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YouTube5 Version 2.2.0

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

This is the first major update in quite some time, and it holds several new features that will hopefully make YouTube5 even more useful.

First off, Vimeo had made some changes to their system recently that rendered YouTube5 unusable. This update restores full support for Vimeo, and also makes it possible to view videos that are only available as Flash videos (provided you have the proper codec). Support for Facebook video is also restored once again.

The most useful new feature added in this release is the “Use original player” link, visible while a video is loading and when the info overlay is active. Clicking this link will replace the YouTube5 player with the Flash player it originally replaced. This way, whenever you run into a video that just won’t load in YouTube5, rather than having to disable YouTube5 in Safari’s preferences and reload the page, you can just click a link to get back to the original player.

There are a few small usability enhancements in this release as well. First, clicking on the video will now play or pause it, similar to the functionality of most Flash video players. Second, volume level is now persisted between videos, so you won’t have to keep turning it down if you’re using headphones.

Finally, I have enabled the 240p FLV size of YouTube videos. For this to work, you must have Perian installed, as it provides a Flash video codec to Quicktime. If you do not have Perian installed, you will have to utilize the “Use original player” link to use the YouTube flash player to view this size.

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  1. Thanks for this update, awesomeness!

  2. I have YT5 v2.2.1 on a Mac with OS 10.6.6 and Safari 5.0.3

    YouTube videos are defaulting to 360p regardless of which setting is chosen in YT5 preferences.

    Also, it does not appear to be affecting Facebook videos. I get an error that says FB video require Flash (I have completely removed Flash from my system)

  3. I’m having trouble with where it would show spinning circle icon on videos indefinitely.

    Can you please take a look, thnx!

  4. Best extension for Safari. I’ve found an issue though, when enabled, the social network most used in spain (very similar to facebook) losses the alignment of the photos, the photos just appear right covering some buttons instead of staying centered. The issue doesn’t affect the last version only, i’ve noticed it long ago. It is preventing me from using the extension because it is very annoying. I suppose it is not a mayor or important issue to you, but I just let you know because maybe it happens in other websites. The last update with the link to original player is great anyway. I’ll keep trying new releases in case the issue dissapears. Thanks for your work!!

  5. Breaks image zooming on many/all web pages. To reproduce, try zooming some of the product images at Also happens with two other extensions (ClickToFlash and Ghostery).

  6. Hi, I was wondering, is it possible to make a “View actual size” feature in fullscreen mode like in Quicktime app?

  7. Hey,

    I’ve noticed some display issues with a Vimeo video on my site (, where I can’t get the element to centre in the page. I’ve tried setting everything to auto margin, but it just keeps snapping to the left of the container…Is this a problem with my CSS or with the youtube5 style sheet? The vimeo container centres fine!

  8. Amazing extension!!!! Thank you so much!!!

    I have two suggestions:

    1) Make it work with SSL (HTTPS) buy adding…. to the list of domains which should be affected by this extension. This is super-important because Firesheep can now steal your cookies from non-SSL sites. YT supports SSL fully.

    2) Add Expand button so that the video is bigger just like the Flash widget does.

    Thank you for a superb extension!!!


  9. Thank you so much for this, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Finally I can enjoy my Mac without having to have that crap virus installed (Flash). The only thing I ask is for an option to remove the original video link and FLV links, as I don’t have Flash on my machine, nor will I ever, and thus have no use for these links. Thanks again though, very happy to see at least some people understand the future is HTML5, not Flash.

  10. Hey

    I found out that some 240p videos don

  11. So far, YT player works very well, but how would a visually impaired person, using voiceOver, play and pause the video?
    Thanks! :)

  12. Some 240p videos don’t work properly with HTML5. If the length it’s 5:00 for instance, it just cut of at 1:00.

  13. thanx

  14. Hi,

    Could you make it compatible with Safari 5.1? You should have access to it. When I try it, I don’t get YT5 player but a different one.


  15. Youtube no longer works with this.

  16. Its dead. :(

  17. Christopher Sullivan Aug 8th, 2011 at 8:57 am

    Youtube broke this, and other people seem to have the same problem (so it’s not just my computer) I have Lion 10.7 on a Macbook Pro from 2006, Intel Core 2 Duo with perian installed. I never enabled it on vimeo because vimeo’s html5 player is already pretty, but Facebook never worked for me, I only noticed when I looked in prefs that Facebook should work and was enabled. Also, would your Facebook player work for webcam videos that don’t seem to work on the Facebook iPod app (presumably a flash format)?

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