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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

This information is outdated, please see the post on YouTube5 Version 2.

Update 1.2.5 The issue with video’s not loading due to the change in the YouTube video URL has been fixed.

This extension removes the need to use flash on YouTube by converting all videos to their HTML5 video tag equivalents. It also has the added benefits of decreased CPU usage compared to flash, and the removal of in-video ads.

Screen shot 2010-06-09 at 6.10.56 PM

Before installing, be sure to enable extensions. Download the extension

Update: A few of you have asked why this is better than the YouTube HTML5 beta, and the reason is very simple: YouTube will only display an HTML5 player for videos without advertising in them, so videos from Vevo or many other popular sources will still use flash. As a side note, this extension will not function if you are a member of the HTML5 beta, as the page formats are completely different.

Also, many people have been asking about viewing HD video with this extension, and I’m happy to announce that this is already possible, I just failed to mention it before. Simply go to Preferences -> Extensions -> YouTube5 and you will be able to select your desired video format (360p, 720p, or 1080p). If your selected format is not available, the next largest will be used.

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  1. How do you get it to go back 30 seconds?

  2. doesn’t seem to load?

  3. What kind of a theme is this for html5 safari? How do I get it?

  4. Nice extension. But, I’d rather go to and join their HTML5 beta than have an extension hog my CPU cycles.

    Or, am I missing something?

  5. This extension is amazing.

    Enough said.

  6. Awesome extension. Works great. Here’s some things I’d like to see implemented in the future, if possible:

    Instantaneous loading of the HTML5 Player – Youtube player opens up for a second before the HTML5 one comes up.
    Quality Controls – It looks good, don’t get me wrong, but I’d like to see an option for HD in the future.

    No rush for either of these though. I already love it. Much better than Youtube’s HTML5 implementation. Thanks! :D

  7. really sweet, only thing i’m missing is to be able to switch between resolutions… any chance to add this?

  8. The extension is nice but it automatically stretches the video without following the original ratio in full screen mode.

    Please check this video as an example.

  9. I just want to thank the developer for this extension. Using flash with a screen reader is so problematic but you have given voice over screen reader users on the mac the ability to view youtube content and control it like our sighted counterparts have been able to do for years. So thank you so much! :)

  10. Excellent extension!!! :)
    Death to Flash! :)

  11. When will the ability to change quality come?
    It isn’t possible to look clips with 720 p or 1080 p . Only the lowest quality is possible.
    But it is a great extension!

  12. It’s awesome. But it would be much better with a button to resize the video, they are too small to be HD.

  13. On Safari 5 (Windows 7) the player is quite different from the screenshot. And it’s very ugly. Windows problem?

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  15. Great extension! But does it work with HD videos?

  16. How do we select HD 720P?

  17. Well : perfect.
    Except that it doesn’t work sometimes : Youtube loads, then it switch to Html5, then the video blocks itself and doesn’t start.. Weird.

  18. Nice extension! Thank you :)

  19. This is my favorite extension, it does work as advertised .. Thanks for this, my laptop thanks you.

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  21. problem with enlarging html5 video

    only become wider but longer

  22. hi, what’s the difference between this extension and run html5 beta on

  23. It doesn’t work..

  24. Very impressed. Thank you so much

  25. Thanks!!

  26. This is the best extension! Thumps up!

  27. Amazing.

    1080p video with 10% CPU use.

    I love you.

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  29. Niceeeeeeee but without full screen? :s

  30. @Alan, I see what you mean, but I think that this is probably a Safari bug, so I doubt its possible to fix it. One other developer ran into this problem as well.

    @Asdrubale88, I don’t use Windows, but I’m guessing that what you’re seeing is the QuickTime 7 interface, as Apple hasn’t ported QuickTime 10 to Windows yet.

    @J. Locke, this is an issue I’m working on. It has something to do with the timing of how YouTube displays an “Upgrade flash” message, but I will be looking into it more and releasing an update.

  31. Nice job! Could you add a 480p HD option in the settings? 360 is too low and 720 takes too long to load.


  32. Can you please test and debug this on Windows too? Safari extensions are supposed to work on all platforms.

  33. This would be amazing on iPad/iPhone but until then il just continue with HTML5 beta for Youtube

  34. @Max, I’m testing it in Windows now, and it appears to work perfectly aside from the different looking controls. Are you encountering a specific issue?

  35. This rules! It would be awesome if you could keep flashjj from opening at all. When loading new pages i see it for a sec……. also replacing embedded videos too, but in any case, very nice work. Hate to say it, but Steve is right, Flash is a thing of the past

  36. Also, one downside is no volume control (except in fullscreen).

  37. No way to go full screen with the video?

  38. Hi, This is awesome, works just how I want EXCEPT the audio button only allows mute or unmute, is it supposed to pop up with the volume slider? I’m on windows by the way

  39. @Jack, just click on the button in the bottom right corner of the player with two arrows on it, that activates full screen.

    @Jules, I wish it had a volume control as well, but unless I build my own custom player into this (which I don’t intend to do), its up to Apple to add a volume control.

  40. Connor, I have no button in the bottom right corner to click for full screen. The only viewable objects are the 30 second, the pause/play, the status bar, and the volume. There is no area to click and expand to full screen. Thanks.

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  42. I also have no fullscreen controls. Is it possible that one needs Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) to get them?

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  44. Not working. I tried rebooting whole system… still the same.. not working. Extensions are enabled.

  45. Great extension. However, I have had a few Safari crashes (well, beachball hangs that necessitate force-quit, to be more precise) when viewing YouTube videos. This usually happens just as I get to a YouTube page, probably just when the video starts loading.

    This doesn’t happen all the time, so it’s unfortunately not consistently reproducible. :-(

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  47. I know this is probably a bit of an odd request but it seems there isn’t actually anything equivalent for Chrome; how difficult would it be to port this over? I do like the new Safari but still find a few little things that bug me.

  48. the limit of height 360p is ridiculous! enfin … up to 520p height :/!

  49. Thanks for this!

    Bug: When switching to full-screen, the aspect ratio sometimes changes (I’ve experienced video which is normally 4×3 change to widescreen upon switching to full-screen viewing).

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  51. Is there any way to turn off preloading of video? maybe add this feature to extension settings

  52. works nice, but I think not for all videos sorry, try this one:
    it loads fine without extension, but not when activated

  53. EDIT: works fine after deactivating the YouTube-html5-Beta. it MUST be off

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  55. Can you add an option to auto-start the video? it’s weird having to start them individually after all these years on youtube. good ext though

  56. Hello, this extension is only awesome ! But does it possible to have the same player in the embedded youtube video ?
    It should be great. Thanks. :)

  57. @Laubs, that’s a possibility. If you aren’t on Snow Leopard you won’t have Quicktime X.

    Regarding preloading, it will only preload if you are actually on Embedded videos will wait until you click play to load the video.

  58. Thanks dude,
    it’s a great extension. Nothing is more fun than see flash dying :D
    Anyway, in some cases it would be cool to have a quick possibility to make youtube “normal”.
    A button for the toolbar, to switch between HTML5 and Flash would be awesome! Hope you can do that.
    greets from germany,

  59. Connor
    big thanks for your explanation.

    there is a very useful extension for blocking flash author described blocking method, but his extension works bad for some html5 youtube videos and he haven’t published contacts for feedback. so if you could add flash blocking to your extension or make a standalone extension it will be a great present.

    thank you for your work and attention.

  60. using youtube5… how do you get the video to go to full screen?

  61. I would really like to have this extension, seems very useful! Unfortunately the download link appears to be broken. It gives me an Internal Server Error :-(

  62. Internal Server Error!!!

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  64. Please add 480p to the video sizes list.

  65. The link is fixed again, it broke when I transferred hosting companies yesterday.

    @Ross, the 480p video format is Flash encoded, it is not an mp4 and will not work in a HTML5 player unless you have a special codec installed, such as Perian. Therefore, I cannot add it as an option.

    @Nx-cold, the extension you mentioned actually directly incorporates code from YouTube5, although an older version of it. My recommendation would be to simply disable plugins entirely (Safari->Preferences->Security), and only reenable them when you actually need them.

  66. Would be nice if you could make it so that you could also save the videos (ala mp4) for storage to the hard drive.

  67. I’m experiencing a major issue with this plugin.

    When switching to full screen mode and then exiting fullscreen mode, the video continues as normal.

    However! If I close the tab or go to a different page then the sound continues to play and there’s no way of stopping it.

    From what I’ve discovered. The sound only continues to play if you enter and exit full screen mode before the end of the video.

    My other extensions are:

    Flickr Original
    Safari Restore
    Search Preview

    However I’m sure it’s not an extension conflict issue.

    When turning extensions off then everything works as normal.
    When leaving all the extensions on except this one then the issue comes back.

    I notice that nobody else mentions it though.

    Please advise! : )

    Thank you!

  68. Loading videos is also very slow when using this extension.

  69. Also, I think it would be a good idea to add a resolution selector if you only want to load certain videos in a lower resolution.

    I’m on a 2.5 Mb connection but if I connect elsewhere then I’ll have to change the highest resolution option manually through the preference pane to accommodate for the lower speed.

    I’ve found that changing the highest resolution setting has no effect on the fact that some videos seem to be constantly loading whereas others aren’t slow.

    Great extension but very buggy for me!

    Thank you for creating it!

  70. Update:

    It’s definitely not a conflicting extension. Using solely this extension causes the issue to continue.

    Also, the introduction of the same playback functionality as YouTube would be nice. i.e. Auto-play and “click anywhere in the video” to play and pause. At present, when loading a video I always have to click the small “Play” button.

  71. Apologies! You do have an auto-play function however the “click to play and pause” function on the video is needed. : )

  72. L. Wolve, I’m afraid I can’t do much about your audio issue. I’ve tried the steps you described, and the audio cuts out as soon as I leave or close the page. I don’t think anyone else has encountered this issue, so it must be something unique to your setup, although I can’t guess what. I hope you can figure it out!

    Regarding the requests from you and others for ways of changing the video quality/size in page or showing a download link, these are all changes that would require augmenting the standard, apple provided player with my own custom interface. One of my goals with this extension was to make videos on the web act as close to native as possible, and extending the native player goes against this goal. In the future I may decide to create a more specific YouTube modification extension that supports these features, but for the moment I am content with the simple goal of removing the need for flash.

    Also, other extension authors are always free to build upon my source code with their own enhancements.

    As a side note, downloading videos from YouTube in Safari is actually a trivial operation even without any extensions. When watching a video, just go to Window->Activity and scroll down until you find a line that looks something like “…”. Select that line, then copy it with Cmd-C. Next just open Window->Downloads and hit Cmd-V to paste the url and start downloading.

  73. Hello

    Great extension, but I have some annoyance here, its seems to screw up the aspect ration on some movies I’ve tested with, one examples is this:

    Aspect ratio is correct when in fullscreen, but otherwise not.

  74. Hey connor i have a bug, i cant see videos in full screen :s, idk what’s the problem :S

  75. are youtube embed’s supposed to be completely broken and showing a black box? checkout the following TUAW page which has an embedded youtube video, all i get is a black box until i disable your extension

  76. PLEASE add some Preload and Autoplay options for your video tag in the extension’s settings. Safari crashes quite easily when going to pages with lots of YouTube videos embedded (like the Weekend Destructainment postings on

  77. I would like to know if it’s possible to select the size of the video like in the flash version, instead of opening the preferences window.

  78. I am running Safari 5 on Leopard MacBook 2008. I have installed 2 plug-ins and when I tried to install You Tube 5, Safari crashed and all my previously installed plug-in are gone !! Better on Snow Leopard?

  79. Thanks for the huge update who gives the player in embedded videos, bur there a problem in the full-screen mode. The ratio of the video is not correctly showed. For example, a video seems to be filmed by an iPhone, in full screen mode is showed in 16:9. It’s really ugly. Does it could be fixed ? Thanks ;)

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  81. I can no longer view any videos on YouTube with this extension enabled, the second I unable it and refresh a YT page the video plays.

    Any idea why and how to get it working again?


  82. No support for 480p????

  83. donkthemagicllama Jun 22nd, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    doesn’t seem to work on youtube channels? for example when i go to it seems to work, but if i go to it doesn’t seem to?

  84. donkthemagicllama Jun 22nd, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    i should mention, that otherwise, it’s awesome!


    Can someone try to help him out on this one. I can’t myself, but surely there’s someone who can.

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  87. It would be great to have an HD resolution option like YouTube’s original player. There’re videos that I just want to Quick Look and 720p or 1080p is just too much considering my speed is not very fast.

    I hope you could incorporate that feature in a future version.

  88. Please, fix the fullscreen ratio problem. :-s

  89. I have finally had the time to look into the aspect ratio issue, and have released a new version that corrects it. Videos will now be displayed in their native aspect ratio, regardless of the size of the original youtube player.

    @donkthemagicllama, unfortunately YouTubes channel pages show videos in a completely different format than anywhere else, and also you javascript to dynamically switch the current video. I tried hacking around these issues, but it simply became to ugly. Although I hate to say it, if you want to watch videos on channel pages you’ll just have to leave flash enabled.

  90. With this extension enabled, videos often get stuck at the “loading” message, but never play when I click the playback controls. Disabling the extension solves the problem.

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  92. This is an absolutely amazing plugin. I’m using a Macbook Pro and I’ve compared 720p flash to html5 and this plugin uses 40% less TOTAL cpu utilization. It went from 60% to 20-22%. Absolutely amazing and it looks gorgeous when going in and out of full screen.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this!

  93. I’d installed this extension and everything works well except one problem,
    i don’t have the full screen button on the player control bar,
    my last button is the volume control button.

    Can help to solve this problem?

  94. Hi!

    This extension looks like a very promising and interesting one. My only problem is that after I enable it, it does not play the videos :( I get an empty video window with the loading sign moving in its centre. Did I miss any prerequisites (Safari 5.0 (7533.16) on Windows Vista)?

  95. what about firefox? safari sucks!

  96. Hey I love the Extension, but unfortunately the button for playing fullscreen is not on there. The one on the bottom right, pictured on your screenshot is missing. I noticed others are having the same problem and it’s a shame to have HD on the small screen. I’m using Leopard. Do I need Snow Leopard?

  97. Great extension! no more cpu-waste loading flash player :D …the only thing I’m unable to do is to lower the volume for a video… if I get it fullsreen size, I can manage the volume, but not in the “embedded” size… is there any way to control volume? (the speaker icon only sets mute on/off) THANKS

  98. If your having trouble with the video not loading when YouTube5 is enabled then make sure that you are not currently participating in the YouTube HTML5 Beta as it is incompatible with this extension.

  99. Videos on youtube doesnt load anymore :(

  100. Michael Haeusler Jul 22nd, 2010 at 7:02 am

    Great extension, but it stopped working as of today. Videos don’t load anymore. (And I’m not participating in YouTube’s html5 beta program.)

  101. Michael Haeusler Jul 22nd, 2010 at 7:11 am

    Addition: I installed the alternative extension FlashToHTML5 1.1, and it works fine. So there is apparently a problem with YouTube5 v1.2.4. (I prefer YouTube5 because it has the additional feature of setting video resolution preferences.)

  102. Plugin doesn’t work anymore. Stay at circle and loading.

  103. Hey,
    I have the exact same problem as Spino (two comments over mine) has. I click on any Youtube Video, it loads the page and then gives me the black Quicktime Plugin with the spinning gear in the middle. See a screenshot here: (yes, I watch iJustine’s videos from time to time! ;))

    Actually, this also occurs on videos I’ve watched successfuly in the past. It occurs on all videos.
    And, what’s more, this bug sometimes just seems to come overnight. Before I went to sleep about 16 hours ago (it’s 07:30PM now where I live) I watched some videos on Youtube instead of watching TV. After I woke up my Mac from Sleep Mode this morning (about 8 hours ago) it didn’t work anymore. I didn’t even reboot the system inbetween!

    I also asked a friend to install the extension on his machine and he ran into the same spinning-gear problem. I currently use an early-2008 white MacBook with the latest version of Snow Leopard and Safari 5 installed. No Webkit nightly builds here.

    Thanks for looking into this issue,

  104. @Mariano: On Leopard, QuickTime 7 is different than QuickTime X in Snow Leopard. First, the interface is not the same. If the fullscreen mode is not possible on Leopard, it is because QuickTime 7 do not support it in embedded videos, that QuickTime X supports. In the transition from Leopard to Snow Leopard, QuickTime has been entirely recoded. It looks obvious that there differences like this.

  105. It has stopped working. I only get a spinning cog on all YouTube videos – it looks as if YouTube have blocked it somehow.

  106. I having trouble to load videos on youtube, extension seems to be not work anymore :(
    I did step (make sure that you are not currently participating in the YouTube HTML5 Beta as it is incompatible with this extension) but still without effect.Any help please?

  107. YouTube5 stopped working in these two days. Maybe youtube made some changes.

  108. I’ll confirm Alan’s issue. Hope this gets fixed up again. I like this HTML5 more than YouTube’s.

  109. I second that. The movies on YouTube won’t load.

  110. As Alan said, I can confirm that in these four days probably YouTube made some changes ‘cos the extension is not working anymore.

  111. Hello, I’ve just learned Youtube has realeased a new player for integrated videos. Could you support this new player by replacing it with the HTML5 player (QuickTime on OS X) ?

  112. Trying to play Youtube vids, had to turn safari extensions off.

  113. help safari will not load you tube videos page I have no good q to return to using flash please help

  114. help safari will not load you tube videos page I have no good q to return to using flash help please … I have checked the entenxiones I installed safari again and does not work help

  115. This doesn’t work in Safari 5 for Windows

  116. It is written here :
    Also, actual player doesn’t work anymore.

  117. Like people have been saying, this extension is totally broken. After some updates to the way YouTube handles videos on the back-end, everything perpetually loads without playing if the extension is enabled.

    Please fix.

  118. Than you, Thank You, Thank You

  119. The new version 1.2.5 works. Thank you.

  120. Yay, thanks a lot. It seems to work now :)

  121. With the 480P videos Doesn’t Work The Extension, Please See This….

  122. Yeah I got the 1.2.5 and videos still wont load. This is my favorite extension. All i get is the spinning circle in the center.

  123. Yupii
    work it

  124. @Seth, I’m afraid I don’t know what the problem is, I’m not having problems anywhere. Can you give an example of a video that isn’t working?

  125. Nice extension. The only thing missing for me is the option to change the quality for individual videos. For example, 1080p can take quite some time to load, so I usually go for 360p or 720p for the first one or two videos and let the rest load in the meantime in 1080p. Any chance of implementing this?

  126. @Connor: Same problem here. Not a single video loads, all I get is the spinning circle.

  127. Awesome extension, but I seem to be having some problems with embeded videos :(

    For example on a gaming site I help run, videos we’ve embeded on the front page and in the news articles just don’t load.

    Thanks for any help!

  128. ** Actually, the videos on the home page do seem to be working, but if you click through to the actual news articles they’re not working for me :(

  129. Is it possible to add an option to download movie? I use option clicking the “flv” line in Safari’s activity window when I’m on a slow network. The html5 option doesn’t seem to provide a download option in the activity window.

  130. Just letting everyone know that I am in the process of developing a replacement to this extension that will use my own custom player rather than the default, providing many of the long requested options such as changing volume and quality in the player, downloading videos, and linking to the original YouTube page. Stay tuned for more information!

    @Patrick, I’m afraid I’m not seeing the issue you’re seeing. I tried visiting the article page for a video and it loaded fine. Hopefully these types of issues will be fixed in the new version.

  131. Thank you for your great extension.
    I suggest you to add an auto-play option :)

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  134. Michael Haeusler Aug 31st, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    On the audio bug reported by L. Wolfe above, i.e. audio from a youtube videos continuing to play in the background, even after closing all windows. I have the same problem, but it’s not restricted to this YouTube5 extension. There’s another hmtl5 extension for youtube, and it produces the same problem. So the bug must be generally linked to L’s and my system setups.

  135. Michael Haeusler Aug 31st, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Found a simple solution: Manually deactivate every Safari extension one by one and reactivate them one by one (possibly starting with YouTube5, which is what I did). So it seems to be a bug with how Apple set up their extensions framework in Safari. (??)

  136. I originally came here because I could swear youtube5 was breaking embedded videos, but everything is working now :) . So

  137. (My last comment was cut off and I’ll retype it below)

    … (since I’m already here) I was wondering if could you make the extension provide links within or below embedded videos that navigate to the youtube page. I miss the convenience of being able to find related videos using only a click. Also, titles seem to be missing from embeds.

    Besides that, youtube5 is a great extension and someone deserves an award!

  138. Connor, I can’t wait for your new extension. Watching embedded YouTube movies as HTML5 is so much more fun!
    Regarding the current version, I’m afraid there is a display issue in both Safari 5.0.2 and WebKit (nightly) on this page:
    In Safari 5.0.2, the movie appears twice, in WebKit it does not appear at all.
    Thanks for your efforts and keep up the great work!

  139. great idea, no doubt. but does not work properly on my mac book pro.
    keep up the great work, bro!

  140. Hey, this extension works great on normal youtube videos, but for TV shows on Youtube in the UK, the spinning dash loading icon thing spins forever, not actually loading the video.

    These videos are different from normal youtube videos in that they generally have 2-3 full adverts before playing the episode, which is possibly why it isn’t working. Because it doesn’t work for this, and there is no way to disable the extension on a per-page/video basis, I’ve had to disable it. Other than that it is great!

  141. Hello. Thanks for this but I can’t get it to work. I have safari 5.0.2. I was in the youtube html5 but am no longer, and I have extensions disabled. All it ever says is plug in is missing. Thx

  142. Is it possible to have the videos display in the large video player? The full screen view is great, but I typically just like to expand the player size to the larger one so I have access to the rest of the page while viewing.

  143. Thank you!!!

  144. One more need for Flash gone. I’m awfully close to just uninstalling the awful damned piece of shit software altogether. Flash is the RealAudio. Thank you for this!

  145. Diesel Mcfadden Oct 25th, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Can we port this to Chrome?

  146. Looks great!

    Now how about a version for hulu and beyond?

  147. Why is there no 480p on the Largest video format to load option?

  148. Thanks very much for this very helpful extension.

    P.S. The plural of video is videos, not video

  149. That last comment didn’t arrive in its entirety because the comment form doesn’t properly handle curly apostrophes.

  150. Vertical Forest, are you familiar with an animation called “Kiwi” by Dony Permedi?

  151. @Metryq, that video is actually the inspiration for the design of this site. I’m glad to know someone recognized it!

  152. You should consider changing the poster="" image to something larger, more appealing than:

  153. Wow, this MIGHT actually make me use Safari again, but I doubt it. Please port to Chrome.


  154. I seem to have encountered many videos (which previously had ads) that simply don

  155. Great and Must have extension for Safari for Mac!
    It will be perfect if it got 480p, full-screen and video download!
    Go ahead, dude. We like it and support you!

  156. It works great! My Macbook is now no more running like a toaster when watching videos from Youtube. Thanks so much!

  157. Here’s a third nomination for porting the extension to chrome. But only if you want to.

  158. Hi,

    Could you please add “Disable autoplay of YT videos” option. I don’t want my videos to play immediately after I open it in the tab… especially background tab :)

    THANKS for an amazing extension!

  159. Thank you so much!!!!!

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  163. dance2noise002 Nov 5th, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Loaded up some great quality HTML5 videos in Youtube! with this extension! However, is there any way we can resize the video to be widescreen? That would be great!

  164. I’m working on a Chrome port, shouldn’t take too long.

  165. Great Extension!

    It doens’t work when you visit someone’s YouTube channel yet. Just to let you know!

    Thanks for your work!

  166. I just noticed the option to not autoplay YouTube videos — woo hoo! Must have missed it before. Immediately my old laptop is playing YouTube videos more smoothly, and the fan is blowing much less.

  167. I noticed the YouTube5 extension seems to break some useful jQuery animation plugins like bxslider. Example, the slider on doesn’t work in Safari with the YouTube5 extension enabled.

  168. I had always problems with YouTubes Flash-player. Both in windows and mac. This seems to be working very smoothly. And today I uninstalled the whole Flash plug-in (still Chrome has its own if I need it).

  169. I have a feature request… space bar for pause/play… thanks

  170. nice. FLASH PLAYER IS DESTROYING MACS. you save my computer lol

  171. the video still does not load for me, :(

  172. I would be greatly amazed and appreciate it if you made it compatible with “A Cleaner Youtube” so I could get a simple youtube with an awesome html 5 player too.

  173. MrPransingHorse Jan 13th, 2011 at 9:19 am

    I installed this on my pc and full screen is not working at all the full screen button does nothing! any solution?

    BTW good work with the extension its great!

  174. Thanks for a great plugin. Finally I can watch youtube on my old ibook again, even tho I know use a new macbook air.

    Would it be possible to add airplay support? So when I watch a movie on the computer, I can simply just click the airplay button and choose apple tv, just like on the iOS?

    Thanks again!

  175. Hi, the extension is amazing! It doesn’t work on Facebook though (YouTube linked videos on walls and videos uploaded to Facebook): it displays that I don’t have Flash Player.. Is this a known issue or is there a solution? Thanks

  176. great extention! works far better then the built in html5 support for youtube. But I agree with peter, this needs airplay. Thanks!

  177. Great extension however it doesn’t work with the youtube video downloader extension. I know it’s not your fault/problem but I’d really like them to coincide.

  178. [...] that. If you’re thinking about YouTube content, as Frank and Gruber suggest, you can install the YouTube5 Safari extension by Connor McKay. As Gruber explains: With this extension installed, embedded YouTube videos are modified to use the [...]

  179. [...] also highly recommend installing the YouTube5 Safari Extension, which in the authors own [...]

  180. I think this plug-in works great.

    One thing i would really like to see implemented, though, is support of co-operation with the ‘A cleaner Youtube’ & ‘Turn off the lights’ plug-in’s.

    Is this realistic to hope for at all?

  181. Nice extension, though it seems to disable links that are contained within youtube videos.

  182. [...] Plugins ClickToFlash OmniBar for Safari HTML 5 Safari Plugin Disconnect 1Password InstapaperIt Readability Evernote Clipper PageOne Invisible Status Bar [...]

  183. It works very well and fast! Great job. Thanks for that plugin.

  184. Safari6 -> problem with all Vimeo Videos

    404 Error loading Vimeo video

    No player appears, so had to disable that option…pls help

  185. I like this extension, thank you very much.

    Few problems I’ve had is that there’s no 4K support, and sometimes the youtube video doesn’t load properly. But 4K support is nice to have.

    Otherwise great, and vimeo not working anymore.

    Thanks again.

  186. Greetings!
    GREAT GREAT extension.
    I have only one problem and I don’t know why it is happening.
    It doesn’t load every video on you tube in youtube5 player and I don’t know why.
    Thank you for great extension!!

  187. digitalandrei Apr 1st, 2014 at 9:41 am

    Hey guys, very good and handy plugin for macs where flash sometimes may hog the cpu too much. I just have a little issue with the plugin, in facebook (not facebook videos but youtube one’s) i’m not able to maximize the window and for that reason i haven’t been using it. Someway to help me fix this would be great. I teste it in my 2 macs and the same problem occurs…

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