who can’t by default (because of adz or the like, example VEVO) this plugin is very nice!

  35. Awesome – although I’m having problems with it on Vimeo, as others have noted. Suggests I download the latest version of Flash. Any ideas?

  36. Great job! Thanks a ton.

  37. I love it. A couple of problems / suggestions:

    1. There isn’t much point in displaying 720p+ on if you don’t expand the video element to take the whole width of the layout. Flash YouTube allows to do this.

    2. The player should be constant width, black background and video playing inside, even if it’s smaller than player (centered). Right now the video is centered in available space, making the controls appear in different spot of the screen if resolution is different.

    3. There is a bug where if you finish watching a video and then click Play, the info overlay doesn’t go away.

    (Resubmitting the comment as I suspect your blog doesn’t accept unicode typography

  38. Doesn’t work for me neither, spinning circle. Brand new MBP, Snow Leopard, Safari 5, etc.

  39. I had a problem with a vimeo video where I clicked play and the wheel just kept spinning and nothing happened. It is the last video on this article:
    Anyone else had this problem?

  40. i’m having an issue where visiting youtube, i get audio… then the video starts playing with its own audio a few seconds later.

    somehow two versions of the movie are running… maybe one on top of the other?
    a few seconds apart. it makes it impossible to use both the extension and youtube.

    running the latest version of safari and all my extensions.

    i use adblock and clicktoflash extensions and also Safari Cookies. those are the only things i can think of that do any other kind of blocking.

  41. All I get is the infamous spinning wheel too

  42. Trying to do without flash completely, so if you can work around Facebook doing a check first before your extension kicks in and loads the html5 version, that would be great. Right now I can’t do embedded youtube videos there.

  43. Great Work!
    Now with the new Safari OSX policy
    (no flash plugin required after the new macbook air introduction)
    this extension is simply irreplaceable!!!


  44. WafflesNewton Nov 7th, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    nico: If you look at the FAQ on the ClickToFlash website, the developer explains that you need to add the following items to the source whitelist: moogaloop moogalover newa_5lrU0z.swf in order for YouTube5 to work properly.

    Developer: First off, great job with this extension. I have one small feature request: an option to have the player buffer the video only when automatically loading on YouTube.

    Also, I’ve experienced crashes on some sites with embedded YouTube content (, that I was able to trace back to YouTube5. However, I can’t consistently reproduce these crashes, so I’m not sure exactly what to report here. I’m wondering if other users have experienced these crashes or if I should be looking for some conflict with something else installed on my system.


  45. Hi, I love this extension thank you for writing it.
    Mau I ask if you could add support for revision3 site?
    They offer cool shows like The Ben Heck Show and offer the download link for mp4 version so I think would be easy to replace theyr flash player with yours using that link as source for tag.

  46. Tried installing this excellent extension on Safari 5 for my Windows (work) computer. Unfortunately, with the extension enabled, Safari crashes when it encounters a YouTube video… and it does not work for Vimeo at all (on Windows or Mac)

    Any thoughts on the crashing under Windows?

  47. Im also having trouble with vimeo. On the vimeo site itself I click the “take me to the HTML5 version” link at the bottom its working, but it does not seem to be your player. In embedded vimeo links, I get only “This requires the latest version of Flash” dialogue that other people have noted.

    Love it for Youtube though!

  48. Unfortunately I’m having the same problem as sn00py. Youtube just continues to have a spinning circle and doesn’t load.

    It was working prior to 2.0.

    I have the adblock and html5 audio extensions installed.

  49. Facebook videos are not working for me. Using latest version.

  50. Great extension! My only issue with it is if I’m watching a long youtube video fullscreen my screen will go dim and my screensaver kick in after a while if I don’t move the mouse (2.1 on OS X). Flash doesn’t do this but not sure how easy it is to disable the screensaver with JS.

    Either way, awesome extension!

  51. Thanks for the update. Here

  52. For all those who are having problems with YouTube videos:

    The incognito extensions seems to cause this error. When disabling the extension (or deactivating the “embedded YouTube movies” function), everything’s working as expected :)

  53. Awesome update! Thanks for the hard work.

  54. I’m currently seeing crashes whenever I load on November 10, 2010 12:00pm GMT+8. I saved the webarchive and have confirmed that loading that with YouTube5 crashes Safari.

    Where can I submit/email this webarchive for debugging?

  55. Great extension!

    One suggestion though. It would be nice to see the title of the video without clicking the ( i ) button. Especially on embedded videos on websites this would be useful.

  56. YouTube5 is amazingly great, but I sometimes stumble upon bug that cuts a video, like here

    Also, it doesn’t work in facebook videos on my profile…

  57. Great extension! I’ll bet you’re getting some extra traffic these days from

    Do you anticipate adding the “like” functionality on the vimeo videos? That’s about the only thing I seem to miss so far.

    Thanks a lot!

    Sending a donation…

  58. Works great for youtube videos on my Mac Pro. Same videos on brand new Macbook Air, all I see it black rectangle with white spinner.

  59. This is great. Anyway you can add vidler?

  60. I’m also having the issue of the fullscreen button not working on OS X 10.5 with all the latest updates. I can download the video by the method described, and Quicktime player can play that full screen.

  61. Thanks for this. Do you plan to remove or disable the warning/nag youtube puts under each video when it senses you do not have Flash installed?

  62. The 480p resolution is encoded with flash, not H.264. For the
    HTML5 video player to play these videos, you would need to have a
    special codec installed for Quicktime.

    Perian does a wonderful job at that. What’s wrong with letting QuickTime present the user with its “need a codec” message?

  63. Sven is right on the mark.
    If you’re seeing the black screen and endless spinning circle,
    uncheck “embedded youtube movies” in your Incognito ext.
    That’s all there was to it.

  64. Feature request: If I want to download the file, it would be practical to stop the video loading.
    I hate to waste bandwidth double-downloading.
    Oh and by the way, thanks for this thing!

  65. Another request for a Google Chrome version: Please? =)

  66. it just doesn’t work. All I see is the spinner. I wonder if it is even loading the video at all. I have nothing else installed, just youtube5

  67. Here’s an odd one. I’ve completely removed Flash by manually removing the Safari plug-in and running the official Adobe uninstaller. And yet, even though YouTube5 seems to be working, YouTube is exhorting me to upgrade:

    It’s kind of irritating. (Which is their intent.) Any ideas on how to get it to stop? Logging out, no dice; quitting Safari, no dice; removing YouTube5 and reinstalling, no dice. John Gruber says he’s not seeing it at all.

  68. There’s a nice bookmarklet intended to be used on iOS devices that actually works well on Safari as well:
    I’m posting it here because it actually supports some video download sites that YouTube5 does not. It sure would be nice if such support could be incorporated into YouTube5!
    Regardless, great work.

  69. It stop it works on youtube webpages ! Embedded Youtube videos still seem to work.

  70. The update fixed the YT pages but now some stuff is still broken:

    1) YT Channel pages are still Flash.

    2) Embedded YT is still Flash

    Hope these can be fixed :)


  71. Just installed 2.1.2 and everything works 100% again!!!


  72. I have a really good suggestion. I find when using this extension the display will dim and go to sleep on laptops when watching a movie and not touching the mouse or keyboard. Then I gotta move the mouse and enter my password (I have screen lock on). Quicktime X keeps the display awake when playing and I think I’d be great if you implemented this in Youtube5 Version 2.

  73. It does not work for my anymore on facebook. I do not have Flash installed and facebook asks for the new flashplayer, if I have flash installed it works and plays in the black borderer html5 video player, but not without it installed :(

  74. Hey

    I recently got my MacBook Air and I directly installed your extension without installing Flash Player. Now, every video I watch it reminds me to update my flash player (which is ridiculous since I don’t even have it), you know how can I remove that banner? It’s quite annoying…

    Thanks and amazing plugin!

  75. David, I can’t speak for the ability to implement your suggestion, but you should go to System Preferences > Security > General and check the box that says “Require password 1 minute after sleep or screen saver begins”.

  76. First – thank you for this Safari Extension. It’s made of win and awesomness.

    Requesting feature – possibility to set up starting volume level.
    By default it is set to 100%. It’d be cool if this could be changed manually by the user.

  77. When you gonna add the direct link to YouTube on embedded videos?


  78. hey, just letting you know that vimeo embeds don’t seem to be working, strangely. is this something others are noticing too or have i messed up?

  79. My suggestion for next releases:

    • YouTube5 Version 2 does not recognize when a video has been removed, so it just stick there loading.
  80. Great extension, am using it all the time. However I’m working on a website which utilises the YouTube JS API and I need to control the flash player via JS in the background. Is it possible for me to block YouTube5 from messing with my embedded videos?

  81. I think it stopped working on YT. I just get the spinning image.

  82. really nice!!

  83. David
    Try Caffeine for ur dim screen. Just one of my favourite.
    I haven’t try this new extension, but thx, the previous one saved me lots of crashes.

  84. To the people annoyed by the upgrade banner on YouTube – I see it for every video I watch so I just adblocked it. I found no other way to permanently remove it.

    This extension is really fantastic so I bad slightly greedy for asking for improvements but, if possible, could the video positioning be fixed so that it fills the space the flash player video would. Right now there’s always a gap between the bottom of most videos and the bottom of the grey strip background on full width videos. It’s a little OCD but I thought I’d mention it.

    Also, and this is probably more rational, videos seem to take a lot longer than neccessary to play. I’ve noticed on some videos that it’ll wait for around a 40% load before playing when it probably could start with just 5%. I pretty much always have to press play manually because waiting seems too long.

  85. Thank you for developing this extension!

    Now I can finally stop using Flash at all. I will tell about this plug-in in my blog.

  86. Thanks for this extension! And I would also like to add my vote for a Google Chrome extension.

  87. Excellent.

  88. Oops! ignore my last comment. You ship this extension with AutoPlay on by default. That was causing my double-playback problem. I’ll turn it off and see if that helps.

  89. Thanks alot! Clean,simple and just works.

  90. Hi there,
    i have 2.2.3 installed and flash uninstalled but facebook still showing me warning with Flash installation.

  91. Oh, this problem is only in facebook in Czech language (also maybe with others).
    With Facebook in English works great.

  92. This extension has been broken for quite some time, now. Anything I can do to fix it?

  93. Hi all. I am wondering why the extension does not work with my newest Safari 5 version on Windows 7. And yet I haven’t installed the incognito extension for my safari yet. Can anyone provide me with a solution?

  94. YouTube’s new full-screen player was driving me nuts. Thanks for this.

  95. Thanks a lot for this, is really helpful for the battery of mi MacBook! :D I salute you from Venezuela! Keep on this excellent work!

  96. WHOA.. this is so freaking awesome. Love this plugin, where has it been all my life?

  97. Fantastic, great work!

    Is there at all the possibility of integrating Tumblr videos into this extension?

  98. Hey,
    nice software but with Safari Version 5.0.4 (6533.20.27) and Youtube5 2.2.4 video won’t get loaded :(

    Cheers, Daniel

  99. Please someone tell me how to uninstall this :/ Please I’m not saying its bad i loved it but i just want to uninstall it

  100. Hi, I just downloaded the extension, and I’m looking forward to trying it.
    Thanks a million!

  101. There is a bug with video like this:

    If I load it with youtube 5, a lot of times it will not load the whole 58 mins but instead stops at around just several mins. I have no idea why but seems like it might be 240 FLV format does not fully send the full buffer to the player so Youtube 5 doesn’t buffer it all.

  102. AMAZING!

    ps i found a bug, when the video ends and u hit play the box wont go away until you hit replay

  103. @dreish

    I have the fucking same problem.

    Every video watches okay even 1080p but when you TURN IT FULLSCREEN, it starts to lag like a fucking hell. You can’t even watch because it stutters so much that you gotta choese either use flash or drop it.

    I’m pretty sure some update you added screwed up the plugin!!

  104. Does this extension affect view counting for YouTube videos?

  105. Gemor Vaginovich Jun 8th, 2011 at 2:46 am

    Am I the only one who’s to refresh page for video to start playing? In case I don’t refresh it displays loading circle forever! – Gemor Vaginovich

  106. Has this stopped working for anyone recently? As of yesterday it will just show the loading wheel forever and not actually load the video. I’m really upset because this extension is so incredible and honestly the only reason I use Safari anymore. I miss being able to watch youtube videos without my computer overheating from using flash.

  107. Stunning work. Thanks very much.

  108. Isn’t working for me anymore either when viewing video’s on YouTube, but embedded video’s are fine. Have to join the HTML5 trial on YouTube to see stuff.

  109. Any chance you will submit this to the Extensions Gallery?

  110. Thank your for an awesome extension!

    What I mostly like is that contrary to Flash going full screen on secondary monitor only hides the Dock and menu but leaves my other windows alone so I can keep on working.

    I have been dreaming for years of an extension that would add a button to youtube videos to open a video outside of the browser. The window would remain borderless and always on top (much like NicePlayer does). I don’t know if doing so for youtube5 would be possible. Does it contain any objc code?

  111. The same problem Nick has. It has stopped working. the loading wheel is all I can see. :(

  112. I tried using this extension, but I’m facing the following problem: I have no flash installed on my Mac at all, and the youtube5 extension works fine for all embedded videos that plays outside youtube, but on the Youtube website, soon after the page loaded, the video is replaced by a div telling me I need to upgrade to the latest flash version, with a link to the Adobe website.

  113. With Safari 5.1 on Lion, the time elapsed/remaining is poorly rendered (slightly offset and blurred). Performance also seems to have suffered.

  114. Oh my god. I made an userscript in quest to improve YouTube’s built-in HTML5 player (check the link on my name), and only now do I find out you already worked on a very neat looking HTML5 player! It’s too bad it only works in Safari, though… With this being HTML-based, you could have (fairly) easily made it into something available for all browsers…

  115. the fullscreen btton doesnt work. it doesnt even let you click it. please fix. other then that its good.

  116. same as john, the fullsceen button doesnt work, please fix, but otherwise a great app.

  117. the fullsceen button doesnt work, it doesnt even let you click it, please fix, but otherwise a great extension.

  118. [...] already have it, you can download Safari from the Apple site), and then head over to the YouTube5 Extension page on Connor McKay’s Vertical Forest [...]

  119. Doesn’t seem to be working on Safari 5.1 on Lion. Don’t know if it still works on Snow Leopard :(

  120. Yes, it is broken.

  121. Same for me, it’s stopped for me just today. Spinning wheel goes on forever. Please fix this issue developer, this is the best plugin for Safari, and I cannot live without it!

    Thank you.

  122. Youtube5 stopped working starting from 3. Aug. Love that extension. Now I am back with flash :(

  123. Yep, I think youtube updated their html. Hoping for a quick update =)

  124. It has completely stopped working for me as well. I am very disappointed, as this extension was really amazing. I hope it will get updated soon

  125. Doesn’t load videos for me right now, just spinning.

  126. I also have the same issue as Nick and Gemor have mentioned. Was there a change on youtube’s side? I haven’t changed anything since yesterday except some host exceptions in my /etc/hosts file but the DNS has nothing to do with youtube…or at least I think. Anyway, my HTML5 works in Apple, Vimeo, and other HTML5 video sites.

  127. Doesn’t work for me either. (Safari 5.1 on Lion…)

  128. same problem here. doesn’t work anymore. it show the loading wheel without loading anything. i love this extension.

  129. Yes, I’m seeing the eternally-spinning loading wheel too. Something to do with upgrading to Lion, perhaps?

  130. It has stopped working! Plz fix it soon!

  131. Yeah, as of two days ago for me, it just stopped working. The loading wheel continues in circles and nothing else happens. I believe it is time for an update if possible please!!!

  132. @Nick

    Yeah, it stopped working :(

  133. Hillbilly Geek Aug 6th, 2011 at 8:09 am

    Me too: I just get the loading wheel: noticed this for a few days… thought Youtube was down or something.
    I uninstalled, re-downloaded and re-installed, same churn.
    I really liked this extension: hope this issue is fixed soon…

  134. @Nick @asoksevil

    Yeah for me too :(

  135. Its dead.

    :’( How will i survive without this?
    My life is over.

    But yeah please fix flash is killing my laptop.

  136. I see I’m not the only one? One day, it was fine (with some 720p/1080p issues) and now neither YouTube5 nor FastestTube are working. Here’s to a quick fix, thanks for all your hard work!

  137. Same here… I’m seeing the spinning wheel on all videos, too. At first I thought it’s Lion related, but it’s the same on Snow Leopard.
    Well, I assume a fix will come sooner or later. I can’t get myself to install Flash again, that’s for sure ;))

  138. Yes, it’s topped working for me as well.

    Any chance of an update?

  139. I have only had it stop working in the last week. Until then it worked perfectly. Now it is displaying the loading circle forever.

  140. Yep, same here, started doing the ‘spinning wheel, not actually ever loading’ thing for Vimeo about a month ago, and now it’s spread to Youtube – YouTube5 has now become something I install on any machine I use now, it;s indispensable! I’d gladly donate if there was hope of fairly regular bug fixing as Safari grows…

  141. Stopped working for me as well. Loading circle forever.

  142. Looks like YouTube is purposely blocking this. If you set your user-agent to “Safari iOS 4.3.3 – iPad” you get the mobile site and it will play the HTML5 videos. Would be great if the extension was updated to account for this.

  143. Yeah, it stopped working for a little over a week. Not sure why.

  144. Lawrence Velazquez Aug 8th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    I also get the eternal loading circle :(

    YouTube5 2.2.5, Safari 5.1 (7534.48.3), OS X 10.7.

  145. When using HTML5 video – especially via an extension like this – YouTube doesn’t display advertisements.

  146. A fix would be greatly appreciated, loved using this especially for how easy it makes it to download iPhone compatible versions of videos.

  147. I just tried donating, but gave up after 3 tries where PayPal kept giving me a “enter an amount greater than zero” error.

  148. Hey,
    thanks for the fix! Your extension is really great and now it works again :-)
    Keep the good work up!!!

  149. I had the same problem as many other people. I had to uninstall and reinstall 2.2.6 or 2.2.7. If you check the change log, it fixes the youtube breakage. One problem I see is that the “automatic updates” and even the manual updates in the safari extensions pane don’t show the latest versions.

  150. i had the eternal loading circle but i just uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it, working fine now.

  151. Excellent extension. I would like to see a third player size, similar to the old expand option, added. Also, I noticed that in fullscreen there is a moving streaming/progress bar on the volume control.

  152. This extension is “amazing”. Thank you very much, I donate with pleasure for this great job.

  153. Seems to be broken again. Getting the eternal loading circle.

  154. Doesn’t work here as well, a fix would be greatly appreciated! :)

  155. I’m having problems loading HD videos. I often pause videos and let them load so I can watch later but now when I press play, the loading bar just shrinks back to 10-15%, even though it was full before. Any ideas?

  156. Works great so I just donated. Thanks!

  157. Katsunori Sameshima Nov 26th, 2011 at 10:06 am

    Thank you!

  158. Sorry if I missed it but where are the SW & HW reqs for this extension, and where do I put it?

  159. Hi,

    I would like to thank the developer for a really nice product and ask if in the next update if another feature could be considered. If I like a song I will put it into a loop, I would like to see this feature where I don’t have to click repeat if possible. Please contact me if otherwise, thank you.



  160. I am using YouTube5 2.3.1 in Safari 5.1.2 and running OS X Lion 10.7.2.

    I could not get many videos to load, mostly HTML5 and sometimes Flash.

    Today I got fed up with the situation and was about to uninstall YouTube5, but before I did that I disabled the YouTube5 extension. I was immediately able to load and play videos that would not load before. I played around with the various settings in the YouTube5 Extension panel and eventually found that the only option that would cause this problem was the one that enabled Vimeo videos.

  161. Is this plugin still being updated/maintained? If not, would it be possible to open source it so someone can take it over?

  162. Is this extension still available? I don’t see it at apple, and I don’t see a download link here.

  163. Thanks for this great extension, which I have been using for years.

    I recently moved up to a Retina MacBook Pro and the extension seems to be broken there. Do you have plans to update it?

  164. ver 2.4 seems not working any more after youtube updated.

  165. Hi

    This doesn’t seem to be working for me. Downloaded on Oct 10th and no sign of the download overlay.

    Using Mountain Lion 10.8.2


  166. YouTube5 2.4.1 is still working fully for me for embedded YouTube videos, but as of this morning is no longer working completely at YouTube itself. Videos still play without Flash installed, but I can no longer block autoplay nor download videos.

  167. pinging seems to be having the same issues as i am. the skin isn’t there anymore and i can’t download videos, was working great before!

  168. I was away from my computer all day today. So cool to come home and find that Safari had auto-updated YouTube5 to version 2.4.2. Autoplay blocking and video downloading now functional again. Thanks!

  169. i can’t download a video on safari

  170. Where’s the donate button?

  171. It stopped working again.

    Removing/re-installing did not fix the problem.

    Any ideas how to re-enable this great extension?


  172. [...] way to solve this problem without installing Flash is to use the Safari extension YouTube5, which will automatically replace the Flash player on YouTube to use the HTML5 player on YouTube. [...]

  173. [...] already have it, you can download Safari from the Apple site), and then head over to the YouTube5 prolongation page on Connor McKay’s Vertical Forest [...]

  174. [...] Some dude called Connor, over at the Vertical Forest, has made a great plugin for Safari called YouTube5. [...]

  175. I’ve been getting “this video currently unavailable” for almost everything I watch over the past few days, a little digging suggests YouTube does this for content that has Flash enabled ads, which is becoming more prevalent. Any chance of a fix/workaround for this? (great plug in, worked perfectly for past few years).

  176. I tried to install your Youtube version 2 but a box comes up saying Safari can’t install it…… any suggestions?

  177. Anyone having issues with videos loading for the last week or so? With Chrome/Flash, videos are working as normal. In Safari with YouTube5, videos begin to load and play, but the downloads stop sporadically. It’s not a steady stream-and-play like with Flash. It will load for about 10-15 seconds, then completely stop. Sometimes it will catch back up, other times

  178. I’m getting the same stuttery slow load times on youtube and when I turn YouTube5 extension off they load normally.

  179. Joshua,
    We are seeing similar issues on our site where our readers with the YouTube5 extension are seeing videos auto-play even though we have set the code to not auto-play. This happens even when the autoplay setting in the YouTube5 extension is off. Very frustrating.

  180. Joushua,
    I also should have mentioned that in this thread Conner said they were aware of the issue and would patch it in the next update.

  181. Video is no filling the whole screen when in normal mode. There is a small black banner at the bottom of the screen in regular mode.

    If i pop out the video then it is ok also if i put it in full screen.

    But in regular mode there is a black banner at the bottom.

    Anyone else go this?

  182. I love this extension! I did notice that when I tried to use my comm-alt- -> to go to the next page it skipped ahead five seconds in the video. After some more testing I found the -> and <- skip forward and backward in the video. I like this but is there anyway to make sure that it is only when just the arrow keys are pressed and not combinations of keys?
    Thanks for your time

  183. Hi, yes, I have exactly the same problem after installing all updates (Safari 6.04 and 10.8.3) from Apple on my MacBook Pro 17″. … Must be some incompatibility somewhere…

  184. Some basic step-by-step instructions is a good idea. There’s none whatsoever anywhere.

  185. The extension seems to not work correctly on the latest version of Tumblr. If you try scrubbing the video it keeps following your mouse and continues scrubbing even after click up and interferes with other clicks on the page.

  186. Could you make a quick update in which the plugin actually flags video’s as watched? In the current YouTube version all videos that you have watched from your subscription list are flagged as watched and greyed out, and it’s a pretty useful feature, but videos don’t seem to be flagged as watched when using the youtube5 plugin.

  187. Today the Youtube5 extension doesn’t seem to be working on youtube. When going to a video on youtube, the youtube5 player flashes on screen for a second before the normal style player takes over. Is there anyway to fix this? It appears youtube changed something and it is messing with this extension. I really like the youtube5 extension over the normal player.

  188. Actually after more testing, it seems that youtube5 still works but if you have flash installed (mac OSX ML), then flash winds up over riding the extension. After uninstalling Flash the extension is working again and not just flashing the player up then disappearing (reverting back to the standard flash player style).

    However, I still think that there is a bug of some kind though because up until today (after having used this extensions nearly since it first came out), it was working fine with flash installed. Youtube probably changed something again that is disrupting the extension.

  189. Apparently I was running an old version of the extension and that was the issue. I was using 2.5.4 or something like that (it may have been 2.4.5, I don’t remember) but after updating to 2.6.0, it’s working great. For some reason safari wasn’t showing the update whenever I checked. I like the new plugin blacklist/whitelist feature.

  190. I’m seeing the same issue as Lynn on YouTube, even with 2.6 (which didn’t autoupdate for me either). I have auto play turned off but when I click the video to start playing the YouTube5 player loads briefly and then the screen saying I need Flash install comes up (I don’t have it installed). As was suggested, it’s likely YouTube changed something on their end, as this just started yesterday.

  191. I have the same issue as Jon. A brief glimpse of the YouTube5 player and then YouTube’s “Get the latest Flash player” message comes up. I do not have any version of Flash installed. I’m running version 2.6.1 of the YouTube5 extension.

  192. I’m in a same boat with Dave and others:

    “I have the same issue as Jon. A brief glimpse of the YouTube5 player and then YouTube

  193. I am having the same issue. YouTube is asking me to get the latest version of Flash, which I do not have installed. I am also having a problem with YT5 plugin block option. I have accidentally clicked on it and now I have no idea how to unblock the plugin. I am feeling utterly frustrated. Please help.

  194. From Russia with help Jun 25th, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    Add in Adblock filter:$

  195. Thank you “From Russia with help”, that works really well!
    For everyone with the same problem, the filter given here has a * (the asterisk, or star) instead of the second forward-slash.
    Once it was entered, everything started working back to normal.

    Again, thanks!

  196. Hi,
    Thanks for the info for the adblocker.
    But where does one obtain it from and install it ?

  197. I’m having the same issue as Jon, David, Devil, and others, where it loads for a second then stops. It was working up until a few weeks ago, must have been a change. Here’s hoping you guys can figure it out quickly, thanks for the hard work!

  198. I also have the same problem- on YouTube5′s player loads for a second and then asks for Flash installed. However, embedded videos work fine.

  199. Someone who Cares Jul 11th, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    I tried the adblock trick (the correct string is “*.js$”) and that fixed the issue for me as well.

  200. Added in Adblock filter correct string and movies play, but can’t see miniatures on anymore.

  201. Hi,

    Can someone assist and tell me where I can get the ad blocker from (reputable site) and how to install it please.
    Your help is much appreciated.


  202. There is no improvement in the latest version. In fact even with the ad blocker filter I had before, youtube5 now doesn’t work at all. It used to work with the previous version but this newest one doesn’t work at all.

  203. Is there a way to downgrade to the older version?

  204. No, there is no way to downgrade. Could you please elaborate what is not working?

  205. Greetings,

    Is this extension still being updated? If so, can we expect some improvements and new features? Like ability to set default video player size, etc. Opera 12 has some great youtube extensions that I simply can’t live without. But O12 is a thing of the past now, so I have switched to safari instead and found your excellent extension.

    GJ dude in anyway, this is the best youtube extension for safari out there. Keep it up and greetings from sunny Croatia ;)

  206. @Mujo, Yes, it is still being updated, but I rarely have time to work on it, so new features only appear as I have time and interest. I’ve also tried to keep the player as simple and website-agnostic as possible, so I tend to be fairly conservative in the features I add.

  207. Man, I’m excited to install this extension. I’ve tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome, doesn’t matter which I use, running Flash on them just sucks all my System Memory. I track it in Activity Monitor and Flash is just a total HOG for RAM. I’ve got a 2010 Mini with 8 Gigs of RAM, so it should be able to handle it easily, but it just slows everything down to a crawl with any of the browsers open.
    So thanks in advance for this.

  208. Hi,

    You need to grab the dot on the seek bar to reverse or forwarding a video. For the next version I was wondering if you could make just so you can click on the seek bar instead.

    Keep up with the good work.

  209. Hello-I am new to using this so I did the download of the safariextz. So now what???
    I mean it is in my downloads folder and that’s as far as it’s going. How does this get installed in my system??

  210. Just double click the extension. If this doesn’t work, drag the file into safari.

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